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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

this is an ancient and pagan ritual and also folkloric, observed 31st of october in the roman/gregorian calendar.this is symbolized by bat, black cat, costumes, goblins jack-o-lantern and of course the witch on a broom stick.

color used are predominatly black, which is the symbol for death and darkness. the black of the witch's cloak and the black cat are a reminder that tha Halloween was once a Fetival of the Dead. related holiday All Souls Day.

ORIGINS....Halloween can be traced directly back to SAMHAIN, the ancient celtic harvest festival honoring the Lord of the Dead. this also marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year.because this is the time of transition, between the old and the new, the Celts believed that the souls of those who had died during the previous year gathered to travel together to the land of the dead.they lit bonfires and sacrificed fruits and vegetables, hoping to win the favor of the spirits of the deceased and to avoid their punishments. sometimes the living disguised themselves in masks and costumes so that the spirits will not recognized them.

BY THE FOURTH CENTURY, the christian chruch was doing everything it could to stamp out pagan festival and rituals like the SAMHAIN, but the celt's wont give up the ancients rituals and symbols. so the chritian church gave them a new name ALL SAINT'S DAY(ALL HALLOWS DAY IN ENGLAND) a celebration of all the christian saints.

HALLOWEEN came to america with the irish immigrants of the 1840's. their folk customs and beliefs merged with existing agricultural traditions. the early american halloween, therefore, was not only a time to foretell the future with the fall harvest. over the years the holiday's agricultural signs and significance faded, and it became primarily a childrens holiday -- a time to dress up as the ghosts and goblins their ancestors at one time feared.

TRICK OR TREATING-- going from house to house begging for candy and threatening to cause mischief for those who don't cooperate-- seems to have originated in the British Isles. it was customary for the poor to go begging on ALL SOULS DAY in england, and children eventually took over the custom. in ireland, legend has it that farmers used to go from house to house asking food for their halloween festivities in the name of the ancient god, MUCK OLLA. good luck and wealth were promised to those who contributed, those who were stingy were threatened with bad luck


to those who celebrate this holiday...Happy Halloween.....

sa pinas, hala, tayo na sa cementerio at pumorma tayo doon! girls --- time to meet the boys. ( i bet you karamihan sa pupunta sa cementerio ay may jacket na dala, at kung hindi Giordano ang brand eh di Bossini) . the cemetery near my place, Manila Memorial Park,may karaoke pa at may mah johng pah. and all the cel fon are ablaze,calling or textzing friends and or deliveries. high tech na ang cemetery sa atin. Manila Memorial Park, sold the entire park plan and lot numbers to all food services, like seven eleven, ariostocrat,chow king,all hamburger outlets, and all known eateries. just call, give your plot nos and the delivery in a motorcycle comes to you, infront of the dead spot where you stand. at manila memorial park, this is the time to show off your canopy, if you dont have a mauseleoum. canopy are either imported from the states that has a built in mosquito nets around it, or the local version bought in baclaran or divisoria, with soft aluminum poles that might collapse easily with the strong winds, or the big beach umbrella.

ang dami rin Bading floating around. praying not for the dead, but some boyzzz who wants some good time, of course with pay. charrrrrring.

sa laloma cemetery and north cemetery sa may makati, may perya pa at may bakla pang kumakanta at of course, may side show pa. la loma's lechon business and dinuguan, is also sellng a lot, including chicarong bituka at chicarong bulaklak at lahat ng inihaw na pangalan ng sapatos...ADIDAS, NIKE at iba pa, this is just right across the cemetery.

I MISS ALL OF THESE THINGS. the uniqueness of us Pinoys, comes out during these types of celebrations.

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