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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
If cleared by an FDA panel this week, INTRINSA-- a patch that boosts testosterone in women -- could be the first drug to treat female sexual dysfunction. Although other drugs are in various stage of the three phase testing process, none except INTRINSA is expected to come to market until 2006.

(Distressing lack of interest in sex)

DRUG: Intrinsa
MAKER: Procter and Gamble
FORM: Testosterone Patch
STATUS:Coming before FDA advisory panel this Thursday 02Dec'04

DRUG: LibiGel
MAKER: BioSante
FORM: Testosterone Gel
STATUS:Starting final round clinical tests in 2005

DRUG: Tostrelle
MAKER: Cellegy
FORM: Testosterone Gel
STATUS:May start final round trials in 2005

DRUG: Testosterone MDTS
MAKER: Vivus
FORM: Testosterone Spray
STATUS:Completed second round tests in Australia

DRUG: Androsorb
MAKER: Novavax
FORM: Testosteron Cream
STATUS:Completed preliminary tests

(Problems with sensation or lubrication)

DRUG: Viagra
MAKER: Pfizer
FORM: Pill
STATUS:Company halted testing on women in 2004

DRUG: Alista
MAKER: Vivus
FORM: Cream
STATUS:in Final round tests

DRUG: FemProx
FORM: Cream
STATUS:in Final round tests in China

DRUG: PT-141
MAKER: Palatin
FORM: Nasal Spray
STATUS:in Second round test


MEDICAL** Illness
** Glandular dysfunction
** Medications (hormones, birth control pills, anti depressant drugs)
** Depression

** Psychological conflict
** Upbringing
** Inept or insensitive partner
** Past abuse
** Fatigue

Currently available over-the-counter products that claim to boost the female libido, arousal or pleasure in sex are not evaluated by the FDA and effectiveness.

Finally....The Solution for Women

(Soure: Tribune Reporting/CHITRIBUNE)
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Monday, November 29, 2004
"There's certainly a plethora of information to sugest sexual problems are common. But there are people who don't believe women have sexual dysfunction".
(JAMES A. SIMON clinical professor fo gynecology at George Washingto University School of Medicine).


A U.S. Food and Drug Administration hearing this week will have a dramatic effect on the sex lives of American women.

An FDA panel is set to review trial data for Intrinsa, a testosterone patch that can boost a woman's sex drive. If approved, Intrinsa would be the first prescription drug for treating sexual dysfunction in women. But there's a lot more riding on the decision than the future of one drug. Several other drugs to treat disease and arousal problems in women are being studied, and whether they ever come to market may hinge on how the FDA views Intrinsa.

Thursday's hearing comes at an inopportune time for marketers of female sex drugs. The FDA is under growing scrutiny about drug safety after Merck's recent withdrawal of the athritis drug VIOXX after it was linked with heart damage. Regulators and physicians remain skittish about prescription hormones after a major study showed higher heart attack risk among older women taking menopause hormones. Although women have taken testosterone in various forms since the 1930's there's very litle reliable data on long term safety.


Backers of sex drugs say at least 5 million women suffer from low desire problems. Given that the FDA has approved three drugs for men -- VIAGRA, CIALIS and LEVITRA-- proponents say it's time for a woman's sexual health to receive equal attention.

INTRINSA isn't a female version of VIAGRA.While VIAGRA and similar drugs increase blood flow to the genital area, making sex physically possible for men, testosterone theraphies such as INTRINSA essentially start at the top, affecting a woman's brain and her desire for sex. Although testosterone typically is viewd as a male hormone, women plays a key role in secual desire.

Patch marketers Procter & Gamble has taken a conservative approach in seeking approval for INTRINSA only for women who have undergone surgical removal of their ovaries, a procedure that reduces half of a woman's testosterone supply.

Procter & Gamble is studying the patch in naturally menopausal women who have lost interest in sex because of waning testosterone levels as they age.

The most common side effects of INTRINSA is a minor skin reaction at the site of the patch. As a result, other drug makers are developing new ways to deliver testosterone into a woman's body. BioSante is studying LIBIGEL, a gel applied to the arm, while VIVUS is studying a patented spray delivery system. None of the drugs is expected to be available before 2006.

(by Tara Parker-Pope/ Wall Street Journal/CHISUNTIMES)
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Normandy product owes smell, color to beer brushing.

LONDON -- A soft, pungent cheese from northern France has
topped a British researcher's study of the world's stinkiest

Academics at Cranfield University, north of London, said Friday
that Vieux Boulogne, a Normandy cheese made from cow's milk,
was the smelliest of 15 cheeses tested. Two other Normandy cheeses,
Pont l'Eveque and Camembert, came in second and third.

Scientist at the university used human sniffers and a c omputer-
linked "electronic nose" to rank the cheeses by ordorousness.

Stephen White, who led the research, said those whose rinds had
been wash in brine, bandy or -- as with Vieux Boulogne--beer.

"There was no obvious correlation between the age of the selected
cheeses and smelliness, nor cow's milk origin, although cow's milk
cheeses did dominate the smell chart
," White said.

Vieux Boulogne owes its distinctive orange color and pungent smell
to the brushing of its rind with beer during the two months it spends
aging in cellars around the town of Boulogne-sur-Mer in Northern Frnce.

The smelliest dairy product in the survey, commissioned by a group
that promote French cheese in Britain, came from France, Munster, a
cow milk's cheese from the eastern regions of Alsace and Lorraine,
was fourth, followed by Brie de Meaux and Roquefort.

Hard cheeses, such as Parmesan and English cheddar, were the least
smelly of those tested.

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Computer in your shoes? Believe it.
a sensor in the new Adidas 1 Sneakers measures with
each step how much compression you put on the heels
of the shoes. Microprocessor controlled cushioning
then adjusts the heels stiffness so they become more
rigid on dirt trails, for example, and softer on
pavement or when you're walking. In addition, you can
set comfort levels with buttons on the shoes. The
lithium-ion battery that fuels the system last about
100 hrs.
AVAILABILITY : March 2005, $250.00
TO LEARN MORE adidas.com

The Nike Swim Goggles use disposable adhevise strips
to stay in place and keep water out, even after a dive.
An extra angled pane maximizes your field of vision
without distorting the view, and -- serious swimmers
take note -- they produce zero drag, so they're even
faster, than the naked eye. The medical grade glue on
the strips is engineered to bond comfortably with
your flesh on one side and the polycarbonate lenses on
the other. Still, putting the goggles on and taking
them off can be a chore.
INVENTORS Rob Bruce, Dylan Vab Atta
AVAILABILITY Spring 2005, $25.00 a pair

If you love water skiing but hate waiting your turn
or finding someone to drive the boat, the SOLO maybe
what you need. This unmanned, 8 ft long fiber glass
boat lets you ski by yourself. All controls are on the
tow handle, including acceleration, turning and a stop-start
button. For added safety, the kill switch is activated when
you drop the handle. Legal in 40 states. the SOLO goes up
to 40mph
INVENTOR Solor Watersports
TO LEARN MORE solowatersports.com

Forgot the map? Left the guidebook at the hotel?
No problem. The GoCar is a three wheel tour guide
equipped with a GPS system that not only tells you
where to go but also describes the sights once you
reach them. The brainchild of Nathan Withrington,
a pilot and engineer from Britain. The GoCar speaks
directions out loud. Currently available only in
San Francisco, it goes up to 35 mph and travels
a 12- to 17 mile loop.
INVENTOR GoCar Rentals
AVAILABILITY Now. $40 for one hour
TO LEARN MORE gocarsf.com

Insurgents, be afraid. An armed, unmanned ground vehicle
that never gets tired, hungry or scared is headed your way.
The SWORD has night and termal vision, four cameras and
a 7.62 mm machine gun. It can climb stairs and is utterly
silent-- until it opens fire. A live video feed enables its
"driver" to operate the vehicle from up to 1 mile away.
The U.S.Army has ordered 18 to deploy in Iraq.
INVENTORS u.S. Army Research, Development & Engineering Center
and Massachusettes defense firm Foster-Miller
AVAILABILITY 2005, $230,000 (military only)
TO LEARN MORE pica.army.mil,foster-miller.com


Poor reception is the curse of all cell phones.
While there islittle you can do about your carrier's spotty
coverage in any given location, you can make it easier
for others to hear you by investing in a better headset.
The Jawbone has a sensor that rests on you
cheekbone and picks up vibrations emanating from your head
as you speak. It then uses those data to filter out background
noise. You may not notice the difference, but the person on
the other end will hear you much better.
TO LEARN MORE jawbone.com


Now that you've got that snazzy LCD TV hanging on your living room
wall like a fine work of art, it seems a pity to have it go blank
when you turn it off. Philips-MiraVision MIRROR TV avoids that by
turning into a mirror. A polarized coating on the front
of the screen reflects light when the sets is off. Available in 17-in
and 23-in models, The MIRROR TV also comes in a splict screen
style, which are now being used in hotels.
AVAILABILITY Now, $2,799 to $3,999
TO LEARN MORE mirrortv@philips.com

Imagine flanking your home stereo with birds of paradise rather
than a pair of speakers. The Ka-on Flower speaker, housed in a vase
or pot, uses real plant parts-- stems to conduct sound waves, leaves
and flowers to serve as cones-- to fill a 16 ft radius with music.
Its audio quality is closer to that of a vinyl record than a CD, but
for some audio[hiles, that's a good thing.
INVENTORS Keiji Koga, Hiroshi Siraki, Let's Corp.
AVAILABILITY Now, only in Japan: $284 for the vase version;
$473 for the potted plant.

