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Friday, October 31, 2003
by:dan brown

this book is an intensive research on the story about the 'HOLY GRAIL" or the 'SANGREAL". there is also lots of involvement in the times of the "Knight Templars". i will not reveal any part of the story, since my frined Jay is still reading the book. but i will give some insights to Jay on the era of the "knights Templars".

In the middle ages the term "Knight" was used to designate a man raised to an honorable military rank by the king or other qualified person. the "Knight" was usually a person who had served an apprenticeship as a page or squire to the profession of arms. "Knights Templar" was founded in 1119 to protect the pilgrims in the Holy Land during the second crusade and suppressed between 1311 and 1314 a.d.

"Knights Templar" is one of the orders appendant to the Masonic Fraternity and the highest order of the "York Rite". the "knights Templars" occupies a somewhat anomalous position as a military christian order in a symbolic, architectural, non sectarian system and offers an almost inexhaustible collection of legends and myth, supposedly tracing its origins to the dispersed knights of the Poor Fellow Soldiers of the Temple of Solomon or the Order of the Temple founded in 1118a.d. the theories tracing the fugitive knights in sanctuary in the lodges of Freemasons of scotland and england until the martyrdom of the last grand master, named "Jacques de Molay" in 1314.

thanks to Constantine the great, the Knights Templar became to be. Constantine was a pagan king and according to his journals, he was merrymaking and having a grand time in one of his many parties, then a hand was seen on the wall of the palace and started scribbling the word:" IN HOC SIGNO VINCES" , meaning, "By this Sign I will Conquer", then this is the reason why the pagan king decided to make the christian religion, the official religion of the realm.(actually he saw that this christian religion is gaining momentum and he has forseen the future in this new religion, likewise, he has to protect the survival of his empire) that is the reason, the knights has the cross in their armor, as the official signage on how they will conquer. constantine was a young boy/king. legend has it, that the mother is always his constant counsel. her mother is Queen Helena or Reyna Elena in spanish.( this is the reason, there is also the "santacruzan" in the filipino religious tradition, depicting Constantine and Reyna Elena.)

the Knights Templar, was organized to protect the pilgrim on their pilgrimage to the holy land, during those times. their quest, also - to find the "True Cross" and the reclaiming of the Holy Lands religious shrines back to the christian hands. this is how the story of the book "Da Vinci Code" was formulated, which is also based in allegory and mystic symbols of the Knights Templars".

the "Opus Dei" (workers of God)mentioned in the book, is also an existing organization that is sanctioned by the Vatican. this is an organization that was founded by Msgr Jose Maria Escriba de Balaguer, who is a very religious and some sort of a mystic person. this organization sole purpose is direct obedience to the church and the faith and dogma, maintaining the purest and the strictest sense of it. the book speaks about the "Opus Dei". this organization attracts a lot of highly educated and high ranking company officials and blue and white collar workers, both in U.S. and Europe. in the Phils., majority of the members are from UP and other high powered schools and universities. they are like "Puritan" in their practices, but one has to understand, that people has to hold and cling to what they believe in, as long as it does not go against the civil society and harm other people. they are really very strict and very pure in their religious practices. IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG ABOUT THAT? ( i have a nephew who is an Opus Dei priest who studied in spain and rome and was ordained in rome 3 years ago and cousins who are "Numerary" of this organization)

so if anybody reads the book of Dan Brown : "DA VINCI CODE", one has to have an open mind and love for history. this is a novel, and not catalogue as "Historical Novel". the book is shelf in the novel section of the library, not in the historical section. but the book was based on historical allegory and historical passages and informations. if you read this book, with one track mind, then you will be lost.

THIS BOOK IS NOT ANTI ANYTHING. it so happen that the center of the story is based on the oldest story of the world, the life and mystery of Christ and the major character of people in his life and of course, the mystery of the "Holy Grail" or the "Sangreal".

the main character of the book is like Indiana Jones of the new mellinium. so, read this book and make your own decision on how you wanted to see the present state of your "FAITH" and your 'BELIEF".

enjoy the book.....BAT JAY.
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its now 4am here and 31oct. at 330pm the kids in my neighborhood will be roaming the entire neighborhood with their buckets and costumes begging for treats. i have already bought supplies of candies and chocolates for the children. i will miss their coming cuz i leave the house at 330pm for work. this is a very nice thing to see. i love watching all the kids with their parents in their nice costumes. the popular this year is the "INCREDIBLE HULK". but the usual witches and cinderella and star wars are still here.

in school, this morning, all kids will be lectured by their teachers not to accept any candies and chocolates that are already opened.they will also be taught not to accept any goodies from strangers in the streets. they will be told also, if there is no light in the house they are not suppose to ring the doorbell. all houses are bing asked by the police to turn on their front door lights or patio lights. police partol are everywhere, looking after the children.

the only lonely place in my neighborhood during this time of the year when kids are parading from house to house is the house of MICHALE JORDAN. they have a big gaited community and kids dont go to his place cuz they dont get anything. nobody opens up the big gate for them when they ring the doorbell. what a lonely place. i hope his kids are also trick or treating. MICHAEL lives only half a mile from my house. not like SCOTTY PIPIN and TONY KUKOCH when they live in my neighborhood, they participate and gives goodies to kid revelers.

the teenagers also from 14 to 17 yrs of age, are doing this treat or treating. they have shaving cream and raw eggs. they will spray each other with the shaving cream and throw raw eggs. when you're inside your car and these teenagers pretend to ask you something and you pull down the window of your car---- you are one sorry piece of ass. they will spray you with the shaving cream and you can only laugh. they are just having fun and you have to be part of it.

in my company, this is the time for all the "badings" to show off. cuz they will come to work in their costumes and you wont believe how these people come to work and dresses up. last year, one of the north american dept dressed up like MRS DOUBTFIRE and there were three of them dressed up like flight attendants during the early 50's, one is dressed up like BARBARELLA. the most hilarious one is the one who was dressed up like CLOUD 9. these BADINGS are very creative when it comes to this time of the year. you wont believe your eyes when they dresses up. one of my co-worker dressed up last year like TINA TURNER, he told me today when goes to work he will dress up as the 'TOMB RAIDER" Angelina Jolie. i want to see this. very amazing and talented people. my company tolerates this every year and they even give prices to the winning participant. eadh dept will bring food at work, and there will be celebration by dept.

this is the start of celebrations in the united states. after this, it will be THANKSGIVING
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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

CHRISTIAN RELIGIUOS holiday celebrated 02 November. this is being celebrated by all Roman Catholics, Anglicans,Orthodox,Christians throughout the world. the liturgical color is black. in southern europe, the churches are draped in black and all worshippers wear black clothing.

ALL SAINTS DAYS (november1) was established in the ninth century as an attempt to christianize the pagan festival of the dead, known as SAMHAIN.

St. Odilo, the abbott of Cluny in france, proposed that the day after be set aside to pray for the souls of the departed - especailly those who were still in purgatory. All Souls Day was well established by the end of the 10th century, and in the 14th century, Rome place the day in the officials books of the western church as november 2.

Many of the customs now associated with All Souls day - for example laying out food for the dead, lighting candles on graves, tolling the bells unitl midnight - can be traced back to the pagan celberation. the pagans believe the that they have to pacify the dead so that they wont haunt the living, while the christian celberation of All Souls day is based on the belief that offering preayers for the dead will benefit the souls of the departed. it's interesting that while All Saints day was designed to displace the pagan festival of the dead, All Souls Day comes very close to duplicating it.

LIGHTING CANDLES is a symbolic attempt to illuminate the darkness for the returning souls of the dead. in Ireland, candles shines in the windows of Catholic homes on All Souls. In Belgium, a holy candle burns all night, and people walk in candlelight procession, In many Roman Catholic countries, the cemeteries are aglow with the candles that have been set on the graves.

IN CATHOLIC sections of central Europe, it is the customs to ring the church bells at the approach of dusk on Noveber 1 to remind people to pray for the souls in Purgatory.

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this is an ancient and pagan ritual and also folkloric, observed 31st of october in the roman/gregorian calendar.this is symbolized by bat, black cat, costumes, goblins jack-o-lantern and of course the witch on a broom stick.

color used are predominatly black, which is the symbol for death and darkness. the black of the witch's cloak and the black cat are a reminder that tha Halloween was once a Fetival of the Dead. related holiday All Souls Day.

ORIGINS....Halloween can be traced directly back to SAMHAIN, the ancient celtic harvest festival honoring the Lord of the Dead. this also marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year.because this is the time of transition, between the old and the new, the Celts believed that the souls of those who had died during the previous year gathered to travel together to the land of the dead.they lit bonfires and sacrificed fruits and vegetables, hoping to win the favor of the spirits of the deceased and to avoid their punishments. sometimes the living disguised themselves in masks and costumes so that the spirits will not recognized them.

BY THE FOURTH CENTURY, the christian chruch was doing everything it could to stamp out pagan festival and rituals like the SAMHAIN, but the celt's wont give up the ancients rituals and symbols. so the chritian church gave them a new name ALL SAINT'S DAY(ALL HALLOWS DAY IN ENGLAND) a celebration of all the christian saints.

HALLOWEEN came to america with the irish immigrants of the 1840's. their folk customs and beliefs merged with existing agricultural traditions. the early american halloween, therefore, was not only a time to foretell the future with the fall harvest. over the years the holiday's agricultural signs and significance faded, and it became primarily a childrens holiday -- a time to dress up as the ghosts and goblins their ancestors at one time feared.

