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Thursday, September 11, 2003
two years ago, february, my family went home to pinas for vacation. then we passed by hkg for the two boys to shop. oo nga pala, i am married and has two teenage boys, both in college. gurang na ako manay kiwi.

i was having tremors and alpitations while we were having dinner in pinas at the ancestral home. i did not dwell on it, until i returned bak to usa. then my doctor told me when i visited her - Dr. P. Nair - that she wanted to be sure about what is happening to me, so i was set to have blood chemistry. complete and all. the next day - tawg my doctor- said i have to return bak to the hospital and wil be checked thoroughly. then that day i was told i have to fast n will stay at the hospital for further check. then next day i was brought to the examination room. there was this pinay who was friendly, while i was waiting for my turn inside the nucelar medicine facilities. so n so - then i was taken inside this room that looks like the scene from the x-files.

there is abig capsule being hand over to me by the doctor on an armitron and this capsule has the nuclear symbol on the outside. all the nurces n docs are behind afiberglass wall using an armitron to hand over the capsule to me.

then i was advised to open the capsule and there is another capsule, i was then advised to open the smaller capsule and there is a capsule as big as my thumb. i was asked to swallow and was advised that it will be a little bit warmer along the region of my throat. after 10mins of taking the capsule, there was a provbe that was inserted in my throat. then another laser light was going around my neck area and after that the bazooka like probe again. i was about to cry. this is really a scene from x files. there was a red blinking light outside the door of the room that sez "nuclear medicine in progress"

then d then - was wheeled out after at least between an hr to hr 15mins procedure. there was a waiting room with curtains like aluminum foil. then there is this pinay nurse who asked me in a very nice way what was the diagnosis of the doctr. so very vestal virgin about my illness i said to her "oh its nothing to worry about... my doctor said i have HYPER THYROIDISM THAT IS TOXIC AND DIFFUSED" the bruha immediately said "naku koyang - you have cancer". i died right there and started crying. my doctor came in and asked me what was happening. i did not inform her what the pinay nurse said to me, i asked her what is the laymans term for "TOXIC AND DIFFUSED" so she told me it s a form of caner that cud easily be arrested and be treated.

in the usa, patients if not in danger, wil be discharged easliy n wil have to recover at home, as instructions from all insurance companies.

i was given full instructions, like the follwing:

1. you cannot use the same washroom your family members used for at least 7 to 10 days. if you will use same washroom - youhave to flush it four to five times.

2. you will put all your laundry in this special bag and will not mix it with the rest of the family's laundry until we say so.

3. you will not get closer or come closer to young kids or pregnant and
nursing mothers. you will contaminate them with radioactive materials inside you body.

4. you will have to used your own eating utensils and not mix it with the rest of the family's utensils.

5. you will be sleeping on ur own in another room away from the rest of the family until we give you clearance.


if you have thyroid you know it affects our emotions and other thing in the body.

after two months, my youngest son school system was invited by the italian school system to come to italy and perform in teh five school district of the 7 city of italy. the entire school orchestra and chorale group and madrigal singers was invited. and i want to see this concert of my son - who is a member of the chorale group. i dont care what the doctor said- i did not tell
them that i was goind to italy and follow my son with my wife to all the city that they will perform.

and so i did followed them - and so i did attended their concert.i was so tired, lots of tremor and some palpitations but i did not show it to my wife and son.this is my son's day - i will not spoil it for him.

thelast concert was at the vatican. i prayed kiwi girl - like as if i am going to have a "lethal injection" that evening.my wife cried with me, and told me all will be well and i dont have to be afraid of anything, cuz my two boys and her - LOVES ME VERY MUCH. i said to the BIG MAN UP THERE, if its time to go, i want it quick, no hardship on mypart and my love ones.

then we went home back to chicago. (i live in one of the suburbs of chicago in the northern area) during this vist of ours to europe - there was a foot and mouth disease and the mad cow disease going on in europe, no meat inclduing airplane meals are all meatless.

upon landing in usa, there was an agriculture rep at the gate of the plane instructing all of us that if we visited a farm in europe that we have to pass by the green line and go straight to the receiving area wherein our shoes will be cleaned and disinfected. one meter away from the agriculture rep - her geiger alarmed and we were stopped. in a very nice way she asked all of us(my
family) if we have visited any doctor or had any x-raylately. i raised my hand and told her the story of my life. then she immediately wisked me away from
the area and told me to just wait outside, cuz i still have ...cuz i still have radioactive components in my body.

two days after my arrival from europe - i was hospitalized and was at the hospital for three days. no visitors aloud.

now i have a 2nd chance in life-- still sickly- but cannot complain.i take one step at a time and was advised by my doctor to talk about my illness so that i will not be bothered and worry about it. so - i am have a group that we call each other for support.
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