When the Swarovski crystal company asked ultramodern furniture
designer Ron Srad to create a chandelier last year, he promptly
declined, saying, "Crystal is the epitome of kitsch. It is not may planet".
This year he changed his mind and created LOLITA, the first text messaging
chandelier. Made of 2,100 crystals and 1,050 white LEDs, the 5ft
spiral displays SMS messages sent by any phone. Of course, you'd need
LOLITA'S number....
AVAILABILITY Now, $138,435
TO LEARN MORE swarovskisparkles.com

TIME FOR CHANGEBefore the Swiss watchmaker Jean Francois Ruchonnet designed
the Monaco V4 concept watch, he lifted the hood of his Maserati,
gazed at the engine and thought aboutthe belts. Then he decided to
create a similar belt system in miniature to replace the interlocking
gears in a mechanical watches. Each belt replaces five to six
gears, thus simplifying construction. The belt are also better in
absorbing shocks, for a more visible and accurate timepiece.
AVAILABILITY Prototype only
TO LEARN MORE tagheuer.com

(from TIMEMAG )

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Saturday, November 27, 2004
(Got a sphincter-wrenching joke that can top these? We'll pay $150.00 for the Joke of the Month. Send 'em to Jokes,Maxim, 1040 Avenue of the Americas, 14th flr, Ny.Ny 10018, or email them to joes@maximonline.com.)

A businessman gets in an elevator. A blonde inside greets him
with a smile and say, "T.G.I.F."!

The businessman returns the smile and responds, "S-H-I-T".

The blonde, puzzeld,smiles her biggest smile and repeasts as
sweetly as possible, "T.G.I.F".!

The businessman shoots back, with a quizzical expression
and said, "S-H-I-T".

The blonde, frustrated, decides to explain the things
"T.G.I.F. Thank Goodness It's Friday--get it"?

The man grins. "Sorry, Honey; It's Thursday." S-H-I-T.
- - - - - -

Alabama Slammer
Two girls one from the South and one from the Nort, are
seated side by side on a plane.

The Southern girl, being friendly and all, says,
"So where y'all from?"

The Northern girls turns to her and sneers,
"From a place where they know better than to use a
preposition at the end of a sentence

The Southern girl sits quietly for a few moments,
then responds, "So where y'all from, Bitch?"
- - - - - - -

Lisa's Lobes
A lady goest to a doctor.

Lady: "Doctor, my vaginal lips are large. I want them reduced
but I want to keep this surgery confidential".

Doctor: "No problem. Come back in a few weeks and we'll
take care of it."

Two weeks later the lady has the surgery done. When she wakes
up she notices three roses by her bed.

Lady: "Doctor, why are there three roses by my bed? I thought
I told you to keep it confidential."

Doctor: "I did. The first rose is from me, congratulating
you on your surgery. The second is from the nurse."

Lady: " Who's the third rose from?"

Doctor: " The man from the burn unit upstairs, thanking
you for his new earlobes."

- - - - - - -

The pope is very ill, and nobody can cure him.The cardinals called
in an old physician recommended to them. After an hourlong
examination, he comes up with a solution.

"I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news: The pope
has a rare testicular disorder. The good news: He can be cured.....
with sex.
" The cardinals, not happy with the cure, explain the
situation to the pope.

"I'll agree to it." says the pope. "But under four conditions"!

The cardinals are all shocked. "What are the four conditions?"

"First, the girl must be blind, so she cannot see with whom she is
having sex. Second, she must be deaf, so she cannot hear with whom
she is having sex with. And third, she must be dumb, so if she somehow
figures out with whom she is having sex, she can tell no one."

After a long pause, a cardinal asks, "And the fourth condition?."

"Big tits"

(Larry Catterton of Amherst, MA)
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Pontiff suggests stricter training in wake of sex scandal.

VATICAN CITY -- Pope John Paul II expressed concern Friday over the decline in priestly vocations in the United States, telling visiting American bishops that the drop presents a "stark challenge" that cannot be ignored.

He also suggested, in an apparent reference to the clergy sex abuse scandal, that seminary training needs to be tightened to instill a commitment to "holiness and spiritiual wisdom."

The pope has raised the sex abuse scandal and other problems facing the U.S. church as American bishops have been visiting the Vatican throughout the year.

In Friday's address to bishops from Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri, the pope outlined how bishops must provide for the future of the church.

"No one can deny that the decline in priestly vocations represents a starck challenge for the church ih the United States, and one that cannot be ignored or put off", the pope said.

He urged a progress of vocational promotion and a national day of prayer for preistly vocations.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops say nearly 500 new priests were ordained in 2003, down about half from 1965.

The pope's reference to seminaries comes amid plans for a Vatican sponsored investigation of U.S. seminaries, a project steming from the abuse crisis. The outgoing president of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, Bishop Wilton D. Gregory, has said on site visits should start within a year.

(Associated Press)
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(by John DeVore)

On Capitol Hill, "pork" is more than just the other white meat--- its your cash, rolled up and smoked.

$15 billion... for Boston's "Big Dig" the most expensive public works project in American history and a construction boondoggle of great importance--if you happen to live in eastern Massachusettes.

$6.9 billion... to design the Army's Comanche helicopter. The project was cancelled in 2004 without building a single usable chopper -- generating an additional $2 billion in termination fees.

$400 million... each year to subsidize public broadcasting, like PBS Sesame Street alone would be a commercial gold mine ...If taxpayers did'nt underwrite it already.

$3.5 million... to refurbish Alabama's Vulcan monument. This 100 year old Birmingham statue is a depiction of the Roman god of fire and metalworking not Spock.

$1.5 billion... to project at the 2002 Winter Olympics including the Olympic tree program ($500,000), adopting an Olympic horse ($70,000), and "resolving racial tensions" in honky-happy Utah ($55,000).

$835 million... to build a single amphibious assault ship the Pentagon never asked for. The project was "requested" by Mississippi senator Trent Lott... who happens to live within view of the shipyard hired to build it.

$9 billion... for the Yucca Mountain nuclear depository in Nevada, a dumping site for radioactive waste. Unfortunately, the toxic waste dump offers protection for only 10,000 years, when uranium has a half-life of billions.

$50 million... to the Environmental Project in Iowa, which features a 4.5 acre indoor jungle, an IMAX style movie theatre and outdoor exhibits of indigenous ecosystems (a.k.a. cornfields)

$300,00... to keep America rocking. This includes $200,000 for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland and an extra $100,000 for the Kids Rock Free Educational Program. Sadly, there are no classes on setting guitars on fire, trashing motel rooms or cornholing groupies.

- - - - - - - - - -

Time to pay up! Where your tax dollar evaporates, one misspent penny at a time.

MEDICARE ($250 billion, 11.03%)** $600,000 to sail a Medicare-branded blimp aounrd the country-- that's just part of Medicare's $30 million annual advertising budget:"Can't afford health care? Medicare is here to help... as long as you don't have cancer!".

($31.7 billion, 1.40%)

($23.1 BILLION, 1.02%)

($153.2 billion 6.76%)
**your personal share? $25,062)

**$20 million to bail out Pennsylvania's struggling school districts.
Yes, taxpayers nationwide are footing the bill because Pennsylvania
can't solve its own education crisis.)

($456.2 billion, 20.13%)
**$1 million for the Young Patriots Program, including
video that promotes the significance of National Patriotic Holidays.)

**$1 million for theatre groups to perform Shakespeare in American
Military communities.)

**$6.46 billion for Halliburton's troops support effort in Iraq:
this money includes $45 cases of soda, $85,000 "oil filters",
and $100 per bag of laundry. Meanwhile, a new private earns only
$18,248 a year -- for taking the fire in combat.)

**$9.1 billion was spent this year alone on missile defense research,
a.k.a. "Star Wars" since 1983, more than $90 billion has been
spent on a program meant to defend us against the ever threatening
(and currently nonexistent) Soviet Union.

**$4.1 million a year to pay off Ahmad Chalabi, the traitorous,
Iraqi exile accused of passing U.S. secrets to Iran.
Pentagon brass spent $22 million on Chalab's political aspirations.

