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Friday, October 24, 2003
(by this sign i will conquer)

i was having my 30mins break at the cafeteria, when this african-american who work for the north america reservation sat down with me and started to strike up a conversation about religion. at first i dont want to entertain this ass hole. i will not engage myself in an argument about religion, but this man is really asking for it.

he told me, that he was informed by another man,whose color of skin is also like him, that i am very well versed in religion and knows so many things about it. i told him, i have never claimed anything nor am i saying i am an intelligent person. then this guy kept on saying many things about christian religion and told me that he belongs to a sect in africa that hates the christian symbol of the cross.

i told this guy, if he hates the cross, when he sees one all he has to do is close his eyes so that he will not see it.he told me that the CROSS is a bad symbol, and does not know why the christians are venerating it.i told him, the cross is a symbol of torture during the Roman conquest of the world. the word "cross" and "crucifix" came from the latin word "CRUCIARE" to "TORTURE". i told him the christians don't venerate the cross per se, they venerate the MAN who died and was tortured on the cross. he was telling me that the name of the person (he cannot and does not want to use the name) is not even a roman name. i told this man, JESUS is not a Roman, he came from one of the provinces that was under the Roman rule that time, a place called Bethlehem. i told him the name JESUS came from the Greek word "IXSOS", meaning to say "FISH". then he was asking me why the cross became the official symbol of the christian faith. i told him during the reign of CONSTANTINE THE GREAT, while he was on a party, he saw a writing on the wall and it said 'IN HOC SIGNO VINCES", (with this sign or by this sign, i shall or will conquer). then it was accepted in the entire kingdom of Constantine the Great. i told him, this was not an accepted symbol before in Rome, during the persecution of the early christians, who was following the teachings of christ. the early christians in Rome was using the symbol FISH, to be known that they are the follower of Christ.

this man is asking why does the catholic keeps on repeating the same prayer over and over.he was asking me if God will not get tired of it. i told him, all prayers are repeated verses, just like songs wherein there is a Coda, that has to be repeated.

i told this man that i have to go cuz my 30mins break is already up. then he was asking me to see him again. i told him, i am not in the mood to give lectures and argue about religion.

then he showed me a phamplet from a church that he picked up on the way to work,he was asking me why the statement :"CHRIST IS THE ANSWER"--- then i turned back at him and asked him in turn , IF CHRIST IS THE ANSWER - - " WHAT IS THE QUESTION?"

then i went back upstairs and started answering calls from complaining passengers.

this is the reason why Karl Marx said: "RELIGION IS THE OPIUM OF THE PEOPLE"
posted by infraternam meam @ 4:24 AM  
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