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Friday, September 12, 2003
.....a T r i b u t e

words of the Master/Kahlil Gibran:

"LIFE IS AN ISLAND in an ocean of Loneliness, an Island whose rocks are hopes,trees are dreams, whose flowers are solitude, and whose brooks are thirst.

YOUR LIFE, my fellow men, is an island separated from all other islands of the regions. no mattter how many are the ships that leave your shores for other climes, no matter how many are the fleets that touch your coast, you remain a solitary island, suffering the pangs of loneliness and yearning for happiness.You are unknown to your fellow men and far removed from their symphathy and understanding.

I HAVE SEEN YOU, MY BROTHER, enamored of a beautiful woman, laying down your heart at the altar of her loveliness. when i saw her gazing upon you with tenderness and MATERNAL LOVE, i said to myself"LONG LIVE LOVE tha has done with this man's loneliness and joined his heart with another's."

YET WHEN I LOOKED AGAIN, i saw within your loving heart another solitary heart, crying out in vain to reveal its secret to a woman.

YOUR LIFE MY BROTHER, is a solitary habitation separated from men's dwellings. it is a house into whose interior no neighbor's gaze can penetrate.if it were plunged into darkness, your neighbor's lamp could not illuminate it.if it were emptied of provisions,the stores of your neighbors could not fill it.if it stood on a mountaintop, you could not bring it down into the valley trod by other men's feet.

YOUR SPIRIT'S LIFE, my brother , is emcompassed by loneliness and solitude, YOU WOULD NOT BE YOU, nor WOULD I BE I. i would come to believe on hearing your voice that it was my voice speaking; or seeing your face, that it was myself looking into a mirror."

----- to this RECKLESS DRUMMER, i read all your texes to me. so last nite i was contemplating all the things that you have said. i am supposeD to be the eldest among all the brothers, and yet my younger brother is the one telling me what to do in his own special way.

----- your are right kid, life has to go own and we have to move forward. like me who is always sickly, i now worry also about you. after your treatment , when we last visited you, i told ur ATE A.. i was worried about you.

----- you have undergone so much in life, compared to me. you have more pain in your illness, and pain that you have undergone in your theraphy - and yet you were able to fight it out. i dont know where you got that strength in you. should i be jealous about it?

----- now that you have shown me where i have to start again, i am starting again, thanks to you.

----- you are my BROTHER, and you have a BEACON A BEACON OF LIGHT FOR ME, and you will ALWAYS BE IN MY PRAYER.

----- i have LOVED YOU VERY MUCH....... but i think........
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