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Tuesday, September 02, 2003
i am typing this because i am all by myself in this house and everybody is at school and my wife is at work. i will take a short nap then head on to work. this relaxes me and gives me the chance to bring out the things i wanted to relate to people like you. i feel good about it.

this morning before i went to bed at 4am, my youngest sister called and said they have received the three bbyan boxes that i have sent them last month. my parents are telling me i dont have to do that because my sisters and nieces and nephews was here just last june.but i told my parents it is different when the things that i have sent carries my heart in it. then my tatay just kept silent for a sec and told me that is the reason he always loved me and the rest of my siblings.

i cried like a little boy.

those words coming from a man who is a strict disciplinarian and a man of few words is something. I TOLD MY TATAY THAT HE IS THE WINDOW OF MY SOUL. and i cud feel he was breathing heavily on the fon. here is a 55yrs old man - still clinging to the love and wanting an embrace from his father.

i miss my parents very much. even if i see them two times a year, it seems not enough for me. both of them could fly anytime anywhere united airlines flies - cuz they are part of my benefits. but both of them is already caught up in pinas. even they carry multiple visas and even my dad is being asked to change his nationality - still they cannot fly cuz of age and mothers illness.
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