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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
(by: HENRY WRIGHT Archeologist, University of Michigan, Museum of Anthropology, said our history is vanishing. He's studied the remains of civilizations worldwide, and he woriees that "50 years from now we won't have enough of an archaeological record left to answer fundamental operations about our past-- and our possible futures." Here's the list of the most endangered archeological sites, and they're in trouble)

NO. ONE.... IRAQ EARLY CITIES (4000 to 1200 BC) some of the Mesopotamia's earliest cities are being destroyed by thieves seeking statue, bronzes, and tablets with cuneiform writing.

NO. TWO.... TOWNS OF MALL(500 BC to AD 1400) on the Niger's inner delta, thousands of townsites, including the oldest in Sub-Saharan Africa, are being mined for terra-cotta artifacts.

NO. THREE.... MISSISSIPPIAN CULTURE(AD 800 to 1700) to improve agricultureal yield and make way for development in America's Mississippi Valley, thousands of Native American villages and temple centers have been flattened.

NO. FOUR.... KHMER CITIES AND TEMPLES(AD 200 to 1350) these ruins in Southeast Asia are no longer shrouded by jungle. Conitnuing conflict makes it easy for armed gangs to loot irreplaceable Kmer statuary for profit.

NO. FIVE....SHIPWRECKS In all the world's seas, shipwrecks-- some more than 5,000 years old -- are now accessible to latter-day treasure hunters who are equipped with high tech sensing and recovery technologies.

NO. SIX.... MAYA CITIES(AD 250 to 900) they're being stripped of Stelae and carved stone reliefs just as we're learning to read their glyphs as the history of early Maya Royalty.

NO. SEVEN.... PERU'S ROYAL TOMBS (200BC to AD1450) grave robbing has accelerated as thieves have learned where tombs are hidden. because of Peru's early dynasties did'nt develop a writing system, studying the rich fabric and gold jewelry from tombs is the best way for us to document the rise and fall of the first Andean Kingdoms.

(read about it at nationalgeographic.com/magazine/0310/feature3.)
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(by: Carlos D.Marques, Jr./ TODAY Correspondent)

Cabiao, Nueva Ecija -The breathtaking beauty of New Zealand and Scotland may have been the memorable backdrop for the blockbuster Hollywood films, "The Lord of the Rings", "Braveheart" and "First Knight", among others, but the swords were so indispensible to them were designed by a Filipino mechanical engineer and made in a small blacksmith shop in this town.

The designer, Rodrigo Revote, 44, said he made the Gandalf swords used by Frodo and Aragorn in winning the throne of Gondor in J.R.R. tolkien's "The Lord of the Ring", from metal scraps he picked around his neighborhood in Barangay Entablado, in Cabiao town.

For some other knife and sword designs, he simply used lahar and other debris from Mount Pinatubo's eruption.

"They were laughing at me, scorning my appearance like a scavenger," Revote recalled, while holding a replica of the sword used by Mel Gibson in "Braveheart".

He knew from his American export broker that his custom made products will be in those movies.

Now, his Revote Enterprises ships an average of 700 to 1,000 custom made swords in the US every month. A Gandalf sword costs $300. It takes the Revote Enterprises, now with about 75 workers , at least three days to finish the Gandalf sword.

(full story http://www.abs-cbnnews,com/NewsStory.aspx?section=Celebrity&OID=60452)

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
(sent by a friend form SMF/CALIF.)

Lulu was a protitute, but she didn't want her grandma to know about it.
One day, the police raided a whole group of prostitutes at a sex party in a hotel,
and Lulu was among them.

The Police took them outside and had all the prostitutes line up along the driveway,
when suddenly, Lulu's grandma came by and saw her grandaughter.

Grandma asked Lulu, "Why are you standing in line here, dear?".

Not willing to let her grandmother know the truth, Lulu told her grandmother
that the policemen were passing out free oranges and she was just lining up for some.

"Why, that's awfully nice of them. I think I'll get some for myself.",
grandma said, and she proceeded to the back of the line.

A policeman was going down the line asking for information from all of the prostitutes. When he got to Grandma, he was bewildered and exclaimed,

"Wow, still going at it at your age?
"how do you do it?"

Grandma replied.

"Oh, its easy, dear. I just take me dentures out,
rip the skin back and suck them dry."

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(by NYU Professors Mary Dawne Arden and Jan Hardgrave)


It's buh-bye if he (your boyfriend) displays these heave-ho moves.

THE LIMP HANDHOLD. This lack-luster approach to connecting physically can be a sign he's trying to pull away emotionally too.

FLEETING EYE CONTACT. Guys who are gaga get lost in your gaze.

THE HALF HUG.A lame embrace denotes a level of discomfort.

THE LISTLESS KISS. If he's scoping the scene while he's planting one on you in public, his mind is on other things.
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(abstracted from COSMOMAG on their issuse about healthcare)

The abuse you inflct on your skin in your teens and early 20's (mainly from sun exposure) will become visible in your early 30's or even sooner. Here are the first three signs of damage.



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Not only does bitching a little make others aware of what you want (and help you get it) but a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology also found that assertive women reported less stress when faced with a challenging situation.


Light may be a deterren to binge eating. A scientific survey found that people are more likely to give into food cravings in dimly lit surroundings because they feel uninhibited. (By Joseph Kasof, PhD. research associate at the Univ of Calif.)


While 90 percent of all serial killers are men in America, 65 percent of the victims are women. (The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Harold Schecter and David Everitt)


You might think the average guy is only after a hot sex session. But most young men are looking for a soul mate to fulfill theri emotinal, sexual, and spiritual desires...and help foot the bills. (Gallup survey as commissioned by The National Marriage Project)


Women are more critical of other women's looks during ovulation. Researchers believe this behaviour evolved as a way for women to win a man's attention when they're at their most fertile.(Study by Maryanne Fisher, PhD, York Univ. Toronto)





A bunch of below-the-belt problems have one surprising cause: pants that are too tight. Pants that don't let enough air circulate arund your bottom can contribute to anal itching, vaginal cysts, yeast infections, hemnorrhoids, even buttne.(www.cosmopolitan.com)


there maybe a biological reason why guys tune out when you talak to them. A study revealed that men listen with only half of their brain, while women use both sides.(An Indiana Univeristy School of Mediciane Study)


Finland-- yep, that's right. Finland -- takes the first place with the highest cnsumption of java per capita of the world. They typically like it black.( From the National Coffee Association of USA)


According to experts, dating polygamists could technically be labeled sociopaths. The lengths that they go to lie and manipulate -- without any real guilt -- indicates a social dysfunction, not just bad morals. (Marcela BAkur Weiner, PhD. co-authors of the book CHEATERS)

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Monday, September 27, 2004
(by Dr. Elson M. Haas, MD, is a medical director of the Preventive Medical Center in Marin in San Raphael, Calif., and a leading practitioner of integrated medicine. He is also the author of several books, including Staying Healthy with Nutrition and The Detox Diet)


1... PHYSICAL: intense exertion,manual labor,lack of sleep,travel.

2... CHEMICAL: drugs,alcohol,caffeine,nicotine and environmental pollutants such as cleaning chemicals or pesticides.

