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Friday, October 10, 2003

(the wonderful world of color)

autumn is here. the world of color abound the whole area. i love the colors. the hardy mums are in full bloom of colors shocking red, purple, crimson, bright yellow, bright orange , pristine white and all the colors of life.

this is the time of renewed effort for all the animals to make haste to protect themselves for the upcoming winter months. bears will start to eat more of the necessary fats and proteins that they needed to be able with stand the long winter hybernation. the deer will have to mate to give birth in spring time. ducks and geese will migrate to the south, forraging first the left morsels on the land especially the wet lands. birds will start their nest rebuilding, for those who will stay during winter months, butterflies will then be heading to mexico, for the warmer place. whales will then go to the lower continent for warmer waters of the season.

kids will be busy asking their parents for a new costume that they will wear for the halloween trick or treat. parents and adults will start stocking up candies and goodies for children who will be knocking a the door for the yearly trick or treat pilgrimages to the different houses in the neighborhood. restaurants will be changing their menu for the new season and eating habits for their patrons and customers.

this is the season wherein the whole canopies of the earth in winter bound places to show off their colors, reminding all that they will still come back with a new force comes spring and summer months.

i love autumn. it reminds me that life will never end, that life has all its colors and will only temporarily be resting to come back again more beautiful than before. this is also a reminder to all of us, that the colors of the leaves are also the colors of our life. we need to relax at times and enjoy life as it comes on a daily basis.

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