TRICK OR TREATING-- going from house to house begging for candy and threatening to cause mischief for those who don't cooperate-- seems to have originated in the British Isles. it was customary for the poor to go begging on ALL SOULS DAY in england, and children eventually took over the custom. in ireland, legend has it that farmers used to go from house to house asking food for their halloween festivities in the name of the ancient god, MUCK OLLA. good luck and wealth were promised to those who contributed, those who were stingy were threatened with bad luck


to those who celebrate this holiday...Happy Halloween.....

sa pinas, hala, tayo na sa cementerio at pumorma tayo doon! girls --- time to meet the boys. ( i bet you karamihan sa pupunta sa cementerio ay may jacket na dala, at kung hindi Giordano ang brand eh di Bossini) . the cemetery near my place, Manila Memorial Park,may karaoke pa at may mah johng pah. and all the cel fon are ablaze,calling or textzing friends and or deliveries. high tech na ang cemetery sa atin. Manila Memorial Park, sold the entire park plan and lot numbers to all food services, like seven eleven, ariostocrat,chow king,all hamburger outlets, and all known eateries. just call, give your plot nos and the delivery in a motorcycle comes to you, infront of the dead spot where you stand. at manila memorial park, this is the time to show off your canopy, if you dont have a mauseleoum. canopy are either imported from the states that has a built in mosquito nets around it, or the local version bought in baclaran or divisoria, with soft aluminum poles that might collapse easily with the strong winds, or the big beach umbrella.

ang dami rin Bading floating around. praying not for the dead, but some boyzzz who wants some good time, of course with pay. charrrrrring.

sa laloma cemetery and north cemetery sa may makati, may perya pa at may bakla pang kumakanta at of course, may side show pa. la loma's lechon business and dinuguan, is also sellng a lot, including chicarong bituka at chicarong bulaklak at lahat ng inihaw na pangalan ng sapatos...ADIDAS, NIKE at iba pa, this is just right across the cemetery.

I MISS ALL OF THESE THINGS. the uniqueness of us Pinoys, comes out during these types of celebrations.

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(extracted from a book)

Name of script ..... No.of Users.......... Geographic Range

Roma Alphabet ...... 1.9 billion ..... Americas,Western/Eastern Europe
................................. former Soviet Union,Central & Southern
................................. Africa,Oceania, Parts of Southeast Asia.

Chinese Alphabet .. 0.9 billion ........ China and Taiwan

Arabic Alphabet ... 291 billion ........ Near East;North Africa;Iran; parts of
................................. Central and Southeast Asia.

Devanagari Script.. 260 million ........... Much of India

Cyrillic Alphabet ..252 million ........ Russia,other parts of Eastern Europe;
................................... parts of Central Asia.

Bengali Script ... 125 million ........ Northeast India;Bangladesh

Japanese Script .. 128 million ........... Japan

+ about three quarters of the world's population live in countries where an alphabet or alphabet based script is the National Writing System.of the Seven , only the Japanese and the Chinese systems are not alphabetic.

+ aside from non alphabetic writing systems of China and Japan, almost all major scripts in use today, anywhere in the world, belongs to a single "alphabetic Family".

+ every alphabet has been born from a prior alphabet.

QUESTION: Where did the early Filipino/Malay alphabet started?

(magtanong ka! - then i will answer)
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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

NYCTOPHOBIA is extreme or irrational fear of the night or darkness.

OCHLOPHOBIA extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to crowds.

OMOPHAGY the eating of raw food, especially raw meat.

OPSIMATH a person who begins to learn or study late in life.

OSTROBOGULOUS a word meaning " bizarre, unusual or interesting "

OCTACUST an obsolete word meaning "evesdropping, or spying".

PALANG the pratice of piercing the penis with gold or tin bolt.

PEDOTROPHY the bringing up or raising of children.

PRONK a weak or foolish person.

QUAINTRELLE a well dressed woman.

RASTAQUOUERE a social climber who tried hard to be in fashion.

RETROCHOIR a group that only sings old church songs and music.

RATHYMIA the state of being cheerful,merry and optimistic.

SCAMANDER to wander about.

SCLERAGOGY a severe training or punishment of the body.

SCOFFLAW someone who contemptoulsy breaks the law.

SCRIPPAGE one's baggage and personal belongings.

SEMIOPATHY the tendency to read humurously inappropriate meaning into signs.

SEPLASIARY a perfumer.

SIAGONOLOGY study of the jaw bones.

STEGANOGRAPHY the art of secret writing, cryptography.

STERNUTATION the act of sneezing or a sneeze.

SUPPUTATION the act of computation or calculating.

TITIVIL a name for a devil said to collect words mumble, dropped or omitted in the recitation of prayers or of divine service.

TRIPOTAGE pawing, handling or fingering, especially of people.

VATICINATE to predict events or to speak as a prophet.

WEDDINGER a weddingguest, also the entire wedding party.

WINBIBBER a person who habitually drinks a lot of alcohol.

WOOFITS an unwell feeling, especially headache, a moody depression.

XENIZATION the fact of traveling as a stranger.

(hay salamt, natapos ko rin! --- its cold this evening, even the heat is on, its still cold)
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( excerpts from weird and wonderfulwords by:ERIN MCKEAN)

did you know that your belly button is also called OMPHALODIUM, the part of your fingernails is called METACONDYLUS, the fingertip, not including the nails is called DACTYLION, if you lost a thumb you are a MURCOUS, if you have one finger or one too many, you care called POSTMINIMUS, your ring finger is called AURICULAR, the hollow of your ear is called ALVEARY, cuz the ear wax is found there,the palm of the hands and the foot is called THENAR, your elbow is called ANCON, your thigh is your MEROS, your hip is your COXA, if you have too much hair on your fundament you are called DASYPYGAL

APOCRISIARY is a person appointed to give answers, like the Papal Nuncio or Publi Relations Mgr.

APOROSEXIA inability to pay attention, characterized by near-complete indifference to everything.

ASPECTABUND an adjective meaning "having an expensive face".

ATRABILIUOS an adjective meaning "melancholy or bad tempered"

BABALATRICE a female blabber or a very talkative woman.

BLAGUER is a person who talk pretentiously.

BLESILOQUENT speaking with a lisp or a stammer.

BLOVIATE is to speak in a very pompous way or overbearing way.

CALLIPYGIAN an adjective meaning "having shapely buttocks".

CLAVUS is a pain in the forehead as if a hammer is being driven to it.

DRAFFSACK figuratively means "a big belly or a glutton".

EMUNCTORY relating to the blowing of the nose,
EMUNCTION is the action of wiping the nose.

ERETHISM painful, unhealthy over excitement,especially of the mental powers of passion.

FAITOUR is a cheat, a person who shams illness or an impostor.

FLAGITATION the action of asking or demanding with passion; begging.

FOUDROYANT an adjective meaning "thundering noise".

GULOSITY a rare word meaning "gluttony,greediness,voracity".

HONEYFUGGLE to swindle or cheat.

HOUGHMAGANDY sexual intercourse with a peson one who is married.

ICONOMACH one who is hostile to images.

INHUME is to bury somebody or something.

ITHYPHALLIC an adjective meaning "indicent,obscene" or "having an erect phallus".

LYSSOPHOBIA a fear of rabies, extreme fear that manifests symptoms of the disease.

MATERTERAL an adjective meaning "like an aunt".

MEACOCK a coward or effeminate person.

MULIEBRITY womanly qualities or womanliness.

(part two coming. ang hirap magbasa and make research)
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Monday, October 27, 2003
jet and jay having good time on the DEWALI festival in Singapore.

DEWALI, DIVALI, DEEPAVALI, FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, is a Hindi religious festival. this is being observed October-November, last two days of the Hindi lunar month of Asvia and first two days of Kartika.this is symbolized by Good Luck Designs, Lamps and Games of Chance.

The word DEWALI is a corruption of the Sanskrit word DEEPAWALI, which means "a row of lights", also known as the Festival of Lights.This is primarily observed in honor of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

In northern India, it is believed that this is the time of the year when Lakshmi returns from her summer home in the country. The special oil Lamps that line in the rooftops and windowsills of Hindu homes during the four day festival are put up there to help her find her way.

This festival marks the beginning of the New Year for Hindus in Northern India, where people whitewash their houses, open new account books and pray for success and prosperity in the coming year. Dewali marks the end of the monsoon season. this celebration includes the burning of the effigies of NARAKA.

In Bengal, Dewali is dedicated to the worship of Kali, the goddess of strength.spectacular images of the goddess are decorated and worshipped before being immersed in a river,sea or sacred tank.

In Maharashtra, Dewali is a festival to ward off King Bali, the ruler of the underworld. in Punjab and Mauritius, Dewali celebrates the coronation of Rama, a manifestation of Vishnu, after his conquest of Ravana, the ruler of Sri Lanka who had stolen his wife.

The Sikhs, regard this festival as a time to celebrate the freeing of their Guru Hargobind Sahib by the Mughal emperor.

In Nepal, this is called TIHAR, a multiple holiday that celebrates the new year and Lakshmi

Dewali is importan to Hindus as CHRISTMAS is to the christians.