3... MENTAL: perfectionism, worry, anxiety,long work hours.

4... EMOTIONAL: anger, guilt, loneliness, sadness and fear.

5... NUTRITIONAL: food allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiency.

6... TRAUMATIC: injuries or burns, surgery, illness, infections,extreme temperature.

7... PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL: troubled relationshps, financial or career pressures, challenges with the goals, spiritual alignment and general state of happiness.


*** HAVE MORE FUN. schedule in and actively pursue activities that you enjoy and that help you relax.

*** EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS.emotions need regular venting and evolution. stuck, unexpressed emotions are the building blocks of pain and illness.

*** GET ENOUGH SLEEP.poor sleep habits interfere with your body's ability to rest, heal and recharge. if you have trouble sleeping, seek out the causes and get some help addressing them!

*** EXERCISE.regular physical exercise is one of the best ways to clear away tension and build energy. it also helps you to adopt a better life perspective and to feel more in control of your circumstances.

*** PRACTICE RELAXATION EXERCISES. breathing, meditation and visualization exercises help you let go of mental worries and allow you to experience precious moments of calm and inner peace. i believe that this quiet, "nothing happening" space is where thehealing process begins.

*** DEVELOP GOOD RELATIONSHPS. it is important to have authentic friends in whom you can confide and find support. those who love and accept you -- people who willling to and advise, but won't judge -- are your true friends. it can also be very fulfilling to be a true friend to someone else.

*** EXPERIENCE LOVE AND SATISFYING SEX. a primary relationship that's loving and sensual and sexual can also be a major stress reducer. having an understanding, accepting companion to receive your hardworking body and mind can be the best therapy available. that said, if you donot currently have such a relationship in your life, turn to the other helpful therapies. if you are lacking touch, consider getting massage or another form of healing bodywork.

*** CHANGE PERCEPTIONS AND ATTITUDES. when ideas or views are not serving you, it's wise to examine and adapt them. it's important to learn to respond to life's situations and not just react. this is a true "response-ability"! haging onto frustrations,holding grudges, and playing the victim/blame game are not in your health's best interest. when you can, step back from the little struggles and look at the big picture. many people find that applying spiritual principles to sticky life situations offers direction as well as greater peace of mind and heart. but whether it's a spiritual practice or a daily yoga or journaling ritual, do what you need to do in order to find and experience self-love , self-respect and true self-worth.

*** EAT RIGHT. eating nutrient-poor foods that are high in sugar or filled with chemicals and unhealthy fats puts an unnecessary stress on your system, reducing your immunity, overloading your liver and forcing your body to work overtime just to maintain balance. if you use up too many of your body's resources on handling high-stress food-and-drink operations, there's not much left over for emergencies. eating nourishing food, on the other hand, supports your body's natural immune and healing systems, helping your body to cope successfully with other sources of stress.
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(abstracted from EXPRIENCELIEMAG)

*** Stay fully present when you're doing it, paying attention to how it feels.

*** Ask yourself: What other times do you have these same feelings?

*** Watch what happen when you deny yourself the habit.

*** Journal/express yourself abaout the habit.

*** Try making the habit sacred, part of a ritual ceremony. See how that changes it.

*** Have a clear picture of why you are seeking to change the habit.
--- Who is the person you will become when you have changed this?
--- What aspects of your personality or experience will be left behind?
--- What is your motivation for change? What are your fears about it?
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((abstracted from EXPERIENCELIFEMAG)

yoga/ Meditation

hanging around with friends/ walking

working out/ playing sports

naps/ eating

body care (facials, pedicures, etc)


spirituality/ prayer

sex/ affection

strong relationship/ partnership

asking for help


counseling/ theraphy

cooking/ cleaning

making music/ singing


being in nature


going home


being still/sitting


affirmations/writing/arts/creative projects


yoga and meditation

working out/ walking

sex/ strong relationship and partnership

writing/creative projects


time alone

movies/ TV

making music/ dancing

playing sports
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Sunday, September 26, 2004
(from SHAPE by Jennifer Matlack)

1... EAT HEALTHY AND OFTEN.It's the most obvious way to get pumped up. But just eating anything is not enough. You need to eat well, says Jacob Teitelbaum MD , the Annapolis, Md based author From Fatigue to Fantastic. For sustained energy levels, he suggests eating smaller, more frequent meals.(i.e. six meals is approximately 300-450 caloires each), comprising 50 percent complex carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat.

2... DON'T SIT STILL A daily 30 minute blast of moderate to high intensity cardio vascular exercise is essential for sustained energy levels, but even two to 10 minutes brisk movement has a remarkably energizing effect, says Robert E. Thayer, Ph.D of Long Beach, Ca.author of Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and ExerciseAlthough brief activity probably won't spike endorphin levels, Thayer's research has shown it will increase your heart rate and keep you feeling revved up to two hous.


3... TURN DOWN YOUR INNER VOLUME. Meditating is one of thebest ways to offset stress, a huge factor in fatigue, says Carlsbad Calif. based David Simon, MD, author fo the book Vital Energy: The 7 Keys to Invigorate Body, Mind and SoulSimon suggests a daily practice of meditation that shifts a daily practice of meditation that shifts focus from the negative voices in your head.("I feel overwhelmed and helpless") to a mantra ("I have power over my life"), a soothing sound (that of the ocean or wind in the tress) or your breath.

4... GO ON A TECHNOLOGY AND / OR NEWS "FAST".Sitting at a computer all day can lead to "Technodespair", a term coined by Los Angeles psychiatrist Judith Orloff, MD. to describe the fatigue or depression that can set in after even briefly being around machines, including computer and phones. "Refuel by going outside for an invigorating walk", says Orloff. A news fast - avoiding news papers, the Internet and TV - also can give you needed break from draining, disheartening images and information.

5... CONSIDER THE GLASS HALF - FULL."We rarely acknowledge the progress we've made", says Bill Ford,the Surrey England based author of High Energy Habits: The Busy Person's Guide to More EnergyWithout Diets or ExerciseBut stopping to look at where you were and how far you've come is energizing. So pat yourself on the back and feel the charge!
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Friday, September 24, 2004
(abstracted from EXPERIENCELIFE)

SIZE.....refers to how big your muscle can be,although actual muscle girth is not as important as having a body that is symmetrical. You don't want Popeye sized forearm and spindly legs, or huge quads and an emaciated torso. In body building, like yoga, the best bodies are not the biggest but are those with perfect proportions.

SHAPE.....describes a pleasing pattern in the lines of muscles, such as cannon-ball delts, horshoe triceps, diamond calves and washboard abdominals. Good shape comes from doing your resistance training with perfect form.

DEFINITION..... refers to the degree of prominence in a muscle. A bodybuilder with great definition is one whose muscles stand out in bold relief Definition is a function of diet more than training. Thin skin thatis low in fat allows whatever muscle you have to shoe more conspicuously.
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Thursday, September 23, 2004
(abstracted from lifestyles@suntimes.com)


Come on, we've all worn them. Some of us like them. But let's not continue tolive the lie that the line of a thong isn't visible through a pair of workout pants or a body smimming skirt. It is! "Our thongs actually are bulkier than our briefs because of the elastic in the waistband", say Eberjey co-founder of Ali Salaverria.