($25 BILLION, 1.1%)
**$3.6 million for team building exercises to keep those wacky U.S.
Postal Service employees from breaking down and shooting each other.
This included singing, treasure hunts, and dressing in cat costumes.
No, we're not joking.)

(14.9 billion, .66%)
**$1million to pay for South Carolina "oyster territory"-- because no
shellfish should be left behind.)

**$2million, for the First Tee initiative in St. Augustine, Florida, which
teaches honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship through, um,"golf education".

($548 million, .02%)
**$1.2 billion (from several departments) for the FreedomCAR-- an initiative
started by President Bush to create cars powered by Hydrogen fuel cells, which
would supposedly today replace autos that run on "Freedom Juice".)

($59.1 billion, 2.61%)
**$231 million for AmeriCorps, the domestic Peace Corps. Rather than
investing in, say, veterans affairs, the U.S. spends $27,000 per
"volunteer" for what amounts to little more than political stump
speech fodder.)

($68.7 billion, 3.03%)
**$1.2 billion this eyar alone to prop up Amtrak-- on top of more than
$25billion since 1971. The horribly inefficinet, heavily subsidized railroad
incurs two dollars in costs for every dollar sold in tickets.)

($231.7 billion, 10.22%)
**$2.9 million for 32 programs that teach kis abstinece rather than sex ed.)

**$5 million for the Strom Thurmond Fitness and Wellness Center in South Carolina.

($24.7 billion, 1.09%)
**$17 billion for U.S. farm subsidies. Huge and and hugely profitable corporate
farms,which make up only seven percent of the two million farms in America,
snort up more than half of that money.)

**$6.1 million for "wood utilization research", Since 1985, total of $79 million
has been spent investigating the various commercial used for that miracle
mystery substance known as "lumber".)

**$3.8 million for shipping aquaculture research. Since 1985, $61 million has beenspent studying these sea cockroaches.)

($16.7 billion, .74%)

($31.8 billion, 1.4%)
**$375,000 for the restoration of the Homestake Opera House in the opera hotbed
of Lead, South Dakota.)

**$300,000 for Utah forestry education.)

($39.7 billion, 1.75%)


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Friday, November 26, 2004

We polled 1,000 college girls to find out what happens
behind dorm doors.

** Have you ever done it when a roommate was still
in your room?
69% said YES.

** What's the oldest guy you've ever hooked up with?
Top answer: Mid-to Late 20's.

** What's the biggest one you've seen?
Top answer: a Six or Seven incher.

** Ever given or received road head?
73% say YES.

** What's your favourite position?
Top answer: Girl on Top, Guy Below.

** Have you ever tried anal?
58% say YES.

** How do you wear your hair down there?
Top answer: Bare.

** Have you ever had a threesome?
46% say YES.

** Do you have a vibrator?
56% say YES.

** Do you like to talk dirty in bed?
76% say YES.

** Have you ever hooked up a girl?
52% say YES.

** Have you ever gone bareback on a one night stand?
42% say YES.

** Have you ever let a guy finish on you?
83% say YES.

** Where would you not want a guy to finish on you?
Top answer: FACE

** How many guys have you had sex with in college?
Top answer: Two or Three.

** What is the quickest way to turn you on?
Top answer: "Make the first move and show me what you've got".

** How can a guy persuade you to try something nasty in bed?
Top answer: "Ask me while we're in the sack".
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Thursday, November 25, 2004
Grilled cheese sold on eBay sparks other look alike items:

WINDOW IMAGE: in 1997, the View of the Virgin Mary in a Clearwater, Fla. windows was viewed by many people. The windows was later broken.

FISH STICK: Fred Whan of Kingston, Ontario, has a fish stick he says bears the image of Jesus Christ.

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. -- A woman. who said her 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich bore the image of the Virgin Mary will be getting a lot more bread after the item sold for US$28,000 on eBay.

GoldenPalce.com, an online casino, confirmed that it placed the winning bid, and company executives said they were willing to spend "as much as it took" to own the 10-year-old half sandwich with a bite out of it.

"It's a part of pop culture that's immediately and widely recognizable".spokeman Monty Kerr told the Miami Herald. "We knew right away we wanted to have it."

In a statement, GoldenPalace.com CEO Richard Rowe said he planned to use the sandwich to raise money for charity. Kerr and Steve Baker, CEO of GoldenPalace Management company Cyberworld Group, flew to south Florida to make arrangements for a sandwich handover from its owner, Diana Duyser.
Ad pulled, restored

eBay, initially pulled the sale, saying it did'nt post joke items. The page was restored after the company was convinced that Duyser would deliver on the bid, said eBay spokeman Hani Durzy.

Duyser said she took a bite after making the sandwich 10 years ago and saw a face staring back at her. She put the sandwich in a clear plastic box with cotton balls and kept it on her night stand. She said the sandwich has never sprouted a spore of mold, a phenomenon Duyser attributes to divine intervention, the casino said.

"I would like all people to know that I do believe that this is the Virgin Mary Mother of God", Duyser, a jewelry designer, was cited by the casion as saying. "This is my solemn belief. People ask me if I have had blessings since she has been in my home. I do feel I have. I have won $70,000 on different occasions at the casino near my house."

GoldenPalace.com, based in St. Johns, Antigua said it will take its "slice of heaven" on a world tour for charity.

The auction has spawned the sale on eBay of look-alike and wiches, along with T-shirts, earrings, Christmas ornaments, decals, photos and refrigerator magnets depicting Duyser's version. A grilled cheese sandwich purporting to bear the image of Elvis Presley atracted a bid of US$275.

(abstracted from CHICAGOSUNTIMES/AP, Bloomberg News)
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The first snow of the season has come and I am not yet prepared for it. I have not changed the tire of my cars to winter tires and I had a hard time driving to work.
I cant even locate where my snow brush is to brush my car. I need the brush.
It took me three hours on the road to get to my place of work.I was late, but was advised that this will not reflect on my dependability cuz of the weather.

When I woke up wednesday morning and pulled my blinds, the entire driveway is covered with snow, all my cars are covered with snow and the apple trees and maples trees branches are all covered with snow.

O'hare airport cancelled so many flights and all of the stranded pax kept on calling my office lines and kept on nagging all of us on the fon and complaining endlessly as if it is the end of the world. I have listen to many bullshit of complaints on the fon --- if were are not trained properly on this--- we will loose our composure and sanity.

After working for 8 hours listening to all the cursing and swearing on the fon from this irate pax, i finally was able to get into my car and drove back home and hopefully by Thursday, THANKSGIVING DAY, there wont be lots of complainers on the fon.

I was driving along the same routes that I always take, thru the forest preseve area, suddenly there was this group of deers that came running in the middle of the road that startled me and almost hit my car. I stepped on the brake and its good my car has anti lock brakes --- or else I will hit two of the deers and I will end up on the ditch.Too many deers. This is the mating season and so all of the females are in hit and the bucks are all running after them.

I want my sanity back. I want the sun back, I want the green green grass and flowers and my mums and my flower beds back. I want my apple trees blooming again and I want to see all those squirrels again knocking in my window -- asking for peanuts. I want to smell again the new cut grass in my front lawn and from my neighbors. I want to hear the laughters of kids, passing infront of my house on their way hom from school.

Then I got awaken--- this is for real.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
(abstracted from INTOUCHMAG)

Rock stars, royalty and rulers ---
for these celebrities, it's all in the family!!

"It's not as wild as you think, because on my mother's side, they're all Presleys," Oprah revealed on her show in 2003. Apparently, the daytime diva's great-grandfather Nelson Presley, was a salve owned by Elvis ancestors, one of whom may have been Nelson's father.

There's truth to the rumor that Tom's got ties to Honest Abe. "We have a semi-direct connection," says the Oscar Winning actor. "Abraham Lincoln's mother was Nancy Hanks. His cousin was Dennis Hanks, and they call came from the area of Kentucky that my ancestors came from."

Bill Clinton may have spent two terms in the White House, but he would be prefectly at home on the range: The former president is related to the king of the wild frontier, Davy Crockett. Besides the backwoodsman, Bubba has another impressive relative in his bloodline --- President Andrew Jackson!!

Michigan born Madonna and Canadian born Celine are 10th cousin once removed. But the singers didn't exactly thank their lucky stars when they learned they were kin. "Madonna's people had no comment". says genealogist Troy Dunn of myfamily.com. "Celine's people were horrified."

England's heir to the throne is related to 15th century Romanian ruler Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula. According to reports, batty blood entered the British royal family through Queen Mary, whose ancestors were decendants of Vlad.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
(By Paul Bibeau....MAXIMONLINE.COM)

Dirt poor, historically shit-upon Romania has exactly one thing it can do to make money--- build a Dracula Theme Park--- and it can't even do that right.

