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Monday, September 22, 2003
(my body/my soul)

i was tossing and turning the whole night.
i was not able to go to sleep, i have counted all the sheep including tupa, baka, buffalo, kalabaw, anything that cud just put me to sleep.

i cannot take any sleeping pills, my doctor prohibits me to take it. he does not want to have any more complications on the plenty of medicaines that i am taking....


last saturday 20sept, i called my doctor's nurse- - Bell, to ask her about what happened to the comprehensive blood/glucose chemistry that was done to me and she said "i think you better to talk to Dr. Sh.... personally. he will explain the findings." and so i asked her, " do i have to be scared of what he will tell me?" "not really", she said in turn....


"doctor , what seems to be the problem this time?" just a simple tone of voice with no sense of weariness he said "you see, your blood chemistry and glucose chemistry came, and you have Diabetes 2. it is not very dangerous, and it is treatable, because your body cannot stop the production of sugar in your system, you need to take the medicine that i will prescribe to you and you need to excercise and loose some weight. i will tell Bell to call the pharmacy and you could pick up your prescription and the Glucose Meter also, with the lancet and strips"....


when i woke up sunday morning, my whole body was so tired, i felt so weak and i just wanted to sleep the whole day and rest and never get out of bed. i took a mile or two walk with my dog, but when i returned back home, i was really so dead tired. i called my office and called in "sick"....


i hate what is happening with my body, especially when i am about to leave for pinas tomorrow. my wife is so scared and so worried and asked me not to sleep at the hotel in hongkong when i pass by there for an overnite rest prior taking the 16hours flt to Hicacago. she told me that i might have medical problem and nobody could come to my rescue. she still encourages me to go and visit my family in pinas, but gave strict warning on what i have to do....

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