We can blame Madonna for popularizing bras and corsets as outerwear,but even Material Mom rarely stooped to letting her thong straps show. Her protege Britney Spears is another story. The thong became so popular during the 1990's that Sisqo had a hit with "The Thong Song"" and Abercrombie & Fitch was marketing thongs...to 10 year old girls!


Because there are alternatives that work just as well. Because it's tacky, uncomfortable and , in most cases, unnecessary. And because with the exception of a few really fine supermodels and athletes, thongs don't do much to flatter anyone's figure. With the return of ladylike glamor to the fashion world this fall, women are keeping their panties where they should be-- hidden from public view.


Eberjey "Wild at Heart" French brief. www.eberjey.com

1).French briefs

Let's face it, no one wants to wear the type of underwear our moms used to pick out for us. But briefs aren't the same as granny panties. Jockey, Arianne and Eberjey all have lines as gorgeous low rise briefs that cover the body without adding unwanted visible lines. The key is finding a seamless pair made from thin material. Nylon and lycra make a nice combo.

Who popularized it:Liv Tyler favors these. So do Kirsten Dunst and Avril Lavigne.

Why It's In: French briefs are super comfortable, come in all kinds of fabrics and can look innocent enough that they're actually sexier than the too revealing thong. Besides, most women don't like their derrieres and a little extra coverage there never hurts.

Natori "Escape" stretch boy leg shorts. www.nordstrom.com
2). Boy Cut

Perfect for the gal who likes to wear her boyfriends tighty whities and boxer shorts, boy cut panties offer more coverage that can elimiante panty lines. However, you have to make sure the material isn't too thick. It'll leave a line right across your upper thigh, Not a pretty thought.

Who popularized it: Hate to credit Spears, but she's worn these a s part of her costume onstage, Sandra Bullock likes them, and so does Madonna.

Why it's in:They're not so delicate you have to worry about them all the time. But don't fall for the myth that boy cut panties are a flattering cut for women who dont' have perfect bodies. They can be among the most unforgiving items in your wardrobe, making your legs look shorter and fatter than they actually are.

Arianne "Jade" thongboy.
3). Boy thong

Sounds like a cruel joke, right? Actually, lingerie makers are saying the boy thong-- a hybrid between a brief and a thong back that does'nt reveal a "whale tail" -- are the next big things. Not as skimpy as thongs, but without as much coverage as briefs, they combine the best of both worlds.

Who popularized it:Eberjey and Victoria's Secret both pusehd the boy thong and supermodels such as Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell love them.

Why It's in:They're sexy without being as risque as a thong. The front looks innocent. The back looks a bit naughty.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
(abstract from the ENH report)


Dimentia is the loss of the intellectual and social abilities severe enough tointerfere with judgement, behaviour,and daily functioning. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of Dimentia.


(adapted from Alzheimer's Association)

*** Short-term memory loss that affects job and daily skills

*** Difficulty performing familiar tasks

*** Problems with language

*** Poor or decreased judgement

*** Problem with abstract thinking

*** Misplacing things

*** Changes in mood, behaviour,or personality

*** Loss of initiative
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(here's a questionnaire developed by MERCK in case you are interested to know something about yourself and the danger of OSTEOPOROSIS)


If you measured your height today, you might actually discover that you're not quyite as tall as you used to be. That fact coild signal the start of OSTEOPOROSIS.

Are You at Risk?

(add up the number of points for "YES" answers.)

1... Are you a woman? (2 points)

2... Are you thin or small framed? (2 points)

3... Are you fair skinned and/or do you sunburn easily? (1 point)

4... Has you mother, grandmother, or aunt has osteoporosis or lost height?(3points)

5... Do you avoid milk and other dairy products in your diet? (2 points)

6... Do you smoke? (1 point)

7... Do you avoid exercise or going on walks? (1 point)

8... Have you had your ovaries removed or did you reach menopause before age 45?
.... (3 points)






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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

*** Weight loss or intensive fear of weight gain
*** Binge eating
*** Vomiting
*** Use of laxatives, diuretics, emetics, or diet pills
*** Obsessive exercising
*** Loss or irregularity of menstrual periods
*** Secretive behavior related to food
*** Unusual eating habits
*** Wearing of excessive layered or loose clothing
*** Complaints of feeling cold
*** Hyperactive/ Nervouseness
*** Unusual amounts of time spent in the bathroom
*** Denial of any possible problem when confronted with symptoms


An eating disorder is a progressive illness. As it advances, the individual may exhibit some or all of the following effects:

Physical Effects

* Sleep disturbances
* Hormone imbalances, cessation of menses
* Impaired bone development
* Dental deterrioration
* Gastrointestinal damage
* Kidney malfunction
* Anemia
* Low pulse and blood pressure

Psycholigical Effects
* Isolation and withdrawal
* Mood swings, anxiety, and depression
* "People pleasing" (inabiloty to say "No", or assert one's needs), coupled
with low self esteemand /or self hate
* Distorted body image- seeing the body as a fatter or larger than it is
* Perfectionism
* Perception distortions
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Monday, September 20, 2004
(asbtracted from CHICAGOSUNTIMES)

35percent of men say they'll pass if she's get exta pounds.

With more than 65 percent of Americans either overweight or obese, how weighty is the effect of obesity on sex and relationshp.

According to a poll of about 16,000 men and women released this week by SHAPE and MEN'S FITNESS magazaines, three out of four womens ay they would have a relationship with a heavyset man. However, 35 percent of the men surveyed would take a pass on having a relationship with or marrying a Rubenesque woman.

And it get worse.....

*** Nearly one in two women say they have avoided sexual situations because they were uncomfortable with their bodies.

*** Nearly one out of every four guys says they've avoided sex because of fears about what she will think of his body.

*** 44 percent of women say being overweight detrimentally affects their romantic relationships.

*** 24 percent of men say that being overweight hurts them romantically.

However, there are a few facts that level the playing field.
Niney five percent of men and 99 percent of women say report that weight plays an important role in how attractive they feel.

Six percent of the men surveyed say they have ended their relationship based solely on a woman's weight. Yet (for a touch of quid pro quo), 6 percent of the men poled say they've been dumped because their girth. (Lisa Frydman)
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Friday, September 17, 2004
(by: Sharlene Johnson, MOREMAG)


Angelina Acheng Atyam, 55

She is the co-founder and chair of the Concerned Parents Association, Atyam is at the forefront of a campaing for the release of children abducted by rebels in northern Uganda during the 17 year long conflict. Her daugher Charlotte, kidnapped in 1996 at age 14, is amng the 20,000 children who have been forced to become soldiers , porters and sex slaves. A nurse-midwife, Atyam is married and has five other children.

IMPOSSIBLE CHOICEin 1997, the rebels offered to return Charlotte if Atyam will suspend her campaing, "I love my daughter, but to get only her her back would have meant betraying other parents. We want to stop the abductions and get every child out."

OBJECTIVE: "Peace is our ultimate goal".
SACRIFICE: "My maternity clinic used to run very well, but with all my traveling, I can't attend to patients on a regular basis. I've lost my patients and my income".