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(house fire)

just got home from work, it is now 3am cental time 27october. i had a hard time at work today, cuz there was a bush fire at Lax and the entire california airports was shut down. the FAA office in san diego has to be evacuated cuz of this fire.

this stupid hunter, who got lost, built a fire so that he could be seen and this is what happened. he is now in custody, and shud be barbecued alive for what he has done.more than 47 thousand acres has already been engulfed in flames and has spread to so many places burning so many houses and already quite a number of people dying.there were isolated looting, but was controlled by the police easily.

because of the shut down and cancellations of so many flts, there was a chain of reactions that has taken place. lots of pax was diverted to places not in the danger area. majority of our flts was diverted to Palm Springs and the rest are to some smaller airports that is not in harms way. of course, we got a lot of calls from pax who was so inconsiderate and not understanding on what is happening. there's lots of angry calls and this callers will not listen to any explanation. i got one man who said he does not care what is happneing, he just needs his bag right away. he was so frantic on the fon and was telling me he has medication inside the bag and he will hold my airline responsible if he does not get it. so i told him, if this is a matter of medical emergency he has to go to the hospital or see the pharmacy for his medication. of course, there is always an argument. some of these ass holes have the nerve to threaten me that they will get me fired, like as if i am scared of it. this evening, i have told lots of these assholes who calls and threaten me on the fon, that I WILL GIVE THEM MY JOB IN A SILVER PLATTER.

i will not let anybody intimidate me on the fon, nor will i let anybody curse me and tell me to go to hell without any retaliatory statements from me. so, tonite we have registered a call of more than 2 thousand calls during my shift of 8 hours. none of them are good. the worst and most argumentative callers are Indians, from Inida and Pakistanis. i dont care if anybody reads this and they belong to this ethnic group. it is a proven fact, when these people calls, there is always an argument on the fon and there will be demands that is uncalled for and unreasonable. sometimes, i dont know if they are really born like this or they are just doing these kind of attitude because of their newly found freedom on the fon and in america. none of these people will scare me, i will put them where they belong.

i got this man, from pakistan, who claims that he is a doctor, but he has one filthy mouth and vocabulary that i will not repeat and print. this stupid ass told me i am "stupid" cuz i cannot vow to his demands. i told him, if he is that intelligent, how come he does not know where his bags are and where he left them at the airport. the fucking asshole has the guts to tell me that i dont speak english, when he cannot even spell his last name phoenetically. so i told him, if he is a doctor, he is not a good one, both in words and in deeds. he said he will call back and get me fired. yeah right, he can fucking call back and make my day. i am not scared of that treat.

all of us at the complaints departmentis really got a lot of beating this evening. so, when i arrived home, i started eating and pound my computer. then i will go to bed.

ang lamig. i have frost in my car window.its good i have already cut my perennial plants and bag all the fallen leaves of my oak tree before i went to work this afternoon.

well, tomorrow is another battle on the fon. lucky me, tomorrow is my friday. i am off tuesday and wednesday, so i can rest from these filthy mouthed pax of my airlines.
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Sunday, October 26, 2003

i was on the fon this evening,plugged in at exactly 530pm /central time. i was very enthusiastic to answer all the calling passengers and answers all of their complaints on the fon. for me, this is another day, plus the clock will be returned back one hour, therefore, i have extra one hour to sleep, but stupid me, i am here pounding the computer, documenting something in my blog.

going back to my work, i have already answered 10 calls--- no problem yet, nobody is cursing, nobody is yelling in my ears, then i got this woman who was very frantic on fon. she said:

"hello, i want to know if my mother has already arrived?"

so far, okey for me-- simple questions and needed simple answers. so i asked:

"ma'am what was the flight nos of you mother and from where to where, can you tell me?"

then the lady caller said:

"she was supposed to arrived on flt - - - - - but this flt landed, she was not on this flt, i was told to wait for the next flt and again, she was not on the second flt until the third flt came in, and i was really disturb and scared".

so i asked the caller:

"how old is you mother , ma'am, i cannot find her name on the list of the pax who boarded those flts that you have mentioned to me".

the caller, then said to me:

"she is already 80 years old and i am very worried, i don't know what happened to her. is there somebody that you cud asked at the airport on what happened to her?"

then probing questions again:

"do you have her record locator and reservation nos of you, ma'am?"

the woman stopped crying on the fon and said to me:

"no, i sent her on an airfreight, inside a coffin and declared it as human remains, and up to now nobody could tell me where my mother is. what will i do from here? i need an immediate answer. this is really terrible".

so i connected her with the airfreight division. how do i know her mother is dead and inside the coffin. she did not tell me that in the first place. she talks to me on the fon, like as if the mother is still alive. can you blame me for asking so many probing questions pertaining to a live person?

as i left my office at 2am this morning, the human remains has not yet been located or found.

where can this body be wondering now.


i hope its not.

MORTIZ TALE TACUM...TALE TACUM. (death...rise up...rise up)
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Saturday, October 25, 2003
(all saints day)
(held 31 October)

when i was a little boy , bata pa si sabel, the last week of the month of October, my grandma will tell her adopted son, Berto to go to the cemetery to check on the graves of my lolo(grandpa) and my great grandma and other relatives of the family. Berto will take me with him and we will bring the "gulok" (machete) and "calburo"(paint residue) to paint the niche of our deceased relatives. we will go to the north cemetery, which was not crowded yet during those times.

we will start cutting the "kugon" grass (hay) and remove the residue of last years paint so that we could quote the niche with another white cover of the mixed "calburo" with water. Berto, who is 12years older than me will take me around the entire cemetery after our work is done and will tell me different scary stories and show me tombs and niches that are partially open and will scare me to death. i was only 10years old that time and i will come home sweating and was so dead afraid of what Berto told me while we were at the cemetery. the whole evening i cannot sleep without somebody sleeping besides me and i was so scared for the lights to be switched off.

at night , if i have to go to the toilet, which is like an outhouse, per se - - but attached to my Lola's (gradma's) old spanish house. there is no light in this toilet, and i am so damn scared. i will bring a long and big candle and pray to God, while i am taking a shit that this candle not be blown by the wind, or else i swear i will shit on my pants. Berto will scare me more, not knowing that he was at the adjoining room, which is the shower, will bring a piece of cardboard and keep on swaying the cardboard so that the air will blow the light of the candle. one night, i was taking a leak, this stupid Berto was behind the door of the toilet and scared me shitless. i screamed and wet my short pants. then i plotted something to get even with him. onenight, when he got drunk, i took my revenge, at the age of 10. i dip my finger in my stool and wipe it at the tip of the nose of Berto while he was asleep and dead drunk.

next morning when he woke up, he came near me and told me i smell like "Tae"(shit) so i told him he was stupid cuz i just took a bath awhile ago. then he came back to me and told me Lola (grandma) was also smelling like "tae" (shit)and i told him i will tell Lola about it. he kept on circling the entire house and kept on mumbling to himself that all people inside the house smells like "tae"(shit) and everythng in the house smells like"tae"(shit).

Berto, I know you're already dead. i am sorry, i did not inform you of that. "huwag mo kong dalawin" (dont come back and scare me).

two days before Todos Los Santos (all saints day), my grandma, will start cooking the "Jaleyang ube" (sweet purple yam) and then will make the "calamay" (rice cake) and "binatog" (boiled white corn) with freshly grated coconut and a little bit of salt. these will be our "baon" (provision) to the cemetery with bottles of water.

at the cemetery, i will start gathering the bees wax that is coming from the lighted candles at the niches and make it into a ball. i will take this home,and Berto will warm and melt it with kerosene and this will be our floor wax., for the massive floor of gradma's spanish house.

at the cemetery, you will find all sorts of items on sale. there is the "pusit que"(dried squid in a skewer) that is being grilled, also grilled and boiled corn and sausages. there's lots of "sago" (tapioca) drink vendors - - and soft drinks vendors. there's also fruit vendors and cook food vendors on make shift huts. there's even a sideshow, near the wall of the cemetery, from bingo to peep show.

when we get back home, at night i will wait for the group called "mangangaluluwa"(singers or revelers dressed in gawdy costumes)my grandma will tell us to watch for these group cuz they come when all is asleep. my grandma said, these are people pretending to be revelers but they have members who does not sing and will just see what they can steal from your house or at the back yard. our "biik" (piglet) was stolen by this group, cuz Berto have fallen asleep and the group came to sing at 3am and Berto was snoring like a diesel truck.

but now, things have changed. cemeteries are now called MEMORIAL PARKS. the real cemetery looks like a place for the macabre, cuz its ugly and not kept properly. nobody prays at the grave yards/sites anymore. people will bring their "karaoke" (music box) and will sing at the sites and play "mah jong" (chinese equivalent of card game), with cell fons so that they cud order their food and be delivered to them on the spot where their niches and grave sites are. they have canopies now, that tried to compete with each other in color and cost. people also do grilling at the grave sites and even dance and do lots of merry making near the grave sites.

the religious symbol of this occassion is now long forgotten. i am old but i still remember. the younger generations have forgotten the value and meaning of :

+++++++++++++++++++ TODOS LOS SANTOS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
+++++++++++++++++++++ (all saints day) +++++++++++++++++++++++++
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Friday, October 24, 2003
(by this sign i will conquer)

i was having my 30mins break at the cafeteria, when this african-american who work for the north america reservation sat down with me and started to strike up a conversation about religion. at first i dont want to entertain this ass hole. i will not engage myself in an argument about religion, but this man is really asking for it.

he told me, that he was informed by another man,whose color of skin is also like him, that i am very well versed in religion and knows so many things about it. i told him, i have never claimed anything nor am i saying i am an intelligent person. then this guy kept on saying many things about christian religion and told me that he belongs to a sect in africa that hates the christian symbol of the cross.

i told this guy, if he hates the cross, when he sees one all he has to do is close his eyes so that he will not see it.he told me that the CROSS is a bad symbol, and does not know why the christians are venerating it.i told him, the cross is a symbol of torture during the Roman conquest of the world. the word "cross" and "crucifix" came from the latin word "CRUCIARE" to "TORTURE". i told him the christians don't venerate the cross per se, they venerate the MAN who died and was tortured on the cross. he was telling me that the name of the person (he cannot and does not want to use the name) is not even a roman name. i told this man, JESUS is not a Roman, he came from one of the provinces that was under the Roman rule that time, a place called Bethlehem. i told him the name JESUS came from the Greek word "IXSOS", meaning to say "FISH". then he was asking me why the cross became the official symbol of the christian faith. i told him during the reign of CONSTANTINE THE GREAT, while he was on a party, he saw a writing on the wall and it said 'IN HOC SIGNO VINCES", (with this sign or by this sign, i shall or will conquer). then it was accepted in the entire kingdom of Constantine the Great. i told him, this was not an accepted symbol before in Rome, during the persecution of the early christians, who was following the teachings of christ. the early christians in Rome was using the symbol FISH, to be known that they are the follower of Christ.

this man is asking why does the catholic keeps on repeating the same prayer over and over.he was asking me if God will not get tired of it. i told him, all prayers are repeated verses, just like songs wherein there is a Coda, that has to be repeated.

i told this man that i have to go cuz my 30mins break is already up. then he was asking me to see him again. i told him, i am not in the mood to give lectures and argue about religion.

then he showed me a phamplet from a church that he picked up on the way to work,he was asking me why the statement :"CHRIST IS THE ANSWER"--- then i turned back at him and asked him in turn , IF CHRIST IS THE ANSWER - - " WHAT IS THE QUESTION?"

