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Thursday, September 04, 2003
my tatay called me and told me the u.s. veterans office wrote a letter to him saying that him and my mom has to come over to the states and change his nationality. tatay is a war veteran of bataan and capas/tarlac.

last summer there was a war memorial that was erected in capas and my dad's name is carved on the granite stone. tatay was very emotional during the unveiling ceremony so my mom told me. he said he finally got recognized for the many hard ship that him and all his platoon mates and friends did for the country and the war of america. tatay was given a backpay but looks like he was not into it. he is now 81 yrs old and most probably it did not dawn on him the value of the check that was sent by the US veterans office.

my tatay's worry is my mother. she cannot travel anymore cuz of the hip surgery and lumbar surgery twice. it was so nice that before my mom's surgery and my tatay quadruple bypass they were able to travel to canada and the states the whole summer until spring time.

i miss my folks very much. i want to grow old like my tatay, with so much vigor and so much outlook in life thatis beyond my fathom.
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