DRACULA in the saddle
Vlad Tepes seized control of Mallachia, south of Transylvania, in November 1476, after decades of warfare, capture and exile. His country had suffered through years of being chewed up between the Ottoman Turks and he Holy Roman Empire. His father and older brother were murdered by enraged mobs, and his younger brother, Radu the Handsome was forced into the sultan's "harem".
Vlad put an end to all that and was duly hailed as a hero...until his headless body was found in a marsch outside Bucharest.
Even worse, Vlad became the victim of the world's first media smear campaign. Fleeing Germans told wild stories about the man called Dracula, which means "son of the dragon".(Vlad's father was part of the Order of the Dragon, empowered by the Holy Roman Emperor to fight the Turks) As luck would have it, Gutenberg has just fired up its printing press and, after banging out the Bible, published some of the first secular work ever printed: anti Dracula pamphlets. "He had children roasted; these their mothers had to eat" one read. "And he cut the women's breasts off; these their husbands had to eat. Afterward he had them all impaled. "you can see how this could hurt a guy's rep. Hence the catchy nickname "Vlad the Impaler".MIDNIGHT STOKER
In the 1890's, Bram Stoker was working as a stage manager and finishing his second book. But the damn thing was about a vampire, and that market was already flooded. Stoker's diary has no entries saying: "I'm a no-talent hack and should develop a laudnum habit". but it was probably what he was thinking.
But then he found a book about a prince who fought bloody battles against the Turks. The details were sketchy and the name Dracula had been mistranslated as "son fo the devil". but he sounded like a hell of a character. In Bram Stoker's manuscript, preserved at Philadelphia's Rosenbach Museum, you can see where he crossed ou his character's name, the oh-so-oroginal "Count Wampyr", and replaced it with "Dracula".
By 1897 Bram Stoker had created a monster.

Say you're an American, arriving in Romania with a fat wallet and hankering to see "Castle Dracula". You'll probably be pointed toward Castle Bran, a huge monstrosity that looks like something out of a meat loaf video.(draculascastle.com) The only problem is that the historical Dracula never lived there.It's also not mentioned in Stoker's book.
"I was at a conference at Bran", says Professor Elizabeth Miller, author of Dracula Sense and Nonsense, who has spent 12 years trying to dispel myths about Dracula."I asked the curator about it. He said "blame in on the American tourists. They want to do all of Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary in three days. This park in on amain road, so se gave them what they wanted."
Romania is chock full of places where Vlad slept, ate and killed people, but they're never built a Dracula industry for one reason. They hate Dracula. The Romanians have never even seen him. The Romanians never even called him Dracula.
In 1976, there is a bicentennial,there was a festival in Romania honoring the death of Dracula.

Nicolae Paduraru used to beg for food on the streets of Bucharest. His son was starving , he begged, but even his friends truend him away-- eggs were too scarce, even for a starving three year old.
Nicolae Ceausescu, the Dictator, had been in power for 23 years, and it's estimated he starved 15,000 people to death each year with forced food shortage. He also set up a secret police that locked 50,000 political prisoners, tapped alal the phone lines, and ordered women to have five children each to build a work force-- and ended up warehousing more than 150,000 orphans. On Christmas 1989, Ceausescu was dragged in front of a tribunal, convictd, and shot. To the rest of the world, Dracula may have been the vampire, but in Romania it was Ceausescu who was called Vampirescu. After his reign, the country was sucked dry.
In 1995, Paduraru's Transylvanian Society of Dracula was planning an academic convention when he got a call from Romania's astonished minsiter of tourism. He could'nt get anyone to come to the convention, but somehow CNN, CBS and Agence France-Presse line up.
By June 2002, plans for the Dracula Park had a stake through the heart.
Currently a new Dracula park is planned for the town of Snagov, near the small monastery where Vlad's headless body is supposedly buried/(Although recent theories said his head must be buried in another monastery).But most of the financing dried up.
To add one last insult, Romania does not even own Dracula, at least not the one tourists want. Most of his famous characteristics--- the cape, the fangs, the bat---are all owned by Universal Studios. Any theme park that wanted to used those cliches would have to face a force darker than the undead: Bloodsucking Hollywood lawyers.

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Monday, November 22, 2004
ALEXANDER THE GREAT: He rallied the Greeks and made the entire ancient world his bitch. Now the man from Macedonia conquers the big screen.
(by Paul Bibeau from MAXXIMMAG)


356 B.C. Macedonia: Alexander is born.as a child, he sleeps with The Iliad under his pillow at night.

335 B.C. Attack on Pelium: Barely old enough to drink, Alexander whips his cousins the Ilyrians. He skips the family reunion to avoid flak forputting
his Uncle Nikos on a spit.

334 B.C. While crossing the Hellespont into Persia,he chucks his spear at the beach.

Battle of Granicus: Alexander is outnumbered two to one by the Persian cavalry. Eight of Persia's top commanders are killed ( two commit suicide for shame)
Alexander sustains a major head wound but is rescued by his officer. Cleitus the Black.

333 B.C. Gordium: Towns show Alexander a wagon tied
with an intricate Turkish knot, saying whoever unties it will rule Asia. He chops it in half.

Battle of Issus: Hopelessly out numbered, Alexander flays Persian King Darius' forces in less than an hour. Darius flees, then Alexander captures
his family and puts the moves on his wife.

332 B.C. Alexander is crowned Pharoah of Egypt in Memphis.

331 B.C. At the oasis of Siwah, the oracle of the God Amon, supposedly tells Alexander he's the son of Zeus.

Battle of Gaugamela: Alexander oversleeps and almost missed the fight, but wakes up in time to bitch-slap King Darius again.

330 B.C. Alexander storms the Persian Gates, defeats Darius'last forces, and torches Xerxes palace in Persepolis.

329 B.C. Alexander crosses the Hindu Kush into Central Asia.

328 B.C. Alexander splits up his army to quash rebellions
in Central Asia. While drunk in the Royal tent, he caps,Cleitus the Black-- who save his life.

326 B.C. Alexander faces Indian King Porus, at Hydaspes.
Porus army includes 200 war elephants, but Alexander gets him to divide his forces and whips him. Afterwards,Alexanders' men refuses to fight anymore.

325 B.C. Reaching fun and sun in the Arabian coast, Alexander gives his men a break ... by marching them through Persia's Gedrosian desert.

324 B.C. At Ectabana, a city in western Persia, Alexander's special friend Hepaestion dies.

323 B.C. Alexander becomes sick while crossing western Babylon(Iraq) and dies 10 days later from a mysterious illness.

After Alexander died, his empire split into the realms, buthe had unified the currency and made Greek the common language, paving the way for Greek culture, the Roman Empire, Christianity, Western civilization .

CITIESAlexander founder more than 17 cities, including Alexandria, Egypt, Al-Iskandariya, Iraq, Afghanistan.


Alexander was the first commander to use the siege train---with towers, battering rams and bridges. According to legend, he invented the catapult. His father actually invented the phalanx-- a tactic of massing ranks of soldiers so their shields overlapped and their spears were brutally close together-- bu Alexander perfected it by practicing on almost the entire known world.

His campaigns caused the first major economic boom, as the riches of sacked kingdoms were melted down and put into circulation, and trade routes, from Asia to Europe opened.

A year before Alexander's death, he gave a speech at Opis, infront of 9,000 men, describing how the world should be govrned by universal law.

He brought the Egyptian custom to the West after fobidding his troops to have beards.

Many believe the game is based on his battke plan against the Hindus in 326 B.C., and that the pieces stand for units likes elephants, chariots and infantry.

He made it look cool.

Separating the man from the myth, one oiled-up boy at a time.

Was he as gay as a day in May?
He had a "Close Relationship" with his lifelong companion Hepaestion, and historians assume they went beyond.

Where was he buried?
Alexandria, Egypt, where fans flocked to his tombs for centuries before it was lost. Roman emperors loved visiting; Caligula stole his armor, and Augustus even kissed his dead nose, which promptly fell off.

Who the hell are the Macedonians?
There are actually two Macedonias, side by side. One is a province of modern day Greece, the other an independent republic that split from Yugoslavia in 1991. Each side claims the name.

Is he on the deck of cards?
Historians say the kings represent antiquity's four great kings: David (spades); Charlemagne (hearts); Caesar (diamonds); and Alexander (clubs). Clubs are the bottom ranked suit, so Alexander at last gets to fulfill his submission fantasies.

Is he in the Koran?
Probably. The 18th Surah, titled "The Cave" refers to a Dhul-Qamain (assumed to be Alexander) and says, "he's an instrument of God to punish the wicked and reward the just".

How'd he die? Was he murdered?
Historians suggests poisoning, syphilis.
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Sunday, November 21, 2004
(abstracted from INTOUCHMAG)

In a rescue better than any Lassie Movie, a specially
trained rottweiler came to the aid of her unconcious
owner by using the phone to summon for help.