then i went back upstairs and started answering calls from complaining passengers.

this is the reason why Karl Marx said: "RELIGION IS THE OPIUM OF THE PEOPLE"
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Wednesday, October 22, 2003
(my sons/my love)

it was tuesday morning at around noon time. i was off from work, my eldest son came to the house from his condo/apt to visit and chit chat with me. we talk for some time. i asked him about school and about work. his intentions in life and the many plans he wanted to accomplish. my eldest son has so much in his mind. he told me that first thing he wanted to see is that i am healthy so that i cud see his children. he told me he wanted to get married between the age of 28 or 29. i told him i might be dead by the time he could have grandchidlren for me.

he sat down besides me and told me, "don't worry old man, you will live longer, cuz your a tough person to deal with".

then this 5'11" kid, well built with muscles and all, sat down on my lap, told me how much he loved me and kissed my forehead and then said goodbye and said he has to go to work.

i wanted to tell him, "can you sit a little longer", and "can you tell me again how much you love me". i wanted to hold him more closer and longer and tell him how much i love him too, but -- he has so many plans in life.

i did not know i was choking, i did not know i was crying. i miss my boy very much. i know he loves me very much - - but i want to tell it in his ears, just like when he was a small boy - - MI HIJO -- MI AMOR.....MY SON -- MY LOVE... i was crying, all by myself, alone in the dining room where my eldest son left me. i was in tears -- i miss my son...MI HIJO-- MI AMORE....

next day, i was about to go out to go to the library, which i always do during my days off. i have encountered my youngest son, just walked in from school. he is now a freshman in college. greeted me, "what's up pop?" i told him i was going to the library. i started cleaning his bedroom. we tried to chit chat a little bit. we talked about school and i told him out of the blue - - if anything happens to me, it will always be his mother first before anything else, and he has to follow all the things his brother has to tell him.

he told me not to talk like that-- this big kid, a full blown 19 years old of a young man, a football player, grab me and hug me. without saying anything. then he told me "it's ok dad, i will take care of my room, just go to the library".

inside the car, on the way to the library, i tried to look back at the time when this youngest son of mine is growing up. i did not know he would grow up like a giant of a man. having a hard time entering his room in the basemnet. tall for his age and tall for his ethnic origin. robust , a big teen-ager for his filipino parentage.

i was smiling inside my car and was saying to myself "MI HIJO - - MI AMORE"

and so at night - when i am all by myself inside the kitchen when i arrived from work at 3am-- i talk to myself and always say......

" you did not lost them, they have just grown up and you have just aged"

and i also say in turn.....MI HIJOS - - - MI AMORES.

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happy birthday to:


= TIMOTHY LEARY - LSD experimenter and guru in the sixties
= CATHERINE DENEUVE - french actress
= JOAN FONTAINE - film actress
= BRIAN BOITANO- olympic gold medalist for figure skating
= JEFF GOLDBLUM - film actor
= JOAQUIM CHISSANO - Mozambique President
= LORD ALFRED DOUGLAS - British royalty, lover of Oscar Wilde

23 October...

=PELE - brazilian soccer legend
= MICHAEL CRICHTON- novelist, Andromeda strain
= JOHNNY CARSON- TV host, the Tonight Show
= PHLIP KAUFMAN- film director, The Right Stuff

24 October...

= ANTOINE von LEEUWENHOEK - Dutch Microscope inventor
= KEVIN KLINE - film actor
= F. MURRAY ABRAHAM - film actor
= BILL WYMAN - British bassist, the rolling stone
= VICTORIA ENA- scottish born Spanish queen
= RAFAEL TRUJILLO - Dominican Repuiblic dictator, assasinated

25 October...

= PABLO PICASSO - spanish painter
= JOHANN STRAUSS JR. - viennesse waltz king
= KLAUS BARBIE- German Nazi killer
= KOMELIA ENDER - east German swimmer, first woman winner of 4 gold medals in olympics

26 October.....

= FRANCOIS MITTERAND- french president
= HILARY RODHAM CLINTON - former first Lady of U.S.
= MAHALIA JACKSON- african american singer
= JACLYN SMITH - original charlie's angels
= PAT SAJAK- TV pesonality, Wheel of Fortune

27 October...

= THEODORE ROOSEVELT- american president
= MOTHER MARY ROGERS- Maryknoll Order founder
= NANETTE FABRAY - film actress

28 October...

= ERASMUS- Dutch philosopher
= WILLIAM GATES- microsoft billionaire
= JULIA ROBERTS- film actress
= BRUCE JENNER- US olympic decathlon
= CHARLIE DANIELS- charlie daniels band

29 October...

= RICHARD DREYFUSS- film actor
= PAUL JOSEPH GOBBELS- Nazi propagandists
= KATE JACKSON- orginal cast of charlies angels

30 October...

= CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS- Italian Spanish navigator
= JOHN ADAMS - former US president
= DIEGO MARADONNA- Argentianian soccer legend
= HENRY WINKLER- film n tv actor

31 October...

= JAN VEMEER- dutch painter
= CHANG KAI SHEK- chinese general/Taiwan
= MICAHEL LANDON - TV actor, Little house on the Prairie
= ROBIN MOORE - film writer, The Green Beret, the French Connection
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to a lady named THERESA
with a nickname that flys.....

excerpts from the book and writings of "joan walsh anglund"

"do you love someone?"

The universe is wide and wonderful and filled with many stars.
The world is rich and varied and filled with many people,
And among its hundres of towns, and thousand of homes,
and millions of people,
each of us is only "one".....

one small person in a world of millions of other people,
in a universe of billions of other worlds.

Knowing this, sometimes we each feel very small,
Sometimes we feel lonely and lost,
as though nothing we do
can ever truly matter.

Each of us wants to be needed.
Each of us wants to be remembered.
Each of us wants to be important in his own special way.

There are many different ways
to be important in this world.

Some people become doctors, and heal the sick.
Some become farmers and feed the hungry.
And some become teachers and
share wisdom and knowledge.

But you can't be a sheperd, or a shoemaker,
or a baker, or a barber,
or a captain, or a carpenter,
or a king!

And whatever you are,
there is still one thing that matters most.

Do you love someone.....
and does someone love you?

For the heart
is its own world,
and in that world
you are important!

And that's what really matters,
isn't it?

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
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(this crazy world)



1. rapid loss of weight,more than about 10lbs in 10weeks with no apparent cause.

2. a sore, scab or ulcer, either in the mouth or on the body, that fails to heal with a period of about three weeks.

3. a skin blemish or mole that bleed or itch, or that changes in color,size or shape.

4. severe headaches that develop for no obvious reason.

5. sudden attacks of vomiting, without preceding nausea.

6. fainting spells for no apparent reasons.

7. visual problems such as seeing "haloes"around lights, or intermittently blurred vision, especially in dim light.

8. increasing difficulty in swallowing.

9.horseness without apparent cause that last for two weeks or more.

10.a "smoker's" cough or any other nagging cough that has been getting worse.

11.blood in coughed-up phlegm or sputum.

12.constantly swollen ankles.

13.a bluish tinge to the lips, the insides of the eyelids or the nail beds.

14.extreme shortness of breath for no apparent reason.

15.vomiting blood or a substance that resembles coffee grounds.

16.persistent indigestion or abdominal pain.

17.a marked changed in normal vowel habits, such as alternating attacks of diarrhea and constipation.

18. bowel movements that look black and tarry.

19.rectal bleeding.

20.unusually cloudy, pink, red or smoky looking urine.

21.in men, discomfort and difficulty in urinating.

22.in men, discharge at the tip of the pennis.

23.in women, a lump or unusual thickening of a breast or any alteration in breast shape such as flattening, bulging or puckering of the skin.

24.in women, bleeding or unusual discharge in the nipple.

25.in women, vaginal bleeing or "spotting" that occurs between usual menstrual periods or after menopause.


(kung natakot kayo, sorry, hindi ako si dracula to scare you and this is not "trick or treat". meantime, matutulog na ako. madaling araw na, at inaantok na ako, ang lamig at maginaw na, i have to turn on my heater).
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Monday, October 20, 2003
(this crazy world)

answer YES or NO to the following questions

1. when you are holding a glass at a party, do you always look for a refill instead of waiting to be offered one? ( ) YES ( ) NO

2. if given a chance, do you frequently pour out a more generous drink for yourself than seems to be the going amount for others? ( ) YES ( )NO

3. do you often have a drink or two when you are alone, either at home or in a bar or in school or dormitory? ( ) YES ( ) NO

4. is your drinking over the direct cause of a family quarrel, or do quarrels often seems t o occur, if only by coincidence, when you have had a drink or two? ( ) YES ( ) NO

5. do you think you must have a drink at a specific time every day - right after work or after school, for instance? ( ) YES ( ) NO

6. when worried or under unusual stress, do you almost automatically take a stiff drink to "settle your nerves"? ( ) YES ( ) NO

7. are you untruthful on how much you drink when questioned on the subject by your friends, relatives? ( ) YES ( ) NO

8. does drinking makes you miss time out of work, school, appointments, scheduled meetings and even date with girlfriends/boyfriends? ( ) YES ( ) NO

9. do you feel physically deprive if you don't have at least one drink a day? ( ) YES ( ) NO

10.do you sometimes crave for a drink in the morning? ( ) YES ( ) NO

11.do you sometimes have "morning after" when you cannot remember what happened the night before, or do you take another sip just to remember? ( ) YES ( ) NO

12.do you feel nervous or shaky when you cannot drink? ( ) YES ( ) NO

13.do you prefer to be with people who drink than those who don't? 9 ) YES ( )NO

14.do you think drink is the only way to calm your nerves down? ( ) YES ( ) NO

15.do you think drinking is the way not to get nervous infront for people,with your girlfriend or boyfriend or infront of public when talking or speaking?( ) YES ( ) NO

You should regard the YES answer to any of the questions as a WARNING SIGN.

TWO YES answers suggest that you may already be BECOMING DEPENDENT on alcohol.

Three or More YES answers indicate that YOU MAY HAVE A SERIOUS DRINKING PROBLEM.

