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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

NYCTOPHOBIA is extreme or irrational fear of the night or darkness.

OCHLOPHOBIA extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to crowds.

OMOPHAGY the eating of raw food, especially raw meat.

OPSIMATH a person who begins to learn or study late in life.

OSTROBOGULOUS a word meaning " bizarre, unusual or interesting "

OCTACUST an obsolete word meaning "evesdropping, or spying".

PALANG the pratice of piercing the penis with gold or tin bolt.

PEDOTROPHY the bringing up or raising of children.

PRONK a weak or foolish person.

QUAINTRELLE a well dressed woman.

RASTAQUOUERE a social climber who tried hard to be in fashion.

RETROCHOIR a group that only sings old church songs and music.

RATHYMIA the state of being cheerful,merry and optimistic.

SCAMANDER to wander about.

SCLERAGOGY a severe training or punishment of the body.

SCOFFLAW someone who contemptoulsy breaks the law.

SCRIPPAGE one's baggage and personal belongings.

SEMIOPATHY the tendency to read humurously inappropriate meaning into signs.

SEPLASIARY a perfumer.

SIAGONOLOGY study of the jaw bones.

STEGANOGRAPHY the art of secret writing, cryptography.

STERNUTATION the act of sneezing or a sneeze.

SUPPUTATION the act of computation or calculating.

TITIVIL a name for a devil said to collect words mumble, dropped or omitted in the recitation of prayers or of divine service.

TRIPOTAGE pawing, handling or fingering, especially of people.

VATICINATE to predict events or to speak as a prophet.

WEDDINGER a weddingguest, also the entire wedding party.

WINBIBBER a person who habitually drinks a lot of alcohol.

WOOFITS an unwell feeling, especially headache, a moody depression.

XENIZATION the fact of traveling as a stranger.

(hay salamt, natapos ko rin! --- its cold this evening, even the heat is on, its still cold)
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