Leana Beasley, 45, of Washington, is a wheelchair bound
and suffers from seizures. With help from the Assistance
Dog Club of Puget Sound, the woman had trained her 4 year
old dog, FAITH, to warn her if she senses a change in Leana's
body chemistry--- a signal that a seizure could be coming on.

"She would'nt let me out of her sight," recalls Leana of the
night FAITH began acting strangely, refusing to let her sleep.
FAITH's instincts were right, and Leana soon had a seizure and
was incapacitated. So FAITH relied on her training to knock
the phone off the hook and press the auto dial of 9-1-1
with her nose.

Benton County dispatcher Jenny Buchanan answered the phone.
"The dog was so insistent, barking directly into the phone.
I knew she was trying to tell me something."

FAITH waited at the window until EMT's arrived, and Leana is now
recovering in the company of a TRUE BEST FRIEND, FAITH.
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Saturday, November 20, 2004
(gathered by MAXXIMMAG from different sources)

5" or less.... 11%
5.1" to 5.9".. 51%
6.0" to 6.3".. 15%
6.4' to 6.7".. 10%
6.8" to 7.1".. 8%
7.2" opr more. less than 5%

4.4" or less... less than 17%
4.5" to 4.9"... 34%
5.0" to 5.2"... 24%
5.3" to 5.5"... 17%
5.9" or more... less than 2%

Source: Lifestyles Condoms Penis Size Survey
(the largest medical survey on penis size)
conducted March 11-17

a few times a month........ 37%
a few times per year....... 16%
not at all................. 14%
4 or more times a week..... 8%
2 or 3 times a week........ 26%

Source: National Health and Social Life Survey
Published in Sex In America Statistics over the
past 12 months.

15 minutes to 1 hour..... 69%
15 minutes or less....... 11%
1 hour or more........... 20%

Source: National Health and Social Life Survey
Published in Sex in America. Statistics reflects
the duration of the respondents most recent sexual event.

19 + years old... 16.9%
18 years old..... 18.3%
17 years old..... 12.5%
16 years old..... 17.4%
15 years old..... 13.9%
14 years old..... 10.3%
13 or younger.... 11%

Source:The National Survey of Family Growth.
Issued by the National Center for Health Statistics
Congressional International Service/Published April


1. Unintentional Injury.............. 9.5%
2. Motor Vehicle Accident............ 5.4%
3. Congenital anomalies.............. 3.7%
4. Homicide and Legal Intervention,...2.9%

1. Motor vehicle accident.............5.7%
2. Unintentional injury.............. 4.7%
3. Cancer............................ 2.9%
4. Homicide and legal intervention... 1.3%

15 TO 24 YEARS OLD...
1. Motor vehicle accident............. 37.8%
2. Homicide and legal intervention.... 24.8%
3. Suicide............................ 18.5%
4. Unintentional injury............... 14.6%

25 TO 44 YEARS OLD...
1. Heart disease...................... 28.5%
2. Unintentional injury............... 24.8%
3. Motor vehicle accident............. 24.2%
4. Suicide............................ 23.5%

45 TO 64 YEARS OLD...
1. Cancer.............................253.3%
2. Heart disease..................... 253.2%
3. Brain hemorrhage and aneurysms......30.2%
4. Chronic live disease and cirrhosis..29.0%

65 OR OLDER....
1. Heart disease....................1,906.1%
2. Cancer.......................... 1,407.2%
3. Brain hemorrhage and aneurysms.....365.3%
4. Lung disease.......................347.8%

SOURCE:National Vital Statistics Report
Published by the National Center for Health Statistics
a division of the Center for Disease Control
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What other city combines the culture of Paris,
the grandeur of Rome, the Energy of Tokyo, and
the cachet of Toledo?

Where else can you get a steak as thick as your
head and not one but two cursed baseball teams?

Look Up at the night sky from anywhere in America and you'll
see a star brighter than all the rest. Feel it beckoning you?
Follow it, child, and be sure to take a full tank of gas
and half a pack of cigarettes. Because that ain't no star.
it's the beacon atop the 1,454-foot Sear's Tower, tallest
office building in the western world --- a gleaming vascular
clamp thrust into the clogged and straining heart of Chicago,
the pork fed beer drenched, gleaming sports mecca with own
private ocean.

Listen to best jazz and blues on Earth, you can bet they're in one
of the 1.2 billion area sports bars, slurring about the
sickest Jordan move of all time.

Grab a flight, ride the rails or just hitchike your way to the
headwaters of Route 66.


Half the midwest was transplanted from Germany, which
makes Resi's Bierstube, as authentic a Chicago experience as
a Tommy gun fight.

have a drink at Murphy's Bleachers on a Cubs game day
and find out just how delightfully obnoxious a styful of Cubs
fans can be.

Chicago's pricey peeler scence exits mostly to gouge tourists.
Follow the in the know locals south of town about 25 minutes to

Chicago's 1990s food renaissance was meant to crush the city's
broad shouklders rep. From Mike Ditka's to eclectic combinations
Charlie Trotters Morton's steak to Italian Bucca di Beppo to
the Beef of Orleans.

The cheap burgers, pizza and soul food have the targets of so many late
munchie runs to the family owned Bar Louie, or you want the
champagne room champagne with caviar a Narcisse.



*** The term "Windy City" was coined as a pejorative for the city's
blow hard politicians, not the average wind speed of 10.4
miles per hour.

*** Chicago native Bill Murray quit college after getting busted
for marijuana possession at O'Hare airport.

*** Chicago is the home of the largest population of Poles (Polish)
outside Warsaw.

*** In 1997 the ever efficient Chicago City council, absolved
Mrs. O'leary cow of all blame for the great Chicago Fire in 1871.

(abstracted from MAXXIMAG by Chuck Thompson)
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Friday, November 19, 2004
The world is a great spinning sphere of
idiocy, a giant whirling orb of imbecility,
a huge hurtling rock of total absurdity
(from Idiotica/MAXXIMMAG)

Hankerchiefs. By all means, honk snot into a rag
and shove it in your pocket to save for later.
While you're at it, stuff some used toilet paper
into your briefcases.

Toupees. Like we can't tell you're wearing a
fucking carpet on your head.

Fuschia. Is this even a real color, or just a plot
to make everyone who say it sound gay?

Perms. Why just get your hair cut when you can
have it chemically fried to look and feel like
a poodle's butt.

Tofu. Looks like bathtub caulk and tastes like it.
If vegetarians seriously expect normal people
to convert, they've gotta get a better grub.

Studying Latin. What part of the "dead language"
don't you understand, professor?

Birds as Pets. If we wanted loud, non stop
chirping around here, we'd just get married.

Michael Jackson's 11th Plastic Surgery.
Some say it was better than the 10th--
if you go for that "a cougar mauled my face"look.

The Tie. There's gotta be a better way to signify
that you're a mature professional than by cutting
off your air supply for eight hours a day work.

Anniversaries. We can think of no better way to
ruin the memory of a special event than by
artificially commerating it every year-- except for
being treated like assholes if we forgot.

Breast Reduction Surgery. Tell you what ladies, if
those beauties are hurting your backs, we'll gladly
help you carry them around.

Monogamy. You can't expect a billion sperm to all
fall for the same girl.

Sit-Ups. Before masochistic Spartan invented this
torture, nobody knew we had abs, so they damn well
did'nt expect us to have them.

Soft Core Porn. Low budget erotica with no penetration?
We might as be watching General Hospital.

Bathroom Hand Dryers. Step 3; Rub hands briskly under
nozzles. Step 4; Wipe hands on pants.

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WORLD TOILET SUMMIT....Summit no joke for toilet makers
BEIJING-- Laugh all you want,
say public hygiene experts
at the World Toilet Summit, but the importance
of "loos" (toilet) you can use is no joke.

The three day event, which began Wednesdy in Beijing,
is an international commode conference. Some 150 scholars,
toilet designers and environmentalist from 19 countries
gathered to exchange ideas on topics such as the latest
toilet technologies, lavatory management tips and the
realtionship between toilets and tourism development.


"People are saying ," We want good toilets!" because
toilets are a basic human right and that basic human right
has been neglected
." said Jack Sim, founder of the
World Toilet Organization, a co-sponsor of the summit.

China, known for fetid public toilets that often are little
more than open trenches, is eager to show off its advances
while preparing for the 2009 Beijing Olympics.

The convention is in its fourth year, with Singapore, Seoul
and Taipei as previous hosts. Participants this year came
from countries as far as Finland, Japan and the United States.

(Associated Press/ Audra Ang)
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Thursday, November 18, 2004

There are many paths to take in the radiology field,
and all could lead to an exciting and successful career.

With an aging and growing population, radiologists,
radilologic technologies and technicians are in demand.
Employment of readiologic technologists and technicians
is expected to grow faster than the average all occupations
through 20012, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's
Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hospitals will remain the principal
employer, but a growing number of new jobs will be found in
physician offices and diagnostic imaging centers.

