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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
( excerpts from weird and wonderfulwords by:ERIN MCKEAN)

did you know that your belly button is also called OMPHALODIUM, the part of your fingernails is called METACONDYLUS, the fingertip, not including the nails is called DACTYLION, if you lost a thumb you are a MURCOUS, if you have one finger or one too many, you care called POSTMINIMUS, your ring finger is called AURICULAR, the hollow of your ear is called ALVEARY, cuz the ear wax is found there,the palm of the hands and the foot is called THENAR, your elbow is called ANCON, your thigh is your MEROS, your hip is your COXA, if you have too much hair on your fundament you are called DASYPYGAL

APOCRISIARY is a person appointed to give answers, like the Papal Nuncio or Publi Relations Mgr.

APOROSEXIA inability to pay attention, characterized by near-complete indifference to everything.

ASPECTABUND an adjective meaning "having an expensive face".

ATRABILIUOS an adjective meaning "melancholy or bad tempered"

BABALATRICE a female blabber or a very talkative woman.

BLAGUER is a person who talk pretentiously.

BLESILOQUENT speaking with a lisp or a stammer.

BLOVIATE is to speak in a very pompous way or overbearing way.

CALLIPYGIAN an adjective meaning "having shapely buttocks".

CLAVUS is a pain in the forehead as if a hammer is being driven to it.

DRAFFSACK figuratively means "a big belly or a glutton".

EMUNCTORY relating to the blowing of the nose,
EMUNCTION is the action of wiping the nose.

ERETHISM painful, unhealthy over excitement,especially of the mental powers of passion.

FAITOUR is a cheat, a person who shams illness or an impostor.

FLAGITATION the action of asking or demanding with passion; begging.

FOUDROYANT an adjective meaning "thundering noise".

GULOSITY a rare word meaning "gluttony,greediness,voracity".

HONEYFUGGLE to swindle or cheat.

HOUGHMAGANDY sexual intercourse with a peson one who is married.

ICONOMACH one who is hostile to images.

INHUME is to bury somebody or something.

ITHYPHALLIC an adjective meaning "indicent,obscene" or "having an erect phallus".

LYSSOPHOBIA a fear of rabies, extreme fear that manifests symptoms of the disease.

MATERTERAL an adjective meaning "like an aunt".

MEACOCK a coward or effeminate person.

MULIEBRITY womanly qualities or womanliness.

(part two coming. ang hirap magbasa and make research)
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