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Monday, October 20, 2003
(this crazy world)

answer YES or NO to the following questions

1. when you are holding a glass at a party, do you always look for a refill instead of waiting to be offered one? ( ) YES ( ) NO

2. if given a chance, do you frequently pour out a more generous drink for yourself than seems to be the going amount for others? ( ) YES ( )NO

3. do you often have a drink or two when you are alone, either at home or in a bar or in school or dormitory? ( ) YES ( ) NO

4. is your drinking over the direct cause of a family quarrel, or do quarrels often seems t o occur, if only by coincidence, when you have had a drink or two? ( ) YES ( ) NO

5. do you think you must have a drink at a specific time every day - right after work or after school, for instance? ( ) YES ( ) NO

6. when worried or under unusual stress, do you almost automatically take a stiff drink to "settle your nerves"? ( ) YES ( ) NO

7. are you untruthful on how much you drink when questioned on the subject by your friends, relatives? ( ) YES ( ) NO

8. does drinking makes you miss time out of work, school, appointments, scheduled meetings and even date with girlfriends/boyfriends? ( ) YES ( ) NO

9. do you feel physically deprive if you don't have at least one drink a day? ( ) YES ( ) NO

10.do you sometimes crave for a drink in the morning? ( ) YES ( ) NO

11.do you sometimes have "morning after" when you cannot remember what happened the night before, or do you take another sip just to remember? ( ) YES ( ) NO

12.do you feel nervous or shaky when you cannot drink? ( ) YES ( ) NO

13.do you prefer to be with people who drink than those who don't? 9 ) YES ( )NO

14.do you think drink is the only way to calm your nerves down? ( ) YES ( ) NO

15.do you think drinking is the way not to get nervous infront for people,with your girlfriend or boyfriend or infront of public when talking or speaking?( ) YES ( ) NO

You should regard the YES answer to any of the questions as a WARNING SIGN.

TWO YES answers suggest that you may already be BECOMING DEPENDENT on alcohol.

Three or More YES answers indicate that YOU MAY HAVE A SERIOUS DRINKING PROBLEM.

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