Formal training programs in radiography range in length from
one to four years and lead to a certificate, associate or
bachelors degree. Two years degree program are the most prevalent.

Like all other physicians, radiologists must have graduated
from an accredied medical school, passed a licensing examinations
and completed at least four years in a residency program.

Median annual earnings of radiologic technologists and technicians
were $38,970 in 2002,the BLS said. The middle 50 percent earned
between $32,370 and $46,510; the lowest 10 percent earned less
than $27,190 and the highest 10 percent earned more than $55,430.

(by Sam Hostettler/SUNTIMES)


To some of my readers from Pinas, if you want to know how to apply, give ur comments on this blog and ur email address, I will email you the complete listings where you can apply and send your resume even from Pinas. This profession is in demand, and the reason I blog this is to be able help some of the Kababayans who are licensed Radiology Tech and wants to be employed in the States directly by hospitals here.
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MIAMI -- The people at eBay were no believers in this
cheesy miracle: half of a 10 year old grilled cheese
sandwich whose owner claimed bore the image of the Virgin Mary.

Diane Duyser put the sandwich up for sale last week, drawing bids
as high as $22,000 before eBay pulled the item Sunday night.
The page was viewed nearly 100,000 times before being taken down.

An email Duyser received from eBay said the sandwich broke its
policy, which "does not allow listings that are intended as jokes".

No Laughing Matter
But Duyser, a jewelry designer who has bought and sold items
on eBay for two years, insisted this was not a laughing matter.

"How could eBay do this to me?" Duyser said Monday,
hours before the online auction was supposed to have ended.

On Tuesday, the Web site allowed bidding to resume,
with the top offer reaching over $16,000.
Bidding is scheduled to end Nov.

Company spokesman Hani Durzy said the listing
was mistakenly removed becauseofficials doubted whether
Duyser could deliver the product.

"After looking at it a scond time, there's nothing to indicate that the seller
isn't willing to give up this cheese sandwich to the highest bidder
," he said.
"We're going to allow it to stay up."

In mocking response, two similar items were posted later --
grilled cheese sandwiches bearing the images of the
Virgin Mary's used chewing gum and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Duyser thought eBay would be the best place to show off the
sandwich, made on plain white bread with American cheese.
It was cooked with nor oil or butter.

Duyser, 52 said she took a bite after making it 10 years ago
and saw a face staring back at her from the bread.

She put the sandwich in a clear plastic box with cotton balls,
and kept it on her nightstand. At first, she was scared by the image,
"but now that I realize how unique it is, I wanted to share it with the world," Duyser said.

The sandwich, she added, has never sprouted a spore of mold.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

May cause dry mouth,overeating,
short term memory loss,hallucinations.


The Penalty for smoking pot in Atlanta is up to 99 years in Prison. But that has'nt stopped the Cotton State --- from siding with California in its battle to keep medical marijuana legal. All three filed briefs supporting Left Coast medipot users before the U.S. Supreme Court, which will hear arguments on Nov. 29 on whether patients can cultivate and possess physician-prescribed cannabis.

"We happen to believe California's medical-marijuana policy is misguided", says Alabama solicitor general Kevin Newsom. " But this isn't about the drug war. It's about states rights ."Besides California, 10 states have legalized medical marijuana since 1996. Nonetheless, federal drug busters have waged an eight year battle against medipot, closing down cannabis clubs and prosecuting users. The case now before the Justices, Ashcroft vs Raich, involves two california women with chronic ailments.

State lawyers contend the feds have no say over over women's pot use, since no money changed hands and the drug does'nt cross state lines. For a court that has expanded states rights, often to the dismay of liberals, the case is tricky. "Federalism isn't just for conservatives," says Boston University law Professor Randy Bennett, who will present the oral arguments for California. "It means allowing states to experiment with social policies beyond the reach of Congress. " Who says red and blue states can't get along"?

(TIMENOTEBOOK by Margot Roosevelt)
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Aug. 4, 1929
CHILDHOOD... Yasser Arafat, is born in Cairo. After the death of his mother in 1933, he is sent to live with an Uncle in Jerusalem.

May 15, 1948
EARLY TRAINING... The state of Israel is proclaimed. Arafat runs arms and learns guerilla tactics in he first Arab-Israeli war.

EDUCATION AND ACTIVISMArafat studies engineering at Cairo University and becomes involved in the Palestinian cause.

Feb. 4, 1969
RISE TO POWER.He is elected chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

Sept.17, 1970
DRIVEN OUTJordan cracks down on the PLO. Soon afterward, Arafat moves to Lebanon.

June 6, 1982
EXILEThe PLO evacuate Beirut after Israel invades Lebanon.

Dec. 13, 1988
INTIFADEH. Following a year of riots by Palestinian against Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip, Arafat renounces terrorism and calls for negotiations with Israel.

Sept. 13, 1993
PEACE TALKS.After more than a year of secret negotiations, Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin sign the Oslo accords.

July 1, 1994
STATESMAN. Arafat returns to Gaza after a 25-year absence. In December he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jan. 20,1996
TRIUMPH.He is elected president of the Palestinian Authority.

July 11, 2000
STALEMATE.A summit at Camp David with Israeli Prime Minsiter Ehud Barak fails.

September 2000
WAVE OF VIOLENCE. A deadly second Intifadeh begins.

June 2002
ISOLATION.Periodically besieged by Israel, which blames him for suicide attacks, Arafat confines himself to Ramallah, where he remains for more than two years.

Nov. 11, 2004
LAST GOODBYE. Two weeks after leaving Ramallah for medical treatment, Arafat dies near Paris.

(TIMEMAG by/ Nadia Mustafa)
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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
(abstracted from MAXMAG)


(if you have read the book, Da Vinci Code, here's some info on one of the chapter of the book about the design of the US dollars)

*** Check the One U.S. Dollar paper bill, with the side of the eagle and the pyramid facing you.

*** On the right side of the bill...the Eagle head faces the olive branch, suggesting we(USA) prefer peace. (The seal was created in 1782 before Dubya)

*** Still on the right side , the Eagle holds 13 arrows and an olive branch with 13 leaves, each representing one of the original Colonies.

*** On the left side of the bill, you will see a Pyramid with an Eye, the All Seeing Eye, is an ancient symbol of divinity -- not a shout out to Freemasons, as conspiracy buts believes.

*** Still on the left side of the bill, the Top of the Pyramid is uncapped, signifying our (USA) growth was not complete.

*** Still on the left side of the bill, the Western side of the Pyramid is dark in color, as we (USA) had'nt yet fully explored the American West.

*** Still on the Pyramid side of the bill, the is a Latin word inscripted that says,"Annuit Coeptis", meaning He (God) has favored our (USA) undertakings.

The biggest U.S. handouts, by deadbeat nation.

Iraq... US$18.6 Billion (not even counting the US$51 plus Billion for the military presence.)

Israel... US$ 2.7 Billion

Egypt... US$ 1.9 Billion

Afghanistan... US$ 1.2 Billion (not to mention US10 billion plus for the US military presence.

Columbia... US$.65 Billion

(where does the USA get its gooey black lifeblood)

Nigeria... 923,000 barrels per day.

Venezuela... 1,362,000 barrels per day.

Saudi Arabia... 1,432,000 barrels per day.

Canada... 1,626,000 barrels per day.

Mexico... no count yet as of the publications of this magazine.

The Five (5) New York Mob families in the Godfather
The Corleones, Strachis, Tataglias, Cuneos, and Barzinis.
In real life, they are the Genoveses, Luccheses. Colombos, Bonannos and the Gambinos.

The most Decorated U.S. soldiers of all time
Most experts agree Vietnam vet Joe Hooper edges out WWII's Audie Murphy and WWI's Sgt Alvin York. Hooper earned 37 medals and was credited with killing 115 vietcong.The most decorated living soldier is Col. David Hackworth.

HALLIBURTON COMPANY, while VP Dick Cheney was the CEO, sold Iraq US$ 73 million in equipment.

What makes Texas America's superstar?.

** SOLDIERIN.. Texas houses more troops than any other state, and one in 10 jarheads is a Texan.

** ENERGY.. Most states import oil and gas. Guess where its from?

** THE BORDER..Nearly half of all NAFTA trade either originates in or is destines for Texas. It also means an endless supply of cheap, non-union labor.

** BUSINESS.. Eighteen fortune 500 companies are based in Houston, only New York City has more.

** POLITICAL CLOUT.. For five of the last 16 terms, a Texan has been speaker of the House.
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Monday, November 15, 2004
(abstracted from MAXMAG)

1... Elephants, on average, weigh less than a whales's tongue.

2... Avoid blisters while hiking.
Spray your bare feet with anti-perspirant. They'll seat less (and blister less) and won't smell.

3... Your sweat is made up of salt, water, and urea--- the same ingredients in urine. Yes, you perspire piss.

