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Friday, September 05, 2003
04sept '03
2425/central time

jay david - - - "FRATERNAME ME AM"

it was this man who gave me a window n new horizon to bring about what is in me and with the help of my two boys and my kid brother from blackwood, new jersey i was introduced to something that is worth doing and having fun at the same time

i have just celebrated my birthday today with all my relatives only in attendance. my two boys gave me a gift certificate from a book store - cuz they know i love to read and buy books.

"SIC VOLVERE PARCAS" - - so spin the fates

today as i celebrate my birthday, these people also did celebrated their birthday on the 04of september-- - ---

1. daniel h. bunham / an architect n skyscraper pioneer that reubilt chicago.

2. henry ford II / industrialist and for manufacturer.

3. george h. love/ chairman chrysler motors.

4. vicomte francois rene de chateaubriand/french poet and guest what, a recipe of steak called chateaubriand named after him.

5. jesse james/ western outlaw.

6. mitzi gaynor/actress and dancer (south pacific)

7. mickey cohern/ mobster and racketeer.

8. tom watson/US golfer - 6x player of the year - 1x US - 5x british open - 2x masters winner.

9. dawn frazier / australian olympic three times gold winner.

10.ivan illich/russian education authority - deschooling society.

The dominant them in the lives of september 04 people is that of a building. no matter what their career, family situation, social circle is, they are taken up with matters of structures,forms, organizations and putting things together to make them work.

Because of their understanding of how systems functions, those born on this day are also able to criticize,analyze and sometimes tear constructs apart to show when and where they donot work.

September 04 people can oftern suggest practical solutions or improvements that really makes a difference. Those highly less evolved september 04 people who have no desire to contribute to society can make excellent criminals, or at the very least people who know how to get around the system, since their knowledge of how the establishment works is generally thorough.

"SIC VOLVERE PARCAS" - - so spin the fates.

septmber 04 people are not fond of taking the long way around.They are most concerned with efficiency, and if in business to provide a product or service they will make sure their clients get's their money's worth.

That life in general be successful and prosperous is important to them, as they could not view an enterprise which was run at a loss as anything but a disaster.

"SIC VOLVERE PARCAS" - - so spin the fates.

of course not all all septmber 04 people are involved in building tangible structures of entities - but mostly all of the people on this day are at work amassing, collecting or cultivating something.

those born on this day believe that the old must be cleared to make way for the new.
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