TREE OF LIFE "the more the tree I planted in memory of Charlotte grows, the more my hopes look bright.:
(Nabusayi I. Wamboka)


Venus M. Ilagan, 44

Partially paraluzed by polio since she was three, Ilagan became a journalist -- and a pioneer for those with disabilities. She now serves as chairperson of Disabled People International, an advocy group with member organizations in 135 countries. She also runs Katipunan Ng Maykapansanan Sa Pilipinas, Inc. (KAMPI) a federation of Filipino grassroots groups fopr the disabled. Ilagan lives in Quezon City with her husband and teenage son.

Secret Sucess: "I am strong willed. I don't want anyone to think I am not able to do things as well as other people".

Old Attitudes:"Many wondered why my parents sent me to school, then supported my ambition to become a journalist. Some thought I shoukd stay home,out of sight. Later, people wondered why a non-disabled man would marry a disabled woman, even if she sere smart and educated. Then they wondered why I wanted a baby. I saw it was time to change people's perceptions."

Global Problem: "The majority of diasbled persons line in a poor countries under deplorable conditions. Medical care is inadequate or unavailable, and social services rarely accessible. Their main concern is surviving another day."

Double Jeopardy:"In the poorest countries, not even five percent of disabled children have access to education. When resources are scarce and teh needs are enormous, those with disabilities are always at the end of a long list of priorities."

Snail's Pace: "There are times, I feel frustrated, especially when chages don't happen fast. So much remains to be done. But I love this work-- the challenges are great, but so are the rewards." (Sharlene Johnson)

*** Jordan
Unveiling Honor Killings

Asma Khader, 51

A lawyer and activist, Khader spearheaded a sucessful campaign in Jordan against honor killings, in which women are murdered or burtalized for actions, or even suspected actions, deemed harmful to their families honor. She has helped involve the country's royal family in teh cause and started up an Arabic language Web site for abused women. Khader is married with four children.

Universal Issue:"The practice is not necessarily Muslim or Christian or Bedoiun. It exists in any patriarchal, authoritarian system inwgcgh men have been the power to control others."

Progress :Khader had lobbied to amend Jordan's laws. Though hnor killings have recently been recognized as a crime, her work is far from over. "We're fighting to raise the minimum punishment. Now, a murderer could get only three to six months."

Changing Times:"Violence against women has become a public issue, not a private problem."

Stress Relief: "I live with sad stories every day. To remember the positive side of life, I may take my chilkdren to the mountains or to an art exhibitions."

The Risks: "Three years ago, someone kept calling, saying he'd rape my daughters so I would understand what honor is. I thought if that ever happened, I could not go on living. Then I realized that I have to continue as long as my daughters, or any woman is facing violence." (Sarah Gauch)

*** Kenya
Stopping Female Genital Mutilation

Faiza Jama Mohamed, 43

Originally from Somalia, Mohamad is African Regional Director for Equality. Now, in Nairobi, where she works on issues including eradication of female genital mutilation (FGM), in which all or a portion of a girl's genitals are cut off. Her group's Web site is equalitynow.org.Thanks in part to her work, Kenya has outlawed FGM in girl under 18, although it's still a battle to stop it altogether. Single, with no children, Mohamed says her siblings promise not to subject her nieces to the rite.

Horror:"It is torture that stays with you. You may never be able to urinate again without pain. The unhygienic surgery may cause infectionm and later on you may experience pain during intercourse and problems during delivery. FGM is cruel. It's done out of ignorance, to control a woman."

Critics:"Some men say, "Stop. You are destroying the family, you are bringing in Western concepts." I challenge them, and they usually back off."

Progress: "More governments see how harmful this practice and otehr types of violence against women are. I will continue working as logn as possible. If I help young girls grow up knowing their human rights and feeling empowered, I will have made a difference." (Caroline Njung'e)
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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
HOW TO GET THE SLEEP THAT YOU NEED: from the Better Sleep Council
Starting each day after a good night's sleep, and taking control of your sleep environment can effectively reduce stress and improve the quality of your life.

"The quality of your day is determined by the quality of your sleep", according the the Bed Mattress company.


To determine if it's time to shop for a new mattress, the Better Sleep Council (BSC) recommends you consider the following when evaluating your existing matress:

--- Do you wake up with pain, stiffness or soreness?
--- Do you sleep as well as you did a year ago?
--- Did you have your best night's sleep somewhere other than your own bed?
--- Does your mattress show visible signs of wear and tear?

If the answer is "YES" to any of theose questions, it may be time to think about a new mattress.


One of the first things you can do to assure you are getting the rest you need is to make sure you have the best mattress.

Question include:

--- Do you suffer from pain, or do body parts go numb while you sleep?
--- Do you and your sleep partner work different shifts?
--- Is one partner waking up often to check on the kids?

The answers to these types of questions can lead to the best mattress selection for you.

The average sleeper moves between 60 times a night, 70 percent of those times, the sleep partner moves as well, impacting sleep patterns.


*** Unwind early in the evening. Try to deal with worries and distractions several hours before bedtime.

*** Develop a sleep ritual. Doing the same thins each night just before bed signals your body to settle down for the night.

*** Keep regular hours. Keep your bilogical clock in check by going to bed around the same time each night and waking up close to the same time each morning-- even on weekends.

*** Create a restful place to sleep. Sleep in a cook, dark room that is free from noises that may disturb the sleep.

*** Sleep in a comfortable, supportive mattress and foundation. It's difficult to sleep on a bed that's too small, too soft, too hard or too old.

*** Exercise regularly. Regular exercise can help relieve daily tension and stress-- but don't exercise too close to bedtime or you may have trouble falling asleep.

*** Cut down on stimulants. Consuming stimulants, such as caffeine int he evening can make it more difficult to fall asleep.

*** Don't smoke. Smokers take longer to fall asleep and wake up more often during the night.

*** Reduce alcohol intake. Drinking alcoshol shortly before bedtime interrupts and fragments sleep.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
(from COSMOMAG issue on manners)

(Explaining the standard dinner setting)

If your NAPKIN is not stuffed into your water goblet or folded in the middle of your plate, then it's on the left of your setting.

The SALAD FORKis always the fork farthest to the left with the thicker tine. It's smaller than the dinner fork.

The DINNER FORKis the largest in the setting and is nearest your plate on the left.

The SOUPSPOON is the outermost untensil on the right.

The DINNER KNIFE, which can also be used for salads and fish is the closest utensil to the right of your plate.

As a general rule, always use your outermost utensil for your FIRST COURSE, then work your way in with each subsequent course.

The BREAD AND BUTTER PLATEis the smalle plate accompanied by a BUTTER KNIFE at the top left of your dinner plate.

DESSERT FLATWARE comes with the dessert course or is placed at the top of your dinner plate. If you're given a fork and a spoon, you can use either or both.

If you have STACKED PLATES the top smaller one is for salad and the larger one is for your entree.

If a CHEESE COURSE is served, a separate plate will be brought to you. Flatware will come with it.

The WATER GOBLET is the closest to your plate to the left of the alss setting.

The RED WINEGLASSis in the middle of the glass setting.

The WHITE WINEGLASSis the one that sits to the far right of the glass seting.


MICROEATING: Dissecting a dish to pick out minor ingredients you dislike.