4... Plunge into water a great height without dying ....maybe.
Hit the water feet first with legs straight(but knees not locked), hands covering your nuts, toes pointed down, and ass clenched so you don't get a 150 mph enema. After entering the water, flp your arms and legs as if you were doing a jumping jack to slow your descent.

(Turns out Hollywood dirtbags lied to us about being able to perform these movie tasks.)
** Kill bad guys by firing two machine guns simultaneously.
A marksman firing pistol still needs two handd to control recoil and properly aim. Shoot an M-16 one handed and you may shot yourself.

** Hot wire a car in a minute flat
Technology ruins the fun. Many new cars use security systems that require a coded sequence embedded in the key. It's impossible to bypass, so no code, no start---no matter what.

** Crawl through air-conditioning ducts silently.
Thy're designed to carry air. Thus, you'd either get stuck, collapse the duct under your weight.

** Jimmy open a lock with your credit card
If you find a door without a jamb, deadbolt, drop bolt, or safety chain, it could work. But that's unikely.

6... The U.S. prison populationis 2,033,331. If they were all in one place, it would be the fourth largest city in America.

7... Spot a fake Gold.
Put a magnet to it. If it sticks, your booty ain't real--- iron is, magnetic, gold isn't.

8... How long a condom remains realiable in your wallet.
Change it once a week-- preferably by using it--- since body heat deteriorates the latex, increasing the chances of breakage.

9... Revive your stale potato chip.
Microwave them for 30 second and, like magic, they'll be nice and crisp.

10.. Russia is so massive that the sun sets in the western part of the country as it rises in the eastern part.

11.. A quick meat marinade.
Soak your steak overnight in bourbon and the alcohol will tenderize the meat.

12.. Countries U.S. government won't let you visit.(American Passport Holder)
Now that we love Libya, there are only two nations supposedly off-limits to U.S. tourists: Cuba and North Korea. Some Americans (journalists and aid workers) are allowed to travel to Cuba. But North Korea does not allow Americans in, period. And Iraq, by petitioning the Coalition Provisional Authority, you can go.

13.. Even a blind Chameleon will mimic the colors of its environment.

14.. An Atom bomb accidentally fell from a U.S. plane over New Mexicao in 1957. It left a crater but did not detonate.

15.. Montana is the only state without an active WWII battleship named after it.

16.. Lebanon is the only country in the Middle East without a desert.

17.. Differentiate Scotch, Bourbon and Whiskey.
Bourbon and Scotch are both whiskey.( Whiskey came from Ireland or the U.S., while Whisky is from Scotland or Canada.) Scotch is aged at least three years, and is distilled in Scotland from malted barley. Bourbon is made in America with a mach of no less than 51 percent corn, plus other grains like barley, rye and wheat, Irish Whiskey is distilled three times rather than Scotch's two. Canadian whisky,often called rye, is usually made from corn, with barley, malt and rye.

18.. What different Roses means:
White... "Congrats on your wedding day". (Not appropriate for your sister)
Pink..."Thank You, female boss".
Yellow..."We're just friends".
Dark Red... "I'm sorry for your loss".
One Red Rose... " I Love You Darling".
A Dozen red roses... "I really love you".

19.. Clean ears should be dirty.
Wax repels water, and removing it changes the acidity of the ear canal, inviting infection. If your ears are Putridflush them with hydrogen peroxide. Use Q-tips only on outer ear.

20.. Easy five ways to clean stuff.
1). Mayo will remove beer can rings on your coffee table.
2). Spread baking soda toothpaste on CDs to repair mini scratch.
3). Get out blood stain with a paste of meat tenderizer and cold water. Wait 1/2 hour, then rub and wash it off.
4). Seltzer gets rid off bird shit on your windshield.
5.) Use hair spray and a toothbruch to remove ink stains.
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Friday, November 12, 2004
(From the American Diabetes Association/ Winnie Yu)

Every year, 1.3 million Americans are diagnosed with Diabetes.

You probably know someone with diabetes. Maybe you've winced as a friend pricked her /his finger for a blood glucose (sugar)test., or noticed the hyper vigilance about nutrition that's part of living with diabetes. And you may even be aware of the complications--- circulatory, kidney and vision problems-- that can result from diabetes.

The numbers are, in a word, staggering. Approximately 18.2 million people, or more than 6 percent of Americans, now have diabetes. Of those, an estimated 5.2 million don't even know they have the disease. At the rate we're going, experts predict that 30 percent of all Americans born in 2000 will wind up with Diabetes.Not coincidentally, the increase in diabetes is occuring at the same time the nation is becoming increasingly sedentary and overweight.

Diabetes is a metabollic disorder that occurs when your body can't control glucose from food into energy. So you winde up with excess glucose in your bloodstream where, if left unchecked, it can wreck havoc throughout your body. Approximately 90 to 95 percent of all people with diabetes type II deabetes, in which the body no longer responds to insulin (the hormone necessary to convert glucose into energy) effectively and often stops making insulin altogether. The rest have type 1 diabetes which is the immune system destroys the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas.


The risk of developing diabetes increase with age,but is also influenced by the following factors:

** Being overweight

** Blood pressure of 140/90 mm/hg or higher

** High cholesterol levels. HDL less than 40 mg/dl in men and less than 50 mg/dl in women or triglycerides of 250mg/dl or higher.

** A parent or a sibling with diabetes

** Being a member of certain ethnic groups: African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander and Native American

** A history of getational diabetes or giving birth to ababy weighing more than 9 pounds.

** An inactive lifestyle.
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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Two of the most annoying things about portable gizmos are figuring out where to put them and what to do when the batteries dies. The Solar Jacket from Scot eVest may help. Made of a breathable, waterproof nylon, the $425 jacket has 30 pockets for carrying anything from an MP# player to a cell phone. Attached to the back are solar panels that store energy in a battery that fits in any pocket. Then, say, when your digital camera needs a charge, run a USB cable from the camera to the battery. Charging takes two to five hours . Sunlight -- and fashion confidence--- are required.


Watches are no longer just for telling time. With its new Paparazzi model, Swatch had teamed up with MSN Direct to transform timepieces into technological multi taskers capable of providing the wearer with up-to-the minute news, sports scores, weather reports and stock quotes. Exclusive access to Swatch City, specialized free content provided by Time Out Magazine,will keep wearers informed about local cultural events and hip bars in 10 top cities. ( by Samantha Hallock)


Celva's latest LCD frame, the Digital Photo Receiver (celva.com;$150), can display pictures sent from camera phones as well as from e-mail or the Web. Take snapshots or find classics from your phone's gallery and then use the phone's menu to send them to the frame specific, randomly generated CelvaMobile e-mail address. At night, when the frame uses it internal modem to call in and download photos, it will retrieve the shots you sent and automatically display them in its 5-in, by 7 in screen.(if you don't want to wait overnight, you can push a button to download pictures immediately.) Don't worry about spammers or any unsavory types getting hold of the frame's address; in the unlikely event that does happen, you can go online and get a fresh address in minutes.---(by Wilson Rothman)
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(abstracted from PEOPLE)

Though rare--- and usually curable --- testicular cancer still claims the lives of nearly 400 young men in the U.S. annually.

SYMPTOMS: A lump or swelling in the testicle, usually painless.

DIAGNOSIS: Physical exam and ultrasound.

TREATMENT: Surgical removal of testicle. The biopsy, blood test and CAT scan, followed by chemo, radiation or possible removal of the lymph nodes-- if the cancer is found to have spread. Some patients opt for a cosmetic testicular prosthesis.

FERTILITY AND SEXUAL FUNCTION: Generally unaffected, but chemo and radiation can temporarily interfere with sperm production.

BEST PREVENTION: Monthly self-exam.



(abstracted from YOURTIME)

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is sound advice for anyone, but according to a new study in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, it may be particularly valuable for older women. A survey of nearly 3,000 New York City-- area women, about half of whom had developed breast cancer, suggests that eating at least 35 serving of fruits and vegetables a week can cut the risk of developing hormone-stimulated breast cancer tumors by 35% in postmenopausal women.

The University of North Carolina epidemiologists who led the study say leafy greens and colorful vegetables like carrots, squash, tomatoes and peppers, which are rich in lycopene and beta carotene, are especially potent cancer fighters.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
YOUR TIME.........YOUR TIME......
(abstracted from TIMEMAG)

There are lots of ways to stop smoking but, as many smokers know to well, few that really stick. The key, according to a study in the American Journal of Psychiatry, is time. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, measured the success rates of would-be quitters who received councseling plus the antidepressant nortriptyline or a placebo for either three months a year. Compared with 18% of patients who were able to quit after short term drug and behavioural theraphy, 50% of those in the long term group were abstinent at the end of the year. Researchers even found that 42% of the placebo were abkle to quit if they got yearlong counseling. (By Sara Song)
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"When you start a day like this in Jackson Hole, it's going to be a good day"DICK CHENEY, VP, after voting near his home in Wyoming.

