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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
(you talk shit/your full of shit)

there is a new employee in my department as a clerical support. this girl thinks she knows everything. will not talk to me and to another pinoy in my department, without invoking the statement : "i will ask julie first, she's the boss you know"?

why is it so typical with pinoys abroad, that when they work for the boss, they think they are the boss to? i approached this woman to make some a friendly gesture. asked her in tagalog if she is new in the states and wanted to invite her at home for a 'tete-a-tete'.

minasama pa. and told me "i cannot talk tah-gah-lohg anymore" , so she said.... so i ask, "why- - how long have you been in the states", so she said.... " i migrated here when i was only 18 years old", .....then i asked her " how old are you now?"....... then she said with a foolish grin on her face , " i am now 22 yrs old",....... so i angrily asked her
" in a span of four years you have forgotten how to speak in tagalog -- tell that to the marines" then i turn my back on her.

i have been in the states more than 25 years now, i still talk in tagalog, never have forgotten it, and here comes this bitch who claims she does not speak it anymore? get a life little brown monkey and try to grow up.

** a FRANCOPHILE - - is a person who is french, living in another place, but practices the french culture, speaks the language,profess her roots and adhere with it to the bone. one good example is CELINE DION and her entire family. they are all FRANCOPHILE.

** an ANGLOPHILE - - from ENGLAND. a good example of this is SEAN CONNERY.

** an AUSSIEPHILE - - from AUSTRALIA, a good example is NICOLE KIDMAN .

but this pinay bitch in my office who said she does not speak tah-gah-lohg anymore is called ;

**P E N O Y P H I L E**

i gave this bitch my blogspot. i hope she opens this blogspot and reads it.

" get a grip in life bitch, your shit stills shows that you still eat dinuguan and bagoong."
posted by infraternam meam @ 4:26 AM  
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