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Tuesday, September 09, 2003
1508hrs/central time

i just came to see my doctor - - very nice name - - he's been my doctor for the past 24years here in the states. he is already a part of the fixtures in my life. i am to have ultrasound of my kidney and prostate . i'm scared of what they will see. is that natural for a sicklyman like me? then i asked my doctor if i am going to have cancer. he said nobody knows that.

his name is ---- Dr. B H A R A T K. S H A H ------

no relations to the Shah of Iran. and hindi siya burat , este barat. gumagastos naman.

"N O T A B E N E" - take note

1. jay david- in fraternam meam - sabi ni jay huwag daw - i will shift typing in english- he was asking if i cud refrain from using or typing his name and the latin forwd "in fraternam meam" everytime i send a blog. so i did not start it on the fist line/ its now in the beginning of the no. 1 item. ok pa rin di bah?

"NOTA BENE" - i like jay. i saw some of his sentiments on the blog. it touched me. i practically spent my teenage life and adulthood either in church or the seminary. i wanted to become a priest. so i joined the society of the divine word (SVD) then moved on to st. alphonsus seminary to study theology.

"NOTA BENE" - i decided to get married. now i have the love of may wife for 25yrs and i have two young/energetic/expensive and good looking boys. MELCHIZEDECK DELOS SANTOS is the eldest, very focused and very direct young man. very loving and very understanding. he does not speak pinoy - but cud understand lots of it, but speak spanish. my second son is ANGELO FRANCIS DELOS SANTOS, very tall young man. wants to be a chef de 'parte one day and put up his own restaurant. very vibrant in life and cannot speak pinoy but cud understand lots of it, but speak french. kasi at first he wanted to study at Le Cordon Bleu de Paris, butlast minute change his mind.

"NOTA BENE" - these two boys are my soul and the extension of my life. my wife is the enigma of my soul and the carer of my earhtly body. the water in my body is tatay and the blood in my stream is my mother. the shadow of my life are all my brothers and sisters. my history and memory is my beloved grandmother who is already dead.

"NOTA BENE" - take away any of the components of my life that i mentioned - then i will be nothing. life has many gifts - and each gifts that i have received has been granted by somebody who cares about me. i think his name is GOD THE FATHER. i wanted to ask HIM so many difficult questions in my life - - but HE might be busy. i wanted to ask him to look after my kid brother - the 'RECKLESS DRUMMER' he grew up in an environment that gave him so many challenges in life. i want him to be rewarded a longer and happy life. he is also the shadow of my life. it is hard to say this to him face to face. we always pretend that we are both strong , but deep inside our hearts we both weak and needed support.

"NOTA BENE" - i love this kid brother of mine. he was LOST and then he was FOUND. he has come a long way - done so many challenges in life - faced a lot of turbulence - tokk a lot of risk - gave so many to people who betrayed him - gave so much love and remove all the hatred inside him - seen the whole world as a young seaman- took the love of very nice girl from iloilo and got rewarded with two lovely children.

"NOTA BENE" - this is my brother THE RECKLESS DRUMMER - and i LOVE HIM VERY MUCH .
i hurt when he hurts on his illness. he just finished his theraphy and i know aside from the love of his family - MY FATHER UP THERE is also looking upon him.

"NOTA BENE" - my mother's name is ROSARIO - she is now going to be 80 years old next year. we will come home from abroad to celebrate her birthday this june 04. her birthday is also my 25th wedding anniversary. mother is getting the symptoms of alzheimers(tama be spelling) my other sisters back home in pinas is having hard time at times taking czre of her. she is a very spartan woman- in dealing with family, very roman - in argument, very french - in loving her children, very american - in dealings with people around her, very ilocano -= when it comes to money. but very much an ANGEL when it comes to MOTHERHOOD.

"NOTA BENE" there is a blogger, who gave me an insight of what this world of blogging is. nice man of courage, works in singapore and have a beautiful wife, with a beautiful house back home. i like what i have read about him. it gave me solace and made me think that i am not alone on this melancholic moods of mine - especially when it comes to family.

posted by infraternam meam @ 3:50 PM  
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