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Friday, October 17, 2003
(this crazy world)

here's a short test to see if you are under too much STRESS


1. has your wife or husband/boy friend/girl friend died? (20 points)

2. have you become separated with your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend? (15 points)

3. has a close relative of yours died? (13 points)

4. have you been hospitalized because of injury or illness? ( 11 points)

5. have you reconcile with your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, after a
separation? ( 10 points)

6. have you lost your job or got laid off? ( 9 points)

7. are you experiencing any sexual difficulties? (8 points)

8. has any close friend of yours died ? (8 points)

9. have you changed your job or school? (8 points)

10.is there anyone at work/school/home/neighbors that you dislike strongly? ( 8 points)

11.do you frequently have premenstrual tension? ( 6 points)

12.have you have any trouble at work/school that maybe putting your job or schooling
at risks? (5 points)

13.have you taken substantial debt from school or office ? ( 3 points)

14.have you had minor brush with the law? (2 points)

15.do you have plenty of hard task at work or at school lately? (6 points)

16.is there any domestic disturbance at home or any disturbance in school? (5 points)

17.do you have any member of the family who is pregnant or gave birth? (8 points)

18.is there any member in your family that is experiencing health problem (8 points)

19.are you worried about your looks ? ( 5 points)

20.do you have body odor or bad breath that people around you notices? ( 8n points)

21.do you know you're gay or lesbian and you don't want people to know it? (13 points)

22.are you a compulsive eater or shopper? (8 points)

23.do you have second thoughts about your girlfriend/boyfriend? (9 points)

24.do you always think of what people might say to you on how you dress or carry yourself in public? (8 points)

25.do you get jealous at the success or what other people have? (8 points)


the higher your total score is, THE STRESSFUL YOU ARE . as a general guide, a score under 30 suggests that you are NOT VERY LIKELY to have a stress related illness or accidental injury now or in the near future.

if you score 60 or more, the pressures on you ARE MORE SUBSTANTIAL .

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Thursday, October 16, 2003
(light of the earth)

i was walking my dog outside and it was so damn cold. i have frozen my buns outside. i was even walking out with my shorts and sweat shirt with a light jacket. i was wearing a fishermans hat and my dog is enjoying all of it. she likes the cold weather.i have a 'bichon friese' she is very white and shines at night when the moon is full.

i love the moon at night. ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE. i work nites and comes home at around 3am and for the past several days, i was so moved and taken by the beauty of the moonlit night. (i am not a lunatic) i just love the moon, especially when theres not much light in the area. i live in a very wooded area and the brightness of the moon is so breath taking for me. here in my area,around the trees, when the moon is so bright, the fireflies also abounds, especially if it is not that cold. i love watching the fireflies and the brightness of the moon, adding somemore light to their tiny lamp.

i fell in love during the fullness of the moon. i was Moonstruck. ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE.

nights when the moon is bright and it is not cold when i get home from work, i sit down at the backyard by the apple trees and look at the moon. then in the adjacent areas, i can see the raccoons and the night squirrel forraging for food. looking at the raccoon at night is like starring at a man with a mask.the surrounding area of the eyes of the raccoon is covered with black colored fur. then you can see also some of the jack rabbit at night, trying to see if there are some things to eat at my backyard garden.i always live behind some of the vegetables that i have planted for them. ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE , let the moon shine for them so that they cud see there are some left for them to eat and forrage upon.

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE ,on the stillness of the moon, i always remember some of my childhood friends bak in pinas,when i was still young. we play the patin tero(tama ba?) there are lines horizontal and perpendicular and the one in the midle is like the big guardian for his team. we run after the other and tag each other. then there is a friend who can play the guitar after our frolickings and plays, we will sing with a small bonfire inside an empty gas can. then we will buy hot pan de sal at the nearby bakery that start cooking at midnite and ends at 5 in themorning , with star margarine or matamis na bao or peanut butter. that was heaven. we have a neighbor who is so nice with us kids, she will cook guinatan even at night so that we can eat after her kwento. then at night, my stomach is going to rumble cuz of the gata and kamote from the guinataan. i will keep on making 'utot' even inside the kulambo and my sisters will make kurot cuz its mabaho daw.

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE.. i lost my virginity in the fullness of the moon. my bun is showing while i was at the kubeta ni mang vinturansa,our neighbor. i was with her daughter. (nasaan na kaya yon?) it was so damn hard. mabaho na,may daga pa. and the whole damn thing is about to collapse when i wiggle and shake. all the things i do for sex. but it was fun, the moon is the spotlight and the rats are the audience. the smell of the kubeta is phenominal, but its worth it in the end. i will never forget it. as those rats are my witness, i did it at the age of 16--- i was divirginized by a woman who is as old as the kubeta in itself. i don't care, i was young that time, she was about to loose her front teeth, i still don't care. the thing there is i did it, and i had fun. ( oh shit-- i hope my wife will not read this or else i will be in biggggg trouble).

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE.. in the moonlit night also, i found my vocation. i was sitting at my grandmas bakyard looking at the moon and i felt something there -- someone calling and telling me to learn more about HIM. i got scared. i entered the semianry to study for the priesthood.

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE.. in the moonlit night, i also found out that i have to leave the seminary and get married. i was standing at the grotto in the seminary grounds in tagaytay. i have to live, i have to get married. i wanted to raise a family, i want to be a father in the literal sense of it.

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE..in the moonlit night, my first son was born. he was a healthy boy and mighty fine young man now. followed by the second boy, five years after, again in the moonlit night, he is now mighty big and strong. both conceived and brought to life on this earth---- in the moonlit night---

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE...in the moonlit night, while i was praying with my grandma who is already old and sick, told me she will not be with me any more, and its very near. i was only 19years old. i diD not took it seriously and she died three days after she said it to me that she will be leaving me....in that moonlit night....ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
(you talk shit/your full of shit)

there is a new employee in my department as a clerical support. this girl thinks she knows everything. will not talk to me and to another pinoy in my department, without invoking the statement : "i will ask julie first, she's the boss you know"?

why is it so typical with pinoys abroad, that when they work for the boss, they think they are the boss to? i approached this woman to make some a friendly gesture. asked her in tagalog if she is new in the states and wanted to invite her at home for a 'tete-a-tete'.

minasama pa. and told me "i cannot talk tah-gah-lohg anymore" , so she said.... so i ask, "why- - how long have you been in the states", so she said.... " i migrated here when i was only 18 years old", .....then i asked her " how old are you now?"....... then she said with a foolish grin on her face , " i am now 22 yrs old",....... so i angrily asked her
" in a span of four years you have forgotten how to speak in tagalog -- tell that to the marines" then i turn my back on her.

i have been in the states more than 25 years now, i still talk in tagalog, never have forgotten it, and here comes this bitch who claims she does not speak it anymore? get a life little brown monkey and try to grow up.

** a FRANCOPHILE - - is a person who is french, living in another place, but practices the french culture, speaks the language,profess her roots and adhere with it to the bone. one good example is CELINE DION and her entire family. they are all FRANCOPHILE.

** an ANGLOPHILE - - from ENGLAND. a good example of this is SEAN CONNERY.

** an AUSSIEPHILE - - from AUSTRALIA, a good example is NICOLE KIDMAN .

but this pinay bitch in my office who said she does not speak tah-gah-lohg anymore is called ;

**P E N O Y P H I L E**

i gave this bitch my blogspot. i hope she opens this blogspot and reads it.

" get a grip in life bitch, your shit stills shows that you still eat dinuguan and bagoong."
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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

16 October

= NOAH WEBSTER -------- creator of the dictionary
= DAVID BEN GURION ---- israeli prime minister
= ANGELA LANSBURY ----- actress, "murder she wrote"
= SUSAN SOMMERS ------- tv actress, "three's company"
= TIM ROBBINS -------------movie actor

17 October

= ARTHUR MILER ----------- playwright "death of a salesman"
= MONTGOMERY CLIFT -----movie actor
= RITA HAWORTH ----------- movie actress
= CAMERON MACKINTOSH -british show producer "cats" and "les miserable"
= JIMMY SEALS -------------- singer, "seals and crofts"

18 October

= MARTINA NAVRITILOVA -- wimbledon czech-us tennis champion
=CHUCK BERRY --------------- rock and roll singer
= PIERRE ELLIOTT TREADEAU - canadian prime minister
= WINSTON MARSALIS-------- jazz musician
= POPE PIUS II ---------------- roman pontiff
= MELINA MERCOURI --------- greek actress

19 October

= JOHN LE CARRE -------------- british spy novelist " the spy who came in from the cold"
= JOHN LITGOW ---------------- tv actor, comedian
= KING MONGKUT--------------- siamese king portrayed in "the king and I"

20 October

= BELA LOGUSI ----------------- hungarian actor -silent movie"dracula"
= JOHN REED ------------------- cummunist,anarchists, life based on movie "reds"
= CHRISTOPHER WREN ------- british architect who rebuilt london st. Paul's cathedral

21 October

= ALFRED NOBEL--------------- nobel peace prize endower
= DIZZIE GILLESPIE ----------- jazz musician
= GEORGE SOLTI --------------- conductor chicago symphony
= BENJAMIN NETHANYAHU -----israel prime minsiter

....follow next segment.....last na, pagod na ako
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Monday, October 13, 2003

08 October

= JESSE JACKSON--------- african american political leader
= SIGOURNEY WEAVER --- actress "the Alien"
= MATT BIONDI-------------- u.s. olympic 8 times gold medalist
= CHEVVY CHASE------------ american actor/comedian
= KLAUS KINSKI-------------- polish actor
= PAUL HOGAN--------------- australian actor "crocodile dundee"
= JUAN PERON --------------- argentinian dictator
= RONNA BARRETT----------- hollywood gossip coulmnist
09 October

= MIGUEL DE CERVANTES DE SAAVEDRA- spanish writer "don quixote"
= JOHN LENNON-------------- singer composer "the beatles"
= CHARLES X------------------- last french bourbon king
= SEAN LENON ---------------- john and yoko ono's son
10 October

