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Friday, August 29, 2003
we live in an all white , all jewish community of the north shore of chicago, near lake michigan called highland park/il. the entire aread is surrounded by old houses and nice manicured lawns, with all the breeze coming from lake michigan. we have bought the house 25years ago and it is abeautiful house. it is now 65 years old and the entire structure is bricks and the floor is oak. i love the whole structure of the house cuz, it is cool during summer time and warm during winter. theres a big oak tree infront of the house and i at time get so upset with the tree during fall season. there's so much leaves to rake and clean. i love to garden, so the entire front lawn are all blooming ow with the mums of different colors and sizes. summer flowers are all gone, and comes the beauty of falls flowers, which are sturdy mums in different colors.

the three apple trees at the back did not bear fruit this year. cuz i did not fertilize it. none of my boys wants toeat the fruit and so it falls on the ground and i have to clean it. so much work. but i have plenty of vegetables at the back yard.
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