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Monday, October 27, 2003
(house fire)

just got home from work, it is now 3am cental time 27october. i had a hard time at work today, cuz there was a bush fire at Lax and the entire california airports was shut down. the FAA office in san diego has to be evacuated cuz of this fire.

this stupid hunter, who got lost, built a fire so that he could be seen and this is what happened. he is now in custody, and shud be barbecued alive for what he has done.more than 47 thousand acres has already been engulfed in flames and has spread to so many places burning so many houses and already quite a number of people dying.there were isolated looting, but was controlled by the police easily.

because of the shut down and cancellations of so many flts, there was a chain of reactions that has taken place. lots of pax was diverted to places not in the danger area. majority of our flts was diverted to Palm Springs and the rest are to some smaller airports that is not in harms way. of course, we got a lot of calls from pax who was so inconsiderate and not understanding on what is happening. there's lots of angry calls and this callers will not listen to any explanation. i got one man who said he does not care what is happneing, he just needs his bag right away. he was so frantic on the fon and was telling me he has medication inside the bag and he will hold my airline responsible if he does not get it. so i told him, if this is a matter of medical emergency he has to go to the hospital or see the pharmacy for his medication. of course, there is always an argument. some of these ass holes have the nerve to threaten me that they will get me fired, like as if i am scared of it. this evening, i have told lots of these assholes who calls and threaten me on the fon, that I WILL GIVE THEM MY JOB IN A SILVER PLATTER.

i will not let anybody intimidate me on the fon, nor will i let anybody curse me and tell me to go to hell without any retaliatory statements from me. so, tonite we have registered a call of more than 2 thousand calls during my shift of 8 hours. none of them are good. the worst and most argumentative callers are Indians, from Inida and Pakistanis. i dont care if anybody reads this and they belong to this ethnic group. it is a proven fact, when these people calls, there is always an argument on the fon and there will be demands that is uncalled for and unreasonable. sometimes, i dont know if they are really born like this or they are just doing these kind of attitude because of their newly found freedom on the fon and in america. none of these people will scare me, i will put them where they belong.

i got this man, from pakistan, who claims that he is a doctor, but he has one filthy mouth and vocabulary that i will not repeat and print. this stupid ass told me i am "stupid" cuz i cannot vow to his demands. i told him, if he is that intelligent, how come he does not know where his bags are and where he left them at the airport. the fucking asshole has the guts to tell me that i dont speak english, when he cannot even spell his last name phoenetically. so i told him, if he is a doctor, he is not a good one, both in words and in deeds. he said he will call back and get me fired. yeah right, he can fucking call back and make my day. i am not scared of that treat.

all of us at the complaints departmentis really got a lot of beating this evening. so, when i arrived home, i started eating and pound my computer. then i will go to bed.

ang lamig. i have frost in my car window.its good i have already cut my perennial plants and bag all the fallen leaves of my oak tree before i went to work this afternoon.

well, tomorrow is another battle on the fon. lucky me, tomorrow is my friday. i am off tuesday and wednesday, so i can rest from these filthy mouthed pax of my airlines.
posted by infraternam meam @ 3:38 AM  
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