= THEOLONIUS MONK -------- supreme jazz artist and musician
= GUISEPPE VERDI------------- italian composer and opera "la traviata"
= JAMES CLAVELL -------------- novelist/writer "shogun" and "tai Pan"
= HELEN HAYES----------------- american actress
= OOM PAUL KRUGER --------- south african statesman, name sake for gold "krugerrand"
= ISABELLA II ------------------- spanish queen, mother of king alonso XII
11 October

= ELEANOR ROOSEVELT-------- wife of former u.s. president
= SIR GEORGE WILLIAMS ------ founder of YMCA
= DARRYL HALL ------------------ singer "hall and Oates"
= CHARLES REVSON------------- cosmetic merchant, founder "revlon"
= ROBERT P. GALE---------------- bone marrow transplant surgeon
12 October

= LUCIANO PAVAROTTI----------- italian opera singer
= HENRY VI------------------------- child british king
= PERLE MESTA-------------------- washington "hostess with the mostess"
= PEDRO I--------------------------- brazilian emperor, forced to abdicate throne
= SUSAN ANTON-------------------- actress, model

= MARGARET THATCHER ---------- former england prime minister
= PAUL SIMON --------------------- singer, songwriter "simon and garfunkel"
= NANCY KERRIGAN---------------- olympic figure skater
= RAY BROWN----------------------- jazz musician w/ray peterson
= YVES MONTAND------------------- french actor
= CORNELL WILDE------------------ film actor
!4 October

= WILLIAM PENN-------------------- quaker religious leader, founder pennsylvania
= DWIGHT D. EISONHOWER ------ former u.s president/war hero
= RALPH LAUREN -------------------- clothing desginer, perfumier
= ROGER MOORE--------------------- british actor, james bond 007
= JOHN W. DEAN III------------------ convicted watergate conspirator with richard nixon
= ISAAC MIZHARI--------------------- fashion designer
= LE DUC THO ------------------------- vietnamist communist ideologist
15 October

= FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE------------- german philosopher
= VIRGIL --------------------------------- early roman poet
= LEE IACOCCA------------------------- ford-chrysler chairman
= SARAH FERGUSON------------------- duchess of york
= PENNY MARSHALL-------------------- actress/director
= EVANGELISTA TORRICELLI --------- inventor of barometer

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= JIMMY CARTER ------ former u.s., president
= JULIE ANDREWS ---- sound of music actress
= RICHARD HARRIS --- british actor, "the man called horse" movie
= BONNIE PARKER----- partner gangster"bonnie and clyde"
= RANDY QUAID ------- american film actor
= MARY MCFADDEN---- new york fashion designer

= MOHANDAS GANDHI- indian mystic and founder of mahatma, indian religion
= GRAHAM GREENE----- british novelist
= RICHARD III ----------- king of england
= DONNA KARAN -------- fashion designer DKNY
= BUD ABBOTT----------- american comedian"abbot and costello"
= DON MCLEAN---------- song writer, folk singer

= CHUBBY CHECKER---- rock and roll singer"lets do the twist"
= GORE VIDAL------------ novelist- and essayist" Myra breckenridge"
= MING CHO LEE--------- chinese dean of set designer
= PIERRE BONNARD------ french post impressionist

= BUSTER KEATON-------- silent movie actor/comedian
= PANCHO VILLA ---------- mexican bandit and general
= SUSAN SARANDON ----- american actress
= CHARLESTON HESTON-- movie actor," 10 commandment"
= JEAN FRANCOIS MILLET- french traditionalist painter
= KENICHI FUKUI ---------- japanese nobel price winner, chemist
= ALVIN TOFFLER----------- writer,"future shock"

= WACLAW HAVEL---------- czech president and playright
= DENIS DIDEROT----------- french 18th cent philosopher, editor "encyclopedia"
= PHILIP BERRIGAN --------- roman catholic activist, anti war
= BOB GELDOF---------------- british rock singer, actor, now a knight
= DONALD PLEASANCE------- british actor
= STEVE MILLER--------------- singer songwriter, "steve miller band"
= MICHAEL ANDRETTI---------NASQAR auto racer

= GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE-- founder "westinghouse"
= JANET GAYNOR---------------- film actress
= BRIT EKLAND------------------- swedish film actress
= EDWARD V---------------------- king of england
= LOUIS PHILLIPPE-------------- french king

= DESMOND TUTU---------------- south african archbishop, nobel peace prize winner
= HEINRICH HIMMLER----------- nazi ss head, mass murderer
= OLIVER NORTH----------------- us war hero, investigated,"national security"
= JOHN COUGAR MELLENKAMP- singer, songwriter
= YO YO MA------------------------- chinese american chelist
= HELEN MCINNES------------------ spy novelist " salzburg connection"

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Saturday, October 11, 2003
I M P R I M A T U R part II
(with permission/utos ko/okey lang)

1. the flared leg allows bell bottoms to fit over boots easily. sailors traditionally sleep with their boots at the side of the bed,so that, in case of emergency, they don't have to waste time trying to position their pants over their footwear. when sailors are up on deck, the flare bottoms protects him from spray and rain entering their boots.

2. bell bottoms are easily rolled up. because sailors works potentially harmful chemicals onboard deck, rolling up the cuffs prevents permanent damage to the pants. also, if sailors need to wade ashore, they could easily rolled up above the knee.

3. if a sailor is thrown overboard, bell bottoms are also easily to remove than conventional trousers. and the loose fit of the bell bottom also makes it easier to remove boots in water.

4. sailors are taught in boot camp, if the legs of the bell bottom are tied at the end, bell bottoms holds quite lots of air and in a pinch they can be used as a flotataion device.


Florence Nightingale always wear white uniform. white of course, is a symbol of purity and in the case of a nurse, an appropriate and practical one - white quickly shows any dirtiness.

surgeons wear white until 1914, when a surgeon decided that red blood against a white uniform was rather repulsive and needlessly graphic. the spinach green color he chose to replace it helped neutralize the bright red. at the end of world war II, the lighting was changed inside the operating room and most surgeons switched to a color called "misty green" since 1960 most surgeons have used color called "seal blue" which contains a lot of gray. according to surgeons, "seal blue" shows better on tv monitor during surgery for students to watcH.
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Friday, October 10, 2003
(with permission/utos ko/okey lang)


a reasonable person might ask why the american automobile industry had to improive on those hopelessly old fashioned side view mirrors that didn't distort one's perception of distance. and why, if the inside rear view mirror shows objects without distortion, can't the side mirror do the same?

car manufacturers are required to provide flat, unit magnification mirrors on the driver's side of the car. the driver side mirrors offer the same undistorted image as the mirror in your medicine cabinet.

the mirrors are convex, convex surfaces curve outward. convex mirrors allow much wider angle of vision.drivers are less likely to be sideswiped when consulting a wide angle side view mirror, even if an oncoming car is closer than it appears, because they are more likely to spot the car in the firstplace.

the immortal word"Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear" are mandated by the federal law on all convex mirrors.


some form of fired cake has existed in almost every culture."prehistoric doughnuts" - petrified fried cakes with holes - have been found among the artifactrs of a primitive indian tribe.the ducth settlers of america, thogu are usually credited with popularizing fired careks but without holes. which are called "oily cakes" or "olykoeks"

washington irving writing about colonial new york described "a dish of balls of sweetened dough fried in hog's fat and called DOUGH NUTS or OLYKOEKS".fried cakes became so popular in new york and new england that shops sprouted up that specialized in serving them with coffee.

the gentleman ususally credited with the "invention" of the doughnut hole was an unlikely candidate for the job. a sea captain Hanson Gregory. he was at the helm of his ship eating fried cake one night when stormy weather arose. Gregory, needing both hands to steer the ship, spontaneously rammed the cake over one of the spokes. impressed with his creation, Gregory orders the ship's cook to make fried cakes with holes in them from then on.

another version, in plymouth, massachusetts, advances the notion that the first doughnut hole was created when in the 17th century, a drunken indian brave shot an arrow through a kitchen window punching out a piece of dough from the center of a cake just about to be fired.


fundamental frequency or voice pitch level is directly related to the length and thickness of the individual's vocal folds or vocal cords. the average man's vocal fold is approximately 18 millimeters, the average woman's is 10 millimeters. the tall person either gender is likely to have large vocal cords than a shorter person
of the same sex.


the use of the colloquial "XMAS" has often been singled out as an example of how the holiday has been commercialized and robbed of its religious content. X in Xmas is actually the descendant of the Greek equivalent of CH, as in CHRISTOS, which meant CHRIST. the letter X has stood for Christ since the least a.d 1100 and the term XMAS was first cited in 1551.word expert Eric Paetridge points out that the scholarly abbreviation for Christianiy is XIANITY.

(from Life's Imponderables) i shall return with part II, inaantok na ako.
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(the wonderful world of color)

autumn is here. the world of color abound the whole area. i love the colors. the hardy mums are in full bloom of colors shocking red, purple, crimson, bright yellow, bright orange , pristine white and all the colors of life.

this is the time of renewed effort for all the animals to make haste to protect themselves for the upcoming winter months. bears will start to eat more of the necessary fats and proteins that they needed to be able with stand the long winter hybernation. the deer will have to mate to give birth in spring time. ducks and geese will migrate to the south, forraging first the left morsels on the land especially the wet lands. birds will start their nest rebuilding, for those who will stay during winter months, butterflies will then be heading to mexico, for the warmer place. whales will then go to the lower continent for warmer waters of the season.

kids will be busy asking their parents for a new costume that they will wear for the halloween trick or treat. parents and adults will start stocking up candies and goodies for children who will be knocking a the door for the yearly trick or treat pilgrimages to the different houses in the neighborhood. restaurants will be changing their menu for the new season and eating habits for their patrons and customers.

this is the season wherein the whole canopies of the earth in winter bound places to show off their colors, reminding all that they will still come back with a new force comes spring and summer months.

i love autumn. it reminds me that life will never end, that life has all its colors and will only temporarily be resting to come back again more beautiful than before. this is also a reminder to all of us, that the colors of the leaves are also the colors of our life. we need to relax at times and enjoy life as it comes on a daily basis.

