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Monday, September 08, 2003
0345hrs/central time

'ODERINT DUM METUANT' (let them hate ,so long as they fear)

i went to work this 07sept at united airlines complaints dept. there was the moon outside of my office window. and there were lots of weird calls and complaints. this is a proven fact - everytime there is a moon - there is always a lot of weird calls. they will say anything they want on the fon and they will curse n insult me on the fon line. i always give this caller a piece of my mind too.

'ODERINT DUM METUANT'( let them hate ,so long as they fear)

i got this call from this woman from birmingham / alabama. with a very heavy southern accent. she said " ah dognt whant to tawk to you - cuz you downt
speak english n aye caynnot undertawnd your english" so i told her - " you have an accent to on the fon - you sound like john wayne on top of a horse out in the prairies talking to his horses. " so the b - - - h stopped criticizing my english.

'ODERINT DUM METUANT' (let them hate, so long as they fear)

i got another call from a woman from salt lake city whose bag is with the dlvry service and was screaming on top of her lungs demanding to have her bag
dlvrd within 10mins. i have said to her that the dlvry service driver said he will be at her address in 30mins. so she screamed and said" not acceptable" tried to explain and she called me "stupid". so i ask her if she knows the spelling of the word she just said - and she said " i am not stupid" - so i said "i did not say that - you said it".

'ODERINT DUM METUANT' (let them hate, so long as they fear)

i was at the grocery called Dominick's with my eldest son miki and my wife agnes eva. there was this black man who was staring at me like as if i was a criminal or something. then he said " why are you staring at me"? so i told him "how do you know i am staring at you - maybe you were the one staring at me so you know that i am staring at you" then this black man said " you are a nutcase" so i said " i have two nuts and it is not in a case". then he walked away from us to his car shaking his head.

'ODERINT DUM METUANT'(let them hate, so long as they fear)

one of the black girl who worked with me at the complaitns dept of united airlines was telling me during the course of some arguments about racial equality and discrimination - thru her spoken words and statemnts seems to challenge me about her culture and the pinoy culture. she was saying "my people have been here before your people and yet lots of you people already have own homes and becomes very affluent and are all either doctors or nurses and in the filed health sciences" and they she said to me " i thought you people came to america on a ship also?" then i told her - yes - when the first filipino set foot in the united states - he disembrked a ship cuz there was no plane yet that is affortable for them to come to the united states . but when they arrvied in the united states, even if their accomodations is near the engine fo the ship - they came to the united states with no chains and no shackles in their legs and necks - compared to you ancestors who arrived on wooden ships to the shores of the united states" she was not able to say anything.

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