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Tuesday, September 02, 2003
i am married for twenty five years now, to a pinay who grew up in the states and have two boys - one 22 yrs old and the other one 18 yrs of age. my eldest son miki is on his 5th year at univ of chicago, having a double majot in intl business and trade and tv advertising. very nice sounding majors and very expensive too. last time i heard , he wants ot do his masteral degree also. i hope i am still alive to assists in his tuition. my 2nd son angelo just started school yesterday. he wants to be a chef de parte and wants also to be a chocolatier. good words to say and read, but deadly when it comes to tuition fee.

my wife and i are both working for the boys. not for ourselves but for our two sons who are part of our life and our breath. take them away from us, and we are both nothing. they are both good boys and have been such loving sons to myself and my wife. we cannot say nothing more about them.

i have ask both of them to at least marry a pinay back home, not the pinay who grew up here and immigrant in the usa. i want somebody who is homegrown and still have the value of the old school back home. but my two boys said to me, that they are both too caucasian and will have a hard time understanding a pinay. so i did not push thru with the subject matter.
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