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

(words and words)


some more great words to live by:
taken from the book 'BEST THINGS EVER SAID"


"it is the final proof of God's omnipotence that he need not exist in order to save us."
(Peter De Vries)

"God has always been hard on the poor".
(Jean Paul Marat)

"the good Lord will never gives you more than you can handle, unless you die for something".

"few people can be happy unless they hate some other person, nation or creed".
(Bertrand Russell)

"living with a saint is more grueling than being one".
(Robert Neville)

"under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer".
(Mark Twain)

"the trouble with born again christians is that they are an even bigger pain the second time around".
(Herb Caen)

"it is better to know some of the questions,than all of the answers".
(James Thurber)

"i have a simple philosophy. fill what's empty, empty what's full, scratch where it itches".
(Alice Roosevelt Longsworth)

"there is more to life, than increasing in speed".
(Mahatma Ghandhi)

"why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? it is because we are not the person involved".
(Mark Twain)

"the cost of living is going up, and the chance of living is going down".
(Flip Wilson)

"the best to get praise is to die".
(Italian proverb)

"the patient is not likely to recover is he makes the doctor his heir".
(Thomas Fuller)

"when you don't have money, the problem is food. when you have money, it's sex.when you have both, it's health. if everything is simply jake, then you're frighened of death".
(.P. don Leavy)

"either this man is dead, or my watch just stopped".
(Groucho Marx)

"there is no money in poetry, but then there is no poetry in money, either".
(Robert Graves)

"i am going to speak out my mind, because i have nothing to lose".
(S.I. Hayakawa)

"somewhere on this globe, every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child, she must be found and stopped".
(Sam Levenson)

"to my embarrassment, i was born in bed with a lady".
(Wilson Mizner)

"my obstetrician is so dumb that when i gave birth he forgot to cut the cord. for a year that kid followed me everywhere. it was like having a dog on a leash".
(Joan Rivers)

"a vegetarian is a person who wont eat anything that can have children".
(David Brenner)

"of all animals, the boy is the most unmanageable".

"children are guilty of unpardonable rudeness if they spit in the face of a companion;neither are they excusable who spit from windows or on walls or on furniture).
(St.John Baptiste de La Lasalle)

"mothers are more fonder than the fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their children".

"there was a time when we expected nothing of children but obedience, as opposed to the present, when we expect everything of them but obedience".
(Anatole Broyard)

"if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament".
(Florynce Kennedy)

"last time i tried to have make love to my wife nothing was happening, so i said to her,"what's the matter, you can't think of anybody either?"
(Rodney Dangerfield)

"i've tried several varieties of sex. the conventional makes me claustrophobic and the others gives me a stiff neck and lockjaw".
(Tllulah Bankhead)

...... hope you find something that can relate to you!!!!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

(words and words)


here are some great words to live by:
taken from the book "BEST THINGS EVER SAID"


"marriage is like a bank account. you put it in, you take it out,you lose interest"
(Prof. Irwin Corey)

"my mother did not breast feed me,she said, she like me as a friend"
(Rodney Dangerfield)

"if somehting good happens,it's a miracle, and you should wonder what God is saving for you later".
(Marshal Brickman)

'forgive your enemies, but never forget their names"
(John F. Kennedy)

"it can be great fun to have an affair with a bitch"
(Louis Achincloss)

"never accept any drink from a urologist"
(Erma Bombeck's father)

"from birth to age 18, a girl needs good parents, from 18 to 35 , she needs good looks, from 35 to 55, she needs good personality,and from 55 on, she needs cash"
(Sophie Tucker)

"i consider exercise vulgar. It makes people smell"
(Alec Yuill Thornton)

"never go to bed mad, stay up and fight "
(Phyllis Diller)

"the good thing about masturbation is that you don't have to dress up for it"
(Truman Capote)

"love is being stupid together"
(Paul Valery)

"a man in love mistakes a pimple for a dimple"
(japanese proverb)

"i like young girls, their stories are shorter"
(Tom McGuane)

"the most romantic thing any woman ever said to me in bed is:"are you sure you're not a cop?"

"so your height is 5'11"?, forget about the 5, lets talk about the 11"
(Mae West)

"give a man a free hand, and he'll run it all over you"
(Mae West)

"i wasn't kissing her, i was whispering in her mouth"
(Chico Marx)

"if God had meant us to have group sex, he'd have given us more organs"
(Malcolm Bradbury)

"the trouble with group sex is that you never know where to put your elbow"
(Martin Cruz Smith)

"the trouble with incest is that it gets you involved with relatives"
(Geroge Kaufman)

"a man in love is incomplete until he is married, then he is finished"
(Zsa Zsa Gabor)

"the most happy marriage i can imagine to myslef would be the union of a deaf man to a blind woman"
(Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

"trust your husband, adore your husband, and then get as much as you can in your own name"
(Joan Rivers)

"honesty has ruined more marriage than infidelity"
(Charles McCabe)

"before undergoing surgical operation, arrange your temporal affairs.You may live"
(Ambrose Bierce)

"i never give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they tought it was hell"
(Harry S. Truman)

"the main difference between men and women is that men are lunatics and women are idiots"
(Rebecca West)

"any young man who is unmarried at the age of 21 is a menace to the community"
(Brigham Young )

"a woman who takes things from a man is called grilfriend.a man who takes things from a woman is called a gigolo"
(Ruthi Stein)

"my father is frightened of his father, i was frightened of my father, and i am damned well going to see to it that children are frightened of me"
(King George V)

"ask your child what he wants for dinner, only if he is buying"
(Fran Liebowitz)

"my parents are too poor to have me, so the neighbors had me"
(Buddy Hackett)

"have chilkdren while your parents are still young enough to take care of them"
(Rita Rudner)

i owe much, i have nothing, the rest i live to the poor"

"if you want to look young and thin,hang around old and fat people"
(Jim Eason)

"anybody who believes that the way to man's heart is through his stomach, flunked geography"
(Robert Byrne)

"part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside"
(Mark Twain)

..... i shall return for more next day!!!!..........
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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

(deer hunting)

this is the time for deer hunting until the end of october. bambi will be hunted and slaughtered. i don't know what people get for killing these poor creatures.

the dept of the interior/forest preserve is trying to curtail the over population of the deer. so they issue licenses to deer hunter. the weapons of choice is either shotgun or bow and arrow.

hunters go to the extent of buying outfits that will blend with the surrounding areas, will even buy spray so that the deer wont be able to smell the hunter.some deer hunter who wants a bigger game to kill, will even use horns to call the deers.

nobody is allowed to slaughter the deer inside the forest preserve. hunters have to take them home and do the butchering at home. hunters are allowed to shoot the female deer to stop the numbers and over population. i have done travelling via car during the season of hunting and i think the most populated deer population that i have visited is the state of pennsylvania. they have big deers on this area. in the washington state and upper boundaries between canada and america, there's lots of moose to hunt, but too big to load.

in illinois especially around my area and neigborhood, there's lots of deer roaming around especially at night. these are noctural feeders. they get startled at night and get blinded if you come across them while in the middle of the street. i have just passed one female deer just now, on my way home that has been hit. much as i wanted to stop, i cannot and i will not. too much risk.i have never tasted the meat of the deer. i hope i will not have the chance to do it. in the property of Michael Jordan, (i live near the house of Michael Jordan) there's lots of deer at night.

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Sunday, October 05, 2003

(apple picking)

last week of sept till the end of october is apple picking time.
after the apple picking time, leaves will change in color and the gloomy season of Fall comes in. the prevailing color will be yellow, orange, maroon and purple.

apples are all ready for picking.

apples came from the cultivated mountains of southwestern regions and central Asia, between the Caspian seas and eastward from there. the real apples are very small and more sour, until it became cultivated and transistions started to come out.

in the united states and canada, there are at least 25 varieties of apples that are being cultivated. they are being grown in large scale and kept in storage barn during winter time. apples must be good looking and could have a good appeal in the eyes of the on lookers. the texture should also have a great appeal.

the leading variety of apples in the united states, is the Golden Delicious variety, which originated from the seedling trees on a farm in Peru, Iowa about 1881. most of these varieties now are being grown and cultivated in the nortwest pacific states and british columbia.

the Mcintosh apple is the leading variety in canada, new york,and the new england states. this variety of apple orignated from a seedling tree on a pioneer farm in ontario in 1796.

other leading varieties are Rome Beauty,Golden Delicious, Jonathan, stayman,York Imperial, Winesap and now the Japanese Fuji variety.

here are some more leading varieties of apples of the united states and canda

BALDWIN, used for canning and home cooking.

MCINTOSH, used for dessert and home cooking.

ROME BEAUTY, mainly for home cooking and canning.

CORTLAND, dessert and home cooking.

NORTHERN SPY, dessert, home cooking and this apple is a late keeper.

YELLOW NEWTOWN, dessert, canning and is a late keeper.

GOLDEN DELICIOUS, dessert, home cooking and canning.

RED DELICIOUS, mainly for dessert.

YORK IMPERIAL, commercial canning.

JONATHAN, dessert and cookng.

RHODE ISLAND GREENING, commercial canning.

WINESAP, dessert,canning,cooking and later keeper.

FUJI, dessert.

apples have many uses, they could be eaten fresh, cooked, dried, and canned. their juices is used for drinking and for making vinegar.they could also be canned commercially as apple sauce and as sliced apples for apple pie filling or is crushed to make apple juice and apple vinegar.


1. may dalang camera, at nagtititili saying "dito naman, oh dito mo akong kunan maraming apples dito" or will break the branch filled with apples and hold it infront of the camera.

2. pitas ng pitas ng bunga, kakagatin, then will drop it on the ground.

3. pupunuin ang bushel and then magtatago pa sa jacket bulsa.

4. aakyat sa puno, instead of using the ladder.

5. will sit under the tree and kept on staring on all the branches that is laden with fruit.

6. before leaving the orchard, will say to her or his companions:
"oy, babalik ulit tayo next year ha?"

