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Tuesday, September 09, 2003
1155hrs/central time

"in fraternam meam" - jay david.

i went to work this afternoon with so much stress cuz i dont feel good. i think i have "UTI". i have to make an appointment to see my doctor first thing in the morning 09sept. i went home early exhausted as usual cuz i am having a hard time every time i take a leak. but so much for theat lamentation of my health - - i am always a sickly person even when i was a small kid.

"EL FILIBUSTERISMO" social cancer/being rebellious

i was on the fon with this man who is the crewing agent of a commercial ship that was docked at orlando/florida harbor. he gave me one of the pinoy crew whose bag we have delayed and cannot locate. he originated from a PAL flt from manila to SFO. contineously talking to him and probing some info that micht help me locate his bag cuz we are the final carrier and we wil be held accountable for the lost bag - this pinoy asked me "are you a filipino" ? as soon as i answered Yes this man said immediately "P- - - - g i - - mo" winala nyo yong maleta ko" so i answered him in english and told him " you better calm down and stop cursing me on the fon or else i will terminate this call" " why dont you call PAL and curse them out" "they were the ones who did not transfer the bags to us". then he calm down.

'EL FILIBUSTERISMO" social cancer/being rebellious

same thing as last week, i got this woman who called the complaints dept of united airlines and told me in a very heavy accented visayan english that she left her shopping bag underneath the seat of the flt that she has taken from korea/seoul to La Guardia/NY. she gave all the discriptions of the plastic bag and trying to ask some more info on how i cud tract down the plastic bag and trying to explain toher that united is trying to do a courtesy trace for her shopping bag that she left underneath the seat of the plane cuz this is not a tag item - - this woman yelled and said " estupido - my husband is a looyer - n i wil soo united" then i looked around me if the other pinoy co-worker of mine is around or any hispanic around me i told this woman " estupida ka rin - it was you who forgot your shopping bag and you want united to take responsiblities to your negligence" then she hang up the fon on me.

'"EL FILIBUSTERISOMO" social cancer/being rebellious

last week i got a pinoy again on the line - telling me that he checked in abox from a flt from honolulu to SFO to Las Vegas. then again he asked if i am a pinoy so i said yes. then he said to me " 'tang 'na pare mayroong mga pagkain sa loob ng kahon n winala ninyo" to stop further confrontational pinoy discusions on the fon - i answered him bak in english. i told him we are doing are best to locate the box so that united wil not spoil the food inside the box. trying to be nice to this man - he cursed again in pinoy. so i told this man " if you read the fine print in your airtkt you will see that united airlines is not responsible and liable for any perishable items checked thru inside a bag or box" then this pinoy said " huwag kang 'tado or i will sue united" so i told him to sue united and cut the pinoy insult cuz i have other pax to take care of who has more culture and more understanding than him.

"EL FILIBUSTERISMO" social cancer/being rebellious

as soon as i plugged into my fon this afternoon - my first call is a pinay who flew into Newark/New Jersey airport from Burbank. she said that united did not board her bag on her flt. said onky one of the two bag was boarded on her flt and united shud be responsible in tracking down her lost bag and dlvry it to her aunts place. asking immediately for compensation and liability on the bag. said the bag has very expensive items and the liabilities wil not cover up the amount inside the bag. i was trying not to insult this woman and was trying to appease and explain to her the process - but this woman is such a B- - - h on the fon - i told her, the reason you bag did not fly with you is because it was held by TSA - transporation security agency. this is a federalized agency after sept 11 who takes care of inspection and checking all the bags that is passing thru the airport. i told her united is not liable and concern for the recovery of her bag cuz it is being held by TSA at Burbank airport and will not release the bag to anybody except to her cuz she has to answer some questions on some of the contents inside her bag. eh di TAHIMIK KAAGAD ANG BABAE.

"EL FILIBUSTERISMO" social cancer/being rebellious

one time there was this pinay who called and said that united damage her very expensive Louis Vuitton suitcase and United has to pay for it. very high shot and using high palluting words on the fon with me. pretend ako that i am dumb and she was the intelligent person. after her blowing her steam and giving all the bruhaha on how this Louis Vuitton bag was damage by United - i told this pinay " we have sent the bag to Luis Vuitton for repair - cuz this is the outstanding order of this company incase their bag/product gets damage. so sorry but Louis Vuitton said they have destroyed your bag completely cuz it's a fake Louis Vuitton bag". eh di tamimi siya.

oh pinoy - i always love talking to them and i still love them even they are such a pain and arrogant most of the time on the fon.

oh pinas - i love our country folks even they are very arrogant at times and so up tight when they talk on the fon.

oh kababayan ko - hindi lahat ay "FILIBUSTER".
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