FOOD INSPECTING: probing or sniffing a dish before eating it. you're at a dinner party, not a chem lab.

SCRAPING THE BARREL:licking your utensil to finish off that last dreamy dab of hollandaise, gravy or butter.

REACHING: lunging for the salt or a dish that's nowhere near where you're sitting.

ESP RSVP: believing you know your hostess so well, you don't have to inform her that you're able to attend.

PLATTER PIT STOPPING: serving yourself first from a dish you were asked to pass.

RIGHTEOUS RUDE: pointing out a dinner mate's manners faux pas in front of the whole table.

BUFFET HOARDING:taking a huge serving of a dish you love or digging for the bits you like best, leaving little for the diners behind you.

SCRAP SHARING:offering the picked at leftovers on your plate to another diner at the table.

PARTY PIGGYBACKING: asking the hostess if you can bring a date or letting a friend tag along without your invitation specifically reading "and guest".

CONDIMENT ABUSE: asking for any sauce or spice that wasn't already placed on the table by the hostess.

KATO-ING: staying long after the other guests have departed.
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(abstracted from the book of Paul Burrell, Royal Duty)

I was reading this book of Paul Burrell and have read so many books about the Princess, this book so far is the one that strike me most. I coiped some of the best quotations the Princess always connects herself and her daily life and struggles:

"Problems call forth our courage and wisdom".

"Use problems as opportunites to change our lives."

"From a correct relationship to yourself comes a right relationship to all others and to the Divine."

"Sucess is the result of good judgement, good judgement is the result of experience, experience is the result of bad judgement".

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."
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Monday, September 13, 2004
DO YOU TAKE RISKS IN LOVE? (a questionnaire for women)
(abstracted from COSMOQUIZMAG)

1... You've only gone on a couple of dates with a guy when a thick white wedding invite lands in your mailbox. would you ask him along?
___ a. Why not? He'd be such a cute escort.
___ b. Maybe, if it's a fun event. but if it's a serious affair, you'll spare him.
___ c. No. he'd think you were despearado.

2... You're at a bar and spot a hot guy who's surrounded by his buddies. YOU:
___ a. Grab a few girlfriends and get within talking distance. One you're noticed by his crew, you'll say something.
___ b. Make eye contact and wait.
___ c. Boldly shimmy over and say hey.

3... Your man is gone for a few weeks on an out-of-town work gig, and though you'd planned to tough it out, your craving him. You call and...
___ a. Say you miss him.
___ b. Toss out an idea:"why don't you come visit for the weekend--it'll be fun".
___ c. Hang up. you'll just hop on a plane and surprise him--he'll love it!

4... Would you ever try out for the reality show Married by America, where people pick your husband for you?
___ a. Yes. you believe in fate, and you might wind up fairy-tale happy with their fave.
___ b. The closed you'd ever get to that show is watching it from your couch.
___ c. Nah, but you'd like to be the next Bachelorette since you choose theguy.

5... If you had no chance of getting caught, would you ever cheat on your boyfriend?
___ a. Negative. you'd feel so skanky.
___ b. It may sound bad, but yeah.
___ Nah, but you'd be tempted if the other guy was a better match for you.

6... Have you said "I love you"(or something close) before the guy you were dating did?
___ a. Once, because you knew he felt the same way and just needed a little push.
___ b. Never!
___ c. Yes, a few times.

7... Fill in the blank: Getting dissed by a guy you approach is:
___ a. Probably a nightmare, but you would'nt know...you've never tried it.
___ b. No prob, there are always more men.
___ c. A bummer, but you bounce back.

8... Do you ever suggest new sex moves to guys in bed?
___ a. Almost every single sack session.
___ b. With a new man, you feel out the situation first. if he seems game, you'll spill your steamy ideas.
___ c. Um, no. You just pray he reads COSMO.

9... On the love superhighway, which vehicle are you?
___ a. A triple-air-bag luxury vehicle: You'd rather paly it safe than wind up crushed.
___ b. An SUV: You mostly cruise along but have the balls to zoom after a special guy.
___ c. A sports car: You speed after any stud (seomtimes with your top down)

10... Ever gone home with a guy you met that same night?
___ a. Once, but what you normally do is get his number and wait for a real date.
___ b. A few times. when the chemistry is so there, you just go with it.
___ c. Hellooo! hasn't anyone seen American Psycho?


1. a-2... b-1... c-0
2. a-1... b-0... c-2
3. a-0... b-1... c-2
4. a-2... b-0... c-1
5. a-0... b-2... c-1
6. a-1... b-0... c-2
7. a-0... b-2... c-1
8. a-2... b-1... c-0
9. a-0... b-1... c-2
10.a-1... b-2... c-0

Too Ballsy babe

You're a daredveil in love-- "But your impulsiveness can potentially sabotage relationships, push guys away, and get you into situations you regret". advises Jennifer Hunter, PhD, a clinical psychologist in New York City. "You may want to say say 'ILove you to a guy because you're caught up in a moment". "But you're running with your feelings, you're not thingking about whether he's on the same page or if you're ready for that level of intimacy". says Hunter.

7 to 14 Points
Sensible seductress

You know when to be daring with dudes, or take a chance with the one you have, because you weigh the pros and cons first."Instead of taking blind risks, you take them with both eyes open", says Rosenweigh."You approach your desires in a more moderate way", says Hunter.If you're in doubt, you'll make a subtler move to feel it.

6 Points of Fewer
Restrained romantic

Your idea of a romance risk is watching a reality show where somenone else is taking all the chances. "You're probably scared of rejection, so you dont put yourself out there", say Rosenzweig. But always waiting for your man to suggests new sex moves or that sexy guy to say the first 'hi' stifles your impulses for pleasure...boooring. Plus, overanalyzing your every move paralyzes you from moving forward.
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(abstracted from the Animal Behavior from NATGEOMAG)

HOMING PIGEONS are known for their uncanny internal compass, yet a new study reveals that sometimes the birds get home the same way we do: They follow the roads.

Tim Guilford and Dora Biro at England's Oxford University followed pigeons in Oxford over a three year period, using tiny tracking devices equipped with global positioning system technology developed by Swiss and Italian colleagues. "We expected the birds to take the most energy efficient route," says Guilford. "And we were interested in finding out what land features they used to do that."

What they discovered was surprising. Within ten kilometers of home, the pigeons relied less on their well known talents for decoding the sun's position or deciphering the Earth's magnetic field to help them navigate. Instead they opted for a habitual route that followed linear features, rivers, railways and hedge lines -- even when it was'nt the most direct way home.

"It was almost comical", says Guilford. One pigeon follwoed a road to a roundabout, then exited onto a major road that led to a second roundabout. Others flew down the River Thames, only to make a distinct turn at a bridge.

Guildord suggests that sticking to a memorized, linear route may actually make homing more reliable -- and easier. "It made me smile to see it," says Guilford."You can imagine yourself flying along a road doing the same thing".(Whitney Dangerfield)
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(sent by a friend from Clarendon Hills/Illinois)

One day a teacher had a taste test with her students. She called a little boy to do the first taste test. She blindfolded him, put some Hershey Kisses in his mouth and asked:

"Do you know what it is"? "No, I don't " said the little boy.