" I think I go into a monastery".
GEORGE SOROS, philanthropist and Kerry supporter, asked before the election what he would do if Bush won.

"Appoint Senator Kerry ambassador to France".
DON IMUS, radio talkmeister on what advise he would give Pres. Bush for his second term.

"Reality is here, and I think we've got to give the President and his team a lot of credit...They've won it".
JAMES CARVILLE, Democratic strategist on election night.

"It's a staggering blow".
GEORGE MCGOVERN, former South Dakota Senator and Democratic presidential candidate, on the defeat of fellow South Dakotan and Senate minority leader Tom Daschle.

"This race is hotter than a Times Square Rolex".
DAN RATHER, CBS anchor, as the tight Florida returns began rolling in on election night.

"What we have shown is that all of us can disagree without being disagreeable".
BARACK OBAMA, who handily won his Illinois Senate race.

" I promise you, it's me."
GEORGE W. BUSH, making a phone call to a voter in Columbus Ohio, on his way back to Washington on Election Day.

"We promised....that every vote would count and that every vote would be counted."
JOHN EDWARDS, Democratic vice-presidential candidate, at 2:30 am, Wednesday morning, on why the Kerry campaign was holding back its concession.



34 Number of States visited by George Bush during the presidential campaign.

41 Number of states visited by John Kerry.

36 Number of visits made by Senator Kerry to Ohio, the most by any candidate to one state.

630,000 Total number of TV campaign commercials aired this election season.

5,480 Number of campaign ads aired in Florida's Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV market in October.

$1.45 billion Total spent at all levels on campaign advertising this year.

$140 million Amount raised by liberal 527 groups during the campaign.

$75 million amount raised by conservative 527 groups.

2,256 Number of lawyers the Democrats sent to Ohio to monitor voting.

8 Number of U.N. electoral assistance workers in Iraq so far.
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Monday, November 08, 2004
(by Stacey Colino from RENEWAL/Rejuvination/Stress Mgt)


WHISTLING babies, flying executives, missed college exams, passionate love trysts, being chased by a bear or your high school teacher.

WHAT do you dream about?, better yet,WHY DO YOU DREAM?

NO ONE knows exactly why our brains put on these bizarre nighttime movies, but dreams are more than entertainment. Most experts agree that they are reflections of what is going on in our psyche and daily life. "Dreams and sleep can help us digest information from our waking state and asimilate it into our brains". explains psychologist Marc Schoen, PhD, an assistant clinical Professort at the UCLA School of Medicine.

DREAMS can also be tools you use to identify the issues in your life and your true feelings abou them. "Dreams can serve a problem-solving function," asserts Schoen. "If you can't find a solution to a problem in your waking life, at times you can ding solutions in your dreams life."

ULTIMATELY, making an effort to decode the meaning behind your dreams can enhance your perspective and suggest solutions for everyday problem, says Schoen.

TO EXACT maximum value from your dreams, though, you have to remember them in the morning. You may also have to probe and prod a bit to reveal their true meaning.


The best thing for putting your dreams to work is a dream journal, which can be as simple as a notepad next to your bed. "A dream journal improves dream recall", explains San Francisco dream analyst Gayle Delaney, PhD, founding father of the Association for the Study of Dreams.

Here's how to start keeping and using a journal.

Keep a pen and journal or line paper by your bedside. Before you turn in for the night, Delaney recommends that you write the date in your journal, follwoed by three or four lines about the highlights of your day, namely, what you did and felt that was significant.

When you wake up the next morning, immediately jot down your descrioption of the majot images that are in your mind. Do you remember people, places, actions, moods?Even if you remember fragments of images, write those down. Unable to remember the any actual dream footage? "write down the last thing that was on your mind before you woke uo or the first thing that was on your mind after waking", says Delaney. be specific about details, as if you were describibg them to someone else.

Be sure to write down your feelings upon awakening. If you had a dream you can't recall, are there any residual feelings or emotions? "It's how you feel in your dream that you the personal interpretation of the dream's symbology", says Schoen.

Even the words you use to tiel your dream can be useful later, when you're looking for commonalities between dreams.

Finally, take a few minutes that day to look for parallels between your dream and your daily life. Ask yourself: Based on my description of my dream, is there anything similar going on inmy life? Is there any part of myself that's like the qualities or characters in my dream?
Bridging the dram to real life is essential if you want your self- induced images to ehlp you understand your waking hours, explains Delaney.
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(abstracted from PERSONALFINANCE/WST.J)

The Next Four Years
President Bush has signal that he plans to try to implement or extend programs introduced in his first term. Look for new types of retirement savings accounts and potentially higher oil prices.

The current top tax rate of 15% in dividends and capital gains is likely to maintained, as is the top federal income-tax rate of 35% Bush is likely to push to make those tax cuts permanent.

Bush is expected to press for permanent repeal of the federal estate tax,now set to disappear in 2010 but then reappear in 2011.

Under Bush's proposal to revamp Social Security, he could allow individuals to direct some of their payroll taxes into retirement accounts where they could potentially earn higher terms, in exchange for scaled-back guaranteed benefits.

Workers could see their employer sponsored retirement plans consolidated into a new single plan, konw as the Employer Retirement Savings Account.

Employers will get more incentives to roll out health savings accounts, which allow consumers to set aside pretax funds for future medical expenses.

New Policies resulting from last year's Medicare overhaul are likely to continue intact. Seniors can expect a new prescription-drug benefit in 2006.

The tax advantages of 529 college-savings plans are likely to be extended. Bush's 2001 tax law made qualified withdrawals on earnings tax- Free, but those benefits were scheduled to expire in 2010.

Students who qualify for Pell Grants could get an additional $1,000 in their first year of college if they meet certain requirement.

Expect higher oil prices, at least in the short term, since Bush supports continuing to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Bush isn't likely to demand strict new fuel-efficiency rules or big new fuel taxes.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004
(abstracted from OMAG)

ENERGY IS POWER---- Literally what makes the world go around. Everything from your car and your nutrition bar to your sex life is a statement about how you use resources, both personal and environmetal. Find a quiet time to consider these questions.

1. Energy follows attention, what's your primary focus right now? Is what where you want your energy invested?


2. Whar excites and inspires you physically? Emotionally? Intellectually? Spritually? Financially? What would have to happen for you to focus your attention --and energy-- in that directions?


3. What's stealing your energy? List the biggest thieves (Unsatisfactory relationships, debt, work) What could you do to clear up these situations?


4. Clutter is a major energy drain. Which areas of your home (or office) need cleaning out? Could you part with stuff more easily if you recycle it to a charity, shelter, or youth center?


5. How energy-efficient is your lifestyle? Do you know the fuel-efficiency rating of your car? The emissions rating? What could you do to reduce energy consumption at home?(For information, check out the U.S. Department of Energy's Ofice of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (www.eere.energy.gov) and the American Council for an Energy Efficient Econocy (aceee.org)
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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
(taken from the NOTEBOOK of TIMEMAG)

1 INCH. Increase in the average height of American from 1960 to 2002, to 5ft. 9 in. for men and 5 ft. 4 in. for women.

25 POUNDS. Increase in the average weight of the Americans over the same time period, to 191 lbs. for men and 164 lbs for women.

$30 BILLION Revenue so far this year from Afghanistan's opium production, which feeds 95 percent of Europe's heroin addiction.

$7 Daily wage for opium laborers in Afganistan, twice the average daily pay for unskilled labor in that country.

328 Number of exonerations of falsely convicted U.S. prisoners since 1989; about half of those since 1999 have been based on DNA evidence.

11 Average number of years a falsely convicted prisoner spends behind bars before being exonerated, according to a University of Michigan study.

$137 Billion Amount in tax breaks that will go to companies as a result of a tax bill by Congress.

$44 Million Amount in tarriffs on Chinese ceiling fans to be eliminated over two years by the bill, giving a boosts to the Home Depot, which imports the fans.

51.2 Million Number of viewers who watched last presidential debate.

$10 Million. Amount the USDA Forest Service says it plans to bill a teenager who inadvertently started a 16,000 acre wildfire in Washington State in August.

$150. Cost of the spark arrester that should have been installed in the off-road vehicle that officials believe started the blaze.

$24,675. Sale price of a 1941 Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon, a commercial-auction record for a standard-size bottle of California wine, purchased by film director Francis Ford Coppola's son, Roman.

$1.49. Retail price of the same bottle when it was first on sale.

$55. Price of a one-day pass to Disney World.

100,000/ 2001 estimate of the total number of genes in the human genome.

20,000/ Revised estimate of the total number of genes in the human genome.

13,600/ Estimated number of genes in the fruit-fly genome.

$360,000. Winning bid of cabdriver Mohammed Shah for a taxi medallion, the highest amount ever paid for an individual cab license in New York City.

$10. Cost of a New York City taxi medallion in 1937, the year the licenses were introduced.

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