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Sunday, October 26, 2003

i was on the fon this evening,plugged in at exactly 530pm /central time. i was very enthusiastic to answer all the calling passengers and answers all of their complaints on the fon. for me, this is another day, plus the clock will be returned back one hour, therefore, i have extra one hour to sleep, but stupid me, i am here pounding the computer, documenting something in my blog.

going back to my work, i have already answered 10 calls--- no problem yet, nobody is cursing, nobody is yelling in my ears, then i got this woman who was very frantic on fon. she said:

"hello, i want to know if my mother has already arrived?"

so far, okey for me-- simple questions and needed simple answers. so i asked:

"ma'am what was the flight nos of you mother and from where to where, can you tell me?"

then the lady caller said:

"she was supposed to arrived on flt - - - - - but this flt landed, she was not on this flt, i was told to wait for the next flt and again, she was not on the second flt until the third flt came in, and i was really disturb and scared".

so i asked the caller:

"how old is you mother , ma'am, i cannot find her name on the list of the pax who boarded those flts that you have mentioned to me".

the caller, then said to me:

"she is already 80 years old and i am very worried, i don't know what happened to her. is there somebody that you cud asked at the airport on what happened to her?"

then probing questions again:

"do you have her record locator and reservation nos of you, ma'am?"

the woman stopped crying on the fon and said to me:

"no, i sent her on an airfreight, inside a coffin and declared it as human remains, and up to now nobody could tell me where my mother is. what will i do from here? i need an immediate answer. this is really terrible".

so i connected her with the airfreight division. how do i know her mother is dead and inside the coffin. she did not tell me that in the first place. she talks to me on the fon, like as if the mother is still alive. can you blame me for asking so many probing questions pertaining to a live person?

as i left my office at 2am this morning, the human remains has not yet been located or found.

where can this body be wondering now.


i hope its not.

MORTIZ TALE TACUM...TALE TACUM. (death...rise up...rise up)
posted by infraternam meam @ 3:32 AM  
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