7. will ask his/ her friend: "halika, let us watch ang paggawa ng suka at apple pie".

8. will keep on saying before leaving the orchard:
"naku, kung nandito lang si ditse" or "naku, maloloka ako sa dami ng apple"
or "ayoko na ng mangga, mansanas na lang" "kung puwede ko lang iuwi ito sa pinas"

9. when inside the van or car will say:
"hoy, look, i kept some in my jacket and bag, hindi nakita noong nagtimbang".

10. while driving home will say:
"gagawa ako ng fruit salad".


the bible simply speaks of "THE FRUIT FO THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE", without mentioning or naming any particular fruit. the "apple" probably came to be the popular symbol for the FRUIT OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL" because of the magical qaulities attributed to it in many mythologies. some archeologists now believe appricots or quinces may have been the "apples" in the Garden of Eden.

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Saturday, October 04, 2003

(get away/get lost/alis diyan/lumayas ka)

after a medical leave of 12days then a short vacation of 8days including travel to pinas, i just got bak to work. back to the salt mine - ika nga. thursday 03 oct is again like as i said my first day of work.

what a lousy first day. i am here pounding the computer, it is 0430hrs 04oct . i want to remove all the buwisit customer that i had on the fon this evening.

for some obvious reason, majority of my calls tonite are from pax from europe, especially from england and ireland. what a bunch of ass on the fon.


this guy from ireland with a very heavy irish accent has the nerve to tell me that he cannot understand my english. excuse me potato boy - i was about to tell him- you have also a heavy irish broque on the fon, so dont criticize my accent. the ass is asking for a bag that belongs to his girlfriend and at 2am in san antonio texas, he wants me to authorize that he buys some of the clothes inside the bag until it gets dlvrd.

ALEJATE....i did not give him anything. be kind to animals and i will give you what you want.
that's how tough i am if you are an asshole on the fon with me.

then this woman, who came from frankfurt is asking me for a round trip ticket anywhere my airlines is flying. ano baliw. i told her i cannot issue any freebee. you gave your bag to a german airlines and it was not transferred to us. you have to wait--fraulein or i will call fraulein maria and she will sing the hills are alive to you.

ALEJATE.... i did not give the bitch anything. try to learn how to ask so i cud be nice to you to, and besides my company will never give anything like that.

this woman is calling from denver. very loud on the fon, threatening me that she will get me fired if i will not give her what she wants. i will never be intimated by those kind of threat.

ALEJATE.... she will never see the light of her bag tonite and the day after. i did something and i will not tell anybody.

this man from new zealand, check in his gun case with a shot gun. said he is going hunting for deer in colorado springs and needs his gun badly. but his first carrier from new zealand did not board the gun, and this guy is telling me he will buy a gun and charge my company for it.

ALEJATE..... this guy thinks its that easy to buy a gun in the states. i was about to tell him "go ahead punk---- make my day "

would you believe this woman from sfo called and said she is now at the hotel and found out after opening this bag that she got from the airport that this is not her bag. Loka, tanga,stupida,chongga,murit at marami pang iba. you hage to return the bag that you pick from the airport , or else we will not give your real bag to you. not acceptable- - the bitch said.

ALEJATE..... i told her if she will not return the bag that she picked up by mistake at the aiport, i will call the police..that's a federal offence bitch. keep the bag or suffer the wrath of khan.

in a very samll airport in wisconsin, a rude man called me a said to me, that it looks like i dont know what i am talking about cuz all the questions that he asked me was not answered by me properly. he said he prefers somebody who could understand what he was saying completely.

ALEJATE.....i told this ass, i understood you - the problem is - all the questions that he asked is not related to the the job that i do and does not have any bearing at all on what he was looking for. what a dumb ass.

would you believe for a lousy coffee mug that cud be bought from a dollar store, this man is bitching left and right that we broke the mug and i need to replace this mug or else he will file major complaints against me.

ALEJATE..... we dont cover breakable items checked inside the bag. no airline will cover such thing. read the fine print when you buy your ticket and he could kiss my ass, for all i care.
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Thursday, October 02, 2003

(ate Luds, inday Badiday)

i was on my last leg of my journey, working for a shipping company in manila WITH business partners around the world when i met this very enigmatic lady in Hongkong. she was travelling with her daughter and her grand baby. i was so tired cuz i have come all the way from Norway and on a stop over in Hongkong, having this as my last leg of the flt prior home sweet home Manila/Philippines.

there was a commotion at the counter area and lots of the domestic helper who are also going home for vacation and those hwo have finished their contract in Hongkong are all milling around this lady. i disregarded them, cuz i dont know what was all the commotions about with this particular lady. i was already at the counter for PAL flts to manila which is being handled by Cathay Pacific airlines staff. there was this chinese woman who is the third one in line behind me who wanted to cut the line and be taken cared of first by the counter agent. she passed by me, and talked cantonese to the agent, disregarding me. i blew up there and then and told this chinese woman to get lost and stay behind me. she started talking in chinese, even i know she speaks Tagalog and English. i bashed out at this chinese and told her to "fuck off" then i reprimanded the counter agent and told her to "shut the fuck" and take care of me first.

there was a light tap on my right shouler, and when i turned my back, it was this lady who was being mobbed by the Domestic helper, asking me if i could help her also check in and be attended to by this arrogant chinese counter agent. being a knight in shiny armour, i said to this lady "why not, just stay right behind me".

and that is how it happend. it was very spontaneous. she gave her hands to me and said:

"hello, my name is Inday and this is my daughter Dolly and her daughter". "what is your name?" i gave her my name and asked her, "bakit ka pinagkakaguluhan ng mga DH?" she just smiled at me and told me, "mga kaibigan ko lang sila." and then i asked her , "ang dami naman at nag hishisteria pa ang iba?""bakit Inday and tawag sa 'yo, Bisaya ka ba"? the daughter started laughing and whispered something to her moms ear.

then in a very mild and soft spoken manner, Inday said to me" kasi Meloy, may showbiz status ako sa atin".

i was so clueless. can you blame me, i have no time to watch the soaps on TV, read the tabloids and show biz and radio gossips. i was a workoholic.

i helped her checked in four hard shell suitcases of Inday and her daughter and grand baby. complaining that they were all so heavy, made by Benetton in shocking colors, plus Inday was hand carrying a big fruit basket and told me she will not check in the basket. so i asked her: "bakit hindi mo na lang itapon 'yan?over ripe na 'yong iba." and politely she told me, "i cannot - - bigay ito ng Phil. embassy sa akin, baka malaman na hindi ko man lang inuwi sa atin".

then we boarded the flt to manila. we were seated side by side and the passengers inside, especially the roudy chinese mestizos are all telling Inday that -- this one is potential showbiz boy, this one is very handsome and cud be a star, this one is a very good tool for the showbiz "badings" and so on, until we landed at the airport. Inday was met by the media, was taken to a VIP room at the airport, i turned my back on her, but prior leaving the airport, there was a woman who called me and asked me that it was the request of Inday that I join her at the VIP lounge as her personal guest.

this was the only time it dawned on me, that this woman is really a showbiz lady. she gave me her private phone nos for her bedroom, her direct line for her office LOCA PRODUCTION.

the next morning at my office, my secreatry told me that there is a call from LOCA Production, asking to talk to me.my entire office are all staring at me while i talked on the phone area, at the reception area of the office. i cud hear whispers by the staff, saying that i was talking to Inday Badiday. Inday thanked me personally, relaying how i was so chivalrous enough to save her and her family from the rudeness of the chinese agents in hongkong, and how i carried the fruit basket for her until we were seated inside the plane, on how i bougth her the mineral water and how i held her elbow and guide her to the steps of the airplane door and even cautioned her to watch her step.

after that she asked me "Meloy, can we be friends from now on?" and then I said, "Oo, yon lang pala, pero i just want you to know that i am married". Inday responded and said" yes, you told me that inside the plane".

when i placed the phone on its cradle, the office personnel were all clapping their hands and was telling me that i am already a show biz personality.

i did not know that i was live on the radio show of Inday while she was talking to me.

it then was a start of a very healthy, platonic and good friendship. we called each other, if not in her private phone at home, i will call her inside her studio booth or on the studio while on TV. she has never mentioned to anybody my whole identity, never disclosed to anybody how we bumped into each other and never give any chance to be known by any of her media colleagues. she was telling me that i will not have privacy, if she reveals my entire person to this media people.

i wrote a narrative poetry to Inday, when she was very down and trodden after her split with her beau. her daugther called my up and told me, her mom framed it and now hanging in her bedroom.

we joined hands in extending help to lahar victims, those guest in her show that needed help, those who call her radio show and ask for consolations and assistance. we were partners, i - in the background - she in the limelight.
we had dinner at the Galleria, only close friends and family, i came with the son of my good friend from Greece, Giorgio who became the target of all the badings around the restaurant who is always following Inday anywhere.

we spent so may hours, talking about the country, what she wants done, her personal view and opinion about the country's political unrest. she even told me how she grew up and the posting of her father as Phil. ambassador. ther is a "show biz life" of Inday and there is also "the real Inday" who is so engrossed about politics and the love of the country.

i got sick and was confined at Cardinal Santos at Greenhills to undergo kidney stone removal. Inday kept on sending flowers and kept on greeting me on her radio show and TV show, which intrigued very much LOLIT SOLIS, who did a lot of searching to find out "who is this Meloy " that Inday always greets and writes about in her newspaper column.

when i got out of the hospital, we again did the same routine of talking on the phone. we talked about how to assists and aid the wife of Panchito Alba, who was comatose at home togerther with their son Jr. who is also at home and sick. i was able to get some contributions with strict instructions from the donors that heir names not be mentioned.

for ten years, Inday and I were that close and always in contact on the phone, with once in a while dinner in a very quiet place. my wife became jealous, but she called my wife in the states and assured her, it was purely PLATONIC.

i wanted to write again the narrative poetry that i have written for Inday, but i thnk it is just better left unsaid and be kept in the shadow.

the narrative poetry was entitled:


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