"Okey, I'll give you a clue." said the teacher.

"It's the thing your daddy wants from your mommy before he goes to work".

Suddenly, a little girl at the back yelled and said:

"Spit it out! It's a piece of Ass".


Survey: Why are 80 percent of women against marriage nowadays?

Result of Survey: Because women realized it's not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage!


Nilagyan ni Virgina ng Viagra and pansit ng kanyang mister para madagdagan ang sex drive nito.

Pagkatpos kumain, natigok si mister.

Ang dahilan, ay internal bleeding.

Tumigas ang pansit sa loob ng tiyan ni Mister.


Lando: "Bakit parang tuwang tuwa ka sa two child policy, eh pito na ang anak mo?"

Romeo: Sa missis ko, pito. Pero kay Inday, isa pa lang!


Titser: "Boboy, translate in English this statement, 'Ang bata ay umidlip'."

Boboy: " ah...eh...'The Kidnap' "


Titser : What is the capital of the Philippines?"

Chinese student: Ma'am maski ako Chinese, ako alam Pilipinas --- wala capital,
.....Kasi pulo Utang!"


Minyang: "Espesyal ang ulam natin ngayon, kasi seefoods and binilia ko."

Minyong: "Wow darling, sarap naman! Ano ba ang binili mo?"

Minyang: " Sardinas"


Reporter : "Tataas na raw po ang gasolina padating ng 'ber' months!"

GMA : "Oo nga, pero may naisip akong paraan para hindi maisip ng taong bayan na pangit ang dating ng 'ber' months dahil sa preyon ng gasolina".

Reporter: "Talaga po, anong paraan po?"

GMA: "Gagawin na lang nating Septem, Octob, Novem at Decem and 'ber' na months na yan".

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Sunday, September 12, 2004
(abstracted from NATGEOMAG by: Silvano Briceno Director of the UN's Secretariat for Disaster Reduction)

no. 7... Tangshan, China (1976) Recovery from the earthquake and its staggering death toll (255,000) was delayed by political power of Mao.

Lesson Learned: Competing priorities can divert attention from disasters.

no. 6... Mexico City, Mexico (1985) After this earthquake, which killed at least 9,500, the government created an agency for disaster preparedness that brought together scientist, engineers and government officials.

Lesson Learned: Nations need to plan for quakes ahead of time, instead of waiting until disaster strikes to respond.

no. 5... Northridge, California (1994) Of the property lost, valued at US$44 billion, a third was insured-- at a high percentage.

Lesson Learned: Quake insurance can reduce vulnerability and speed disaster recovery.

no. 4... Kobe, Japan (1995) The disaster calimed more than 5,500 lives and caused a stunning US$100 billion in economic losses.

Lesson Learned: Even wealthy nations suffer dramatically when a deadly quake hits.

no. 3... Gujarat, India(2001) After 20,000 died in one of the most devastating earthquakes in India's history, the nation overhauled its disaster management strategy, reorganizing responsibility so that some was given to officials at the local level.

Lesson Learned: When local authorities are better prepared, public safety improves.

no. 2... Molise, Italy (2002) Of the 29 victims, 26 were children at school.

Lesson Learned: Take special precautions to safeguard schools and other public buildings.

no. 2...Bam, Iran(2003) many of the 26,200 who perished were crushed by poorly constructed buildings doomed to collapse in a seismic hot spot like Iran.

Lesson Learned: Develop and enforce a building codes in areas where earthquakes are common.
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Friday, September 10, 2004
MELANISMS (new book from Melanie Marquez)
(sent by a friend from the west side of chicago)

(Note: MELAPROPISM, meaning "a ludicrous misuse of a word," is derived from Mrs. Malaprop, a character in the play The Rivals by Richard B. Sheridan , 1751-1816)

I love my long legged friend Melanie for, among other reasons (besides her fractured English), her way of unwittingly amusing and regaling us with her, that's it, Malapropismson national television.

During the passionate word war between her half brother Joey Marquez and Kris Aquino, Melani provided the "comic relief" by mouthing quotables, thus firming up her reputation as the (uncrowned) Quotable Queen.

The good thing about it, is that Melanie herself is amused/ regaled by those little jewels tumbling out of her mouth, profusely especially when she's angry. She told me that she would have her TV guesting recorded and on when she got home, she'd have a fun time watching the tapes and yes, laughing at herself.

That's the spirit, 'no?

"Bakit", Melanie said during an interview, "Yung magagaling mag English diyan, may Miss International title ba sila?"

Oo nga naman, mayroon ba kayo?

Don't look now but Melanie is seriously thinking of compiling her "Melanisms" into a neat little book like the pocket size Mao little red book (of quotations, or Maosisma). Nice idea, isn't it? It should be a best seller (like Pres. Joseph Estrada's eraptions).

When Melanie told me about it, I suggested that she jazz up the book with cartoons and call it Quote Me But wait,. Don't judge Melanie just yet because, as we all know, she's not a book.

Here and now, my friend Jonathan Chua (who's a STAR contributor) has compiled some Melanisms for inclusions in that much awaited book, to wit.


My brother is not a girl; he's a gentleman.

That's why I'm a success. It's because I don't middle in other people's lives.

Don't judge my brother, he's not a book.

I won't stoop down to my level.

Hello? Bulag ka ba? Bingi ka ba? Are you Dep?

'Yung STD, baka sa maruming toilet lang niya nakuha yan.

Eh, ikaw ba naman, durugin and ari mo....Pag di ka naman manutok ng baril.

We are lovers, not fighters.

Kapatid ko pa rin siya, we are one and the same.

I don't eat meat, I'm not a carnival.

(During her acceptance speech at a Metro Filmfest Awards night where her bioflick, directed by her late father Temyong Marquez, won and award)
Eto na po ang pinakamaligayang pasko at manigong taon sa inyong lahat.

Sumasakit ang Migrane ko.

Ang tatay ko, ang only living legend na buhay!

(When asked on S-files if her present husband, Adam Lawyer, is her Mr. Right, she said)

Period na talaga; wala nang exclamation point.

(At a talk show after her break up with Derek Dee, Melanie was aked if she had some words for Derek's mother, whom she partly blamed for the separation)

"Oo nga", said Melanie,"pero I-Enlish-in ko para maintindihan niya." Then Melanie looked into the camera and, with the peremptoriness of royalty, she said, "And to you, Mrs Dee, I have two words for you. Ang labo mo!".

When asked for a message to her daugher who was allegedly abused by their houseboy: "Dont worry little angel, big angel is here".

On what they should do to the houseboy who molested her kid:"He should be put behind bar". You can fool me once, you can fool me twice, you can fool me thrice, but you can never fool me four".

While waiting backstage during the noontime show, after watching Nikki Valdez do her dance number."Nikki, you're so galing. You should go to the states. You will sell hotcakes".
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Last 04September was my Birthday. Don't ask me about my age, I won't tell you. The celebration was held instead on the 07 of September, having Bishop Arturo M.Bastes, celebrating the mass at the headquarters of PAX (Peace) Chicago in the west suburbs of Chicago. this is a group of men, ex-priest and ex-seminarians and also professing priest, who decided to bond together and practice still the christian values we have learned inside the seminary during our formation period.

