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Wednesday, October 22, 2003
to a lady named THERESA
with a nickname that flys.....

excerpts from the book and writings of "joan walsh anglund"

"do you love someone?"

The universe is wide and wonderful and filled with many stars.
The world is rich and varied and filled with many people,
And among its hundres of towns, and thousand of homes,
and millions of people,
each of us is only "one".....

one small person in a world of millions of other people,
in a universe of billions of other worlds.

Knowing this, sometimes we each feel very small,
Sometimes we feel lonely and lost,
as though nothing we do
can ever truly matter.

Each of us wants to be needed.
Each of us wants to be remembered.
Each of us wants to be important in his own special way.

There are many different ways
to be important in this world.

Some people become doctors, and heal the sick.
Some become farmers and feed the hungry.
And some become teachers and
share wisdom and knowledge.

But you can't be a sheperd, or a shoemaker,
or a baker, or a barber,
or a captain, or a carpenter,
or a king!

And whatever you are,
there is still one thing that matters most.

Do you love someone.....
and does someone love you?

For the heart
is its own world,
and in that world
you are important!

And that's what really matters,
isn't it?

posted by infraternam meam @ 2:21 AM  
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