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Saturday, October 04, 2003

(get away/get lost/alis diyan/lumayas ka)

after a medical leave of 12days then a short vacation of 8days including travel to pinas, i just got bak to work. back to the salt mine - ika nga. thursday 03 oct is again like as i said my first day of work.

what a lousy first day. i am here pounding the computer, it is 0430hrs 04oct . i want to remove all the buwisit customer that i had on the fon this evening.

for some obvious reason, majority of my calls tonite are from pax from europe, especially from england and ireland. what a bunch of ass on the fon.


this guy from ireland with a very heavy irish accent has the nerve to tell me that he cannot understand my english. excuse me potato boy - i was about to tell him- you have also a heavy irish broque on the fon, so dont criticize my accent. the ass is asking for a bag that belongs to his girlfriend and at 2am in san antonio texas, he wants me to authorize that he buys some of the clothes inside the bag until it gets dlvrd.

ALEJATE....i did not give him anything. be kind to animals and i will give you what you want.
that's how tough i am if you are an asshole on the fon with me.

then this woman, who came from frankfurt is asking me for a round trip ticket anywhere my airlines is flying. ano baliw. i told her i cannot issue any freebee. you gave your bag to a german airlines and it was not transferred to us. you have to wait--fraulein or i will call fraulein maria and she will sing the hills are alive to you.

ALEJATE.... i did not give the bitch anything. try to learn how to ask so i cud be nice to you to, and besides my company will never give anything like that.

this woman is calling from denver. very loud on the fon, threatening me that she will get me fired if i will not give her what she wants. i will never be intimated by those kind of threat.

ALEJATE.... she will never see the light of her bag tonite and the day after. i did something and i will not tell anybody.

this man from new zealand, check in his gun case with a shot gun. said he is going hunting for deer in colorado springs and needs his gun badly. but his first carrier from new zealand did not board the gun, and this guy is telling me he will buy a gun and charge my company for it.

ALEJATE..... this guy thinks its that easy to buy a gun in the states. i was about to tell him "go ahead punk---- make my day "

would you believe this woman from sfo called and said she is now at the hotel and found out after opening this bag that she got from the airport that this is not her bag. Loka, tanga,stupida,chongga,murit at marami pang iba. you hage to return the bag that you pick from the airport , or else we will not give your real bag to you. not acceptable- - the bitch said.

ALEJATE..... i told her if she will not return the bag that she picked up by mistake at the aiport, i will call the police..that's a federal offence bitch. keep the bag or suffer the wrath of khan.

in a very samll airport in wisconsin, a rude man called me a said to me, that it looks like i dont know what i am talking about cuz all the questions that he asked me was not answered by me properly. he said he prefers somebody who could understand what he was saying completely.

ALEJATE.....i told this ass, i understood you - the problem is - all the questions that he asked is not related to the the job that i do and does not have any bearing at all on what he was looking for. what a dumb ass.

would you believe for a lousy coffee mug that cud be bought from a dollar store, this man is bitching left and right that we broke the mug and i need to replace this mug or else he will file major complaints against me.

ALEJATE..... we dont cover breakable items checked inside the bag. no airline will cover such thing. read the fine print when you buy your ticket and he could kiss my ass, for all i care.
posted by infraternam meam @ 4:54 AM  
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