I was so happy about it, a Bishop was celebrating the mass for my birthday. Of course, I provided the food.

We have a mass of thanksgiving. The homily was just right and very down to earth was the Bishop on his preaching. He added humor and also historical foothnotes to it, including some explanation of Greek words into English and the rightful meaning of it.He was not very dogmatic, but more of a teacher and a good adviser. It was long, because he said all of us present should be cannonically following the mass rubrix of not receiving the sacrament one hour before the mass, We had dinner first, so he said he will prolong his homily which he did--- and it was beautifully given and explained to all of us.

Thank you Bishop Bastes. I love you too.

After the mass, we have to eat again, cuz I cooked lots of food for the evening. Then he explained the reason why he came to Chicago. He now has a new project in Sorsogon, and the story of a priest that had Alzheimers that was found wondering in Manila, who does not know anybody, and could hardly remember who he was and where he came from, was a teary eyed story. This wondering, Alzheimers afflicted priest is from Sorsogon, so they took him home and died with dignity in his diocese and was given a decent and christian burial. You can hear a pin drop, after this story . There's lots of friends inside the house attending the mass and it became so silent. Its like as if, the angel has passed.

All friends present at the mass, gave our financial support to the project of the Bishop. A home for the priests of Sorsogon and a home to teach and give lectures and training to all cathechist and lay leaders of the Diocese.

We talked to the Bishop until midnite, then he retired for the evening because he will celebrated the Mass next day 08September with the SVD fathers at their Provincial House in Techny, Illinois which is 8 miles from where I live.It was to celebrate the founding of the (SVD) SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD (SOCIES VERBI DIVINI)
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Thursday, September 09, 2004
(abstracted from NATGEOMAG)

Most Ice Cream cones end the same way, melting sweetly on the tongue. BUT HOW DID THE FIRST ICE CREAM CONE BEGIN?Tales of the cone's invention converge one spot: the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. In one story, an ice cream vendor ran out of serving dishes and was rescued by Ernest Hamwi, a Syrian immigrant selling Middle Eastern waffles at the next stand.

Yet a third claimant was former circus acrobat Charles Menches, who is said to have peeld away one side of an ice cream sandwich to amke an improvised vase for flowers, then molded the other side to hold the remaining ice cream. Hamwi and Menches went on to create an ice cream cone empires.

One earlier claim gets lost in the hubbub: five months before the World's Fair, a patent was awarded to candymaker Italo Marchiony: "I calim as my invention ...a molding apparatus for creating ice cram cups and the like".
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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
(abstracted from the same book from part one)

Why is there always Pork in cans of Pork and Beans?

Perhaps it will comfort you to know that yeas, indeed, the pork is places into the can for flavor. Pork and beans are actually cooked in can. One fairly large piece of pork is palced in the can before cooking. After being heated during the processing, it melts down to the size you see in the can, its flavor having permeated the beans.

Why do your Feet Swell up so Much in Airplanes.

The reason your feet swellup on a plane is the same reason they swell up on the ground ----INACTIVITY. On a plane, you are not only confined in movement but sitting witht he legs perpendicular to the floor. If you sit for prolonged periods w/o muscular activity, the blood and other fluids collect in teh foot with the assistance of gravity.

Why don't Dogs develop Laryngitis, Sore Throats, Voice changes or Great discomfort after barking continously?

Dogs do occasionally get laryngitis and voice changes from excessive barking. It is not as common in dogs as in people becaus the motor control of the cannine larynx (voice box) is not a refined as that of humans for sound production. Therefore, the voice range is narrower and subsequent stress from phonation is probably not as severe. Since barking is not much as part of daily living for most pet dogs as speaking is for people, laryngitis manifested as a voice change is also not as frequesntly observed in dogs, even though it may be present.

Why do Bananas, unlike other fruits, grow upward?

The banana is actually a giant herb in the same biological family as lilies, orchids and palms. It is the largest plant on earth without a woody stem -- a banana stalk is 93 percent water -- and is consequently extremely fragile. Although it can reach a full height of 15 to 30 feet in one year, even moderate winds can blow down a plant.The individual fruite "fingers" (the technical name for a single banana) are pointed upward.As the bunch or bud is puhsing its way through the mass tightly packed leaf sheaths known as the "pseudostem", the fruit fingers remain pointed upward until they merged at the top of the plant.

Do Toilet Seat covers really protect us against Anything?

The idea is not to protect you from disease, but from the thought of exposing your bare backside to the same surface area occupied by heaven knows who befroe you. There is no scientific evidence of disease transmission from toilet seats.

Why do Men's Bicycles have a crossbar?

The crossbar at the top of the frame makes the men's bike more sturdier than women's.After centuries of experimentation, manufacturers have found that the best strenght to weight ratio is maintained by building frames in the shape of diamonds or triangles.without the cross bar, or as it is now called, the "Top Tube", part of the ideal diamond structure is missing.

Why is the women's top tube (bicycle) lower than the male's?

Tradition is there for no other reason than to protect the dignity and reputation of women of riging a bicylcle while wearing a skirt or dress.Now that most women bicyclists wear pants or fancy bike tights, the original purpose for the crossbars is moot.

Why do Snakes dart out their Tounges?

The tongues of the snakes are perfectly harmless. Snakes don't sting or uese their forked tounges as weapons.The tongue is actually an invaluable sensory organ for the snake. It enables the reptile to troll for food(just as fisherman ticks hisline out in the water and hopes for the best)while feeling its ways over the ground.It does this by bringing in bits of organic matter that it can smell or taste, alerting it to a potential food source.Some evidence suggest that a snake's tongue is equally sensitive to sound vibrations, warning it of ptential prey or predators.

Why does the Skin on the Extremities wrinkle after a Bath?

Despite its appearance, you skin isn't shriveling after your bath.Actually it is expanding.The skin on the fingers, palms, toes and soles wrinkles only after it is saturated with water ( a prolonged stay underwater in the swimming pool will create the same effect) The "stratum corneum"--- the thick, dead, horny layer of the skin that protects us from the environment and that makes the skin on our hands and feet tougher and thicker than that on our stomachs or faces --- expands when it soaks to water. This expansiin causes the wrinkling effect.

Why doesn't Evaporated Milk have to be Refrigerated?

Evaporated milk, of course, is thickened soley by evaporation; it is often confused with condensed milk, which is makde by evaporating some of the cow's milk and assidng sugar. evaporated milk has a long shelf life because it is sterilized in the can, a steam heat process that destroys potentially harmful micro organisms. evaporated milk often developes a darkish off color about a year, but it is still safe to consume.

Why do Traffic signals use Red, Yellow and Green lights?Whys is the Red Light on Top, Green Light on the Bottom and Yellow Light in Between?

Traffice signals actually predate the existence of the automobile. One was installed outside the British Parliament in 1868. This signale had two semaphore arms, like a railroad siognal, that acted as a physical impediment to oncoming traffic. The English device was designed to control the flow of pedestrians and some feature was needed to make it functional at night. The current vertical design with red on top was adopted in order to aid color blind individuals who might be confused by different layouts.
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Friday, September 03, 2004
(abstracted from the book: LIFE'S IMPONDERABLES by: David Feldman)

1... What are those Twitches and Jerks that occasionally wake us just as wer are falling asleep?

