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Thursday, October 16, 2003
(light of the earth)

i was walking my dog outside and it was so damn cold. i have frozen my buns outside. i was even walking out with my shorts and sweat shirt with a light jacket. i was wearing a fishermans hat and my dog is enjoying all of it. she likes the cold weather.i have a 'bichon friese' she is very white and shines at night when the moon is full.

i love the moon at night. ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE. i work nites and comes home at around 3am and for the past several days, i was so moved and taken by the beauty of the moonlit night. (i am not a lunatic) i just love the moon, especially when theres not much light in the area. i live in a very wooded area and the brightness of the moon is so breath taking for me. here in my area,around the trees, when the moon is so bright, the fireflies also abounds, especially if it is not that cold. i love watching the fireflies and the brightness of the moon, adding somemore light to their tiny lamp.

i fell in love during the fullness of the moon. i was Moonstruck. ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE.

nights when the moon is bright and it is not cold when i get home from work, i sit down at the backyard by the apple trees and look at the moon. then in the adjacent areas, i can see the raccoons and the night squirrel forraging for food. looking at the raccoon at night is like starring at a man with a mask.the surrounding area of the eyes of the raccoon is covered with black colored fur. then you can see also some of the jack rabbit at night, trying to see if there are some things to eat at my backyard garden.i always live behind some of the vegetables that i have planted for them. ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE , let the moon shine for them so that they cud see there are some left for them to eat and forrage upon.

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE ,on the stillness of the moon, i always remember some of my childhood friends bak in pinas,when i was still young. we play the patin tero(tama ba?) there are lines horizontal and perpendicular and the one in the midle is like the big guardian for his team. we run after the other and tag each other. then there is a friend who can play the guitar after our frolickings and plays, we will sing with a small bonfire inside an empty gas can. then we will buy hot pan de sal at the nearby bakery that start cooking at midnite and ends at 5 in themorning , with star margarine or matamis na bao or peanut butter. that was heaven. we have a neighbor who is so nice with us kids, she will cook guinatan even at night so that we can eat after her kwento. then at night, my stomach is going to rumble cuz of the gata and kamote from the guinataan. i will keep on making 'utot' even inside the kulambo and my sisters will make kurot cuz its mabaho daw.

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE.. i lost my virginity in the fullness of the moon. my bun is showing while i was at the kubeta ni mang vinturansa,our neighbor. i was with her daughter. (nasaan na kaya yon?) it was so damn hard. mabaho na,may daga pa. and the whole damn thing is about to collapse when i wiggle and shake. all the things i do for sex. but it was fun, the moon is the spotlight and the rats are the audience. the smell of the kubeta is phenominal, but its worth it in the end. i will never forget it. as those rats are my witness, i did it at the age of 16--- i was divirginized by a woman who is as old as the kubeta in itself. i don't care, i was young that time, she was about to loose her front teeth, i still don't care. the thing there is i did it, and i had fun. ( oh shit-- i hope my wife will not read this or else i will be in biggggg trouble).

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE.. in the moonlit night also, i found my vocation. i was sitting at my grandmas bakyard looking at the moon and i felt something there -- someone calling and telling me to learn more about HIM. i got scared. i entered the semianry to study for the priesthood.

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE.. in the moonlit night, i also found out that i have to leave the seminary and get married. i was standing at the grotto in the seminary grounds in tagaytay. i have to live, i have to get married. i wanted to raise a family, i want to be a father in the literal sense of it.

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE..in the moonlit night, my first son was born. he was a healthy boy and mighty fine young man now. followed by the second boy, five years after, again in the moonlit night, he is now mighty big and strong. both conceived and brought to life on this earth---- in the moonlit night---

ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE...in the moonlit night, while i was praying with my grandma who is already old and sick, told me she will not be with me any more, and its very near. i was only 19years old. i diD not took it seriously and she died three days after she said it to me that she will be leaving me....in that moonlit night....ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE

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