Sometimes when we are about to slepp we get jolted awake by an unaccountable spas,, usually in the leg. You have been a victim of what is called "HYPNIC KERK",
....."they occur when nerve fibers leading to the leg, in a bundle nearly as thicj as a pencil prodices a harsh tightening of a tiny portion of muscle fiber that is linked to it down in the leg, and when they all fire together the leg twitches as a whole."(David Bodanis "The Body Book")

2... Why is Royalty referred to as "Blue Blooded"?

"In the 18th century, a group of Islamic warriors, the Moors, invaded and occupied Spain. They ruled the country for five centuries.This didnt sit well to the aristocrats of Castile, who began referring themself as SANGRE AZUL (Blue Blood) to differentiate themselves from the Moors.Their skin complexion was lighter than their conquerors.

3...Why do they call large trucks "SEMIS"?

"Semi is short for "Tractor-semitrailer", but most truckers use the term Semi to refer both the trailer alone and the tractor semitrailer combination.A semitrailer is legally defined as a vehicle designed so that a portion of its weight rests on a towing vehicle. This distinguishes it from a full trailer on which the entire load, except for a drawbar, rests on its two wheels."

4... Why were Philips Screws and Screwdrivers developed?

"The straight bladed screwdriver was popular long before the advent of the Philips. The main selling point of Philips was clearly the self centering features. Straight bladed screwdrivers tended to slip out of the screws aslots, running wood or toehr material, occasionally even injuing the worker. The recessed Philipes screws allowed a close and tighter fit than the conventional slots. "

5... What does M & M stands for?

" Two names ---- MARS & MURRIE, the head honchos of M & M candies in the early 1940's.

..... Why are there more brown M & M's than any other color, and how do they determine the ratio of colors?

"M & M conducts market research to answer precisely these types of questions. Consumers have shown a consistent preference for brown M & M, so they predominate."

6... What are Dimples? And why do only some people have them?

"Dimples are a generic name for "Indentations of the Skin".Dimples are produced when muscle fibers are attached to the deep surface of the skin, such as in the cheek or chin, or where the skin is attached to the fibrous bands, such as the elbow, shoulder and back. Dimples are most likely to appear where the skin is most tightly attached to the underlying bone.Dimples probably are due to some developmental fault in the connective tissue that binds skin to bone."

7... Why do Monkeys in the Zoo pick through their hair all the time?

"In the wild, primates pick at their own hair frequently, usually they are trying to rid themselves of parasitic insects, insect webs or remnants of food."

" Monkeys in captivity are much less likely to be riddled with parasites, but may be afflicted with another skin problem. Monkeys exude salt from the pores of their skin. the salt lands on loose bits of skin, and monkeys will often pick through their hair trying to shed the salty flakes. That is the reason in the zoo we always see the monkeys pick through their hair all the time."

8...Why is Cheddar Cheese orange?

"Cheddar cheese is artificially colored with natural ingredients, most commonly known as "Annatto", a seed from tropical Annatto tree. The cheese is combined with Annatto and oleoresin paprika, an oil extraction of the spice paprika, to color the Cheddar Cheese. The only reason why cheesemakers color their product is because the consumers seem to prefer it."

9...Why do dogs have black lips?

"Pigmentation protects animals against solar radiation damage. Because dogs don't have as much hair around the mouths as on most parts of their bodies, pigmentation plays a particualry important role in shileding dogs againts the ravages of the sun. The only breed of dog with an unusual lip color is the Chow Chow, which has blue in color.This is because the blue appearance of the lips and oral cavity of the CHow Chow is related to the depth of the pigment cells within the oral tissue."

10..Why do golf balls have dimples?

"Golf Balls have dimples because in 1908 a man named Taylor patented this cover design. Dimples provide greated aerodynamic lift and consistency of flight than a smooth ball."

11.. What is the "Cottage" in cottage cheese?

" It was called "Cottage" because farmers made the cheese in their own cottages to utilize the milk remaining after the cream had been skimmed from it for buttermaking."

12.. Why is there cotton stuffed in prescription and over the counter medicine bottles.?

"The main purpose of the cotton stuffed in medicine vials is to prevent rattling and subsequent breakage of pills during shipment."

..... Why do we have to use cotton inside the bottle of medicine?

"Because of its absorbency, cotton helps keep medication dry. The moisture will destroy most drugs. Cootn helps keep pills dry during shipment, also are capable of absorbing moistrue from the environment.If the cotton gets wet and re-enters the bottle, the effectiveness of the medication is jeopardized."

13.. Do fish sleep? If so, when do fish sleep?

"Fish dont have eyelids that block out vision, but some have a transparent membrane that protects their eyes from irrtiants. Pelagic fish who live in the open sea such as tuna, bluefish and marlins never stop swimming.The ingenous ways that fish try to catch a few winks, even forty winks are an elusive dream for the fish. Some fish simply becomes inactive and hover around in reefs.This fish wedge themselves into a crevice in the reef, bag themselves and reamin there, semicomatose through the night."

this is a volumnous book and i have to read and extract the main point of the question. if any of my reader wants to ask a question and i have it in this book, please dont fail of ask in the comments and i will research and blog the answer for you.
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Thursday, September 02, 2004
I was researching something from my library when I stumbled upon this speech of John F. Kennedy that he was supposed to deliver at the Trade Mart in Dallas/Texas, November 22,1963.


"America today is stronger than ever before.
Our adversaries have not abandoned their ambitions--
our dangers have not diminished -- our vigilance
cannot be relaxed. But now we have the military,
the scientific and the economic strength to do whatever
must be done for the preservation and promotion of freedom."

"That strength will never be used in pursuit of aggressive
ambitions -- it will always be used in pursuit of peace.
It will never be used to promote provocations -- it will always
be used to promote the peaceful settlement of sidputes

"We in this country, in this generation, are -- by destiny rather
than choice -- the watchmen on the walls of world freedom.
We ask, therefore, that we my be worthy of our power
and responsibility -- that we may exercise our strength
with wisodm and restraint -- and that we may achieve
in our time and for all time the ancient wisdom of "Peace
on Earth, Good Will Toward Men." That must always be
our goal -- and the righteousness of our cause must
always underlie our strength. For as was written longe ago:
"Except the Lord Keep the city, the watchman waketh but in Vain."

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
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(abstracted from COSMOMAG by Nicole Beland)

NOTA BENE: I have chosen the most juiciest one for you to read.

"We hang out around the house buck naked and brush up agaisnt each other 'by accident'. The next thing you know, we're going at it". Dominigue, 28

"Give each other full bodymassages where you touch everything except the genitals. Sometimes, when an orgasm isn't the goal, you end up having one unexpectedly." Anne Hooper, author of Sexopedia.

"We lie on the bed naked and run our hands very lightly over each other's bodies, getting slowly but surely turned on." Katherine, 27

"I made an audio tape of us having sex together. Listening to all the moaning, licking and kissing reminds us how fantastic it feels." Elizabeth, 26

"Sometimes my guy puts me on the kitchen table, sits down on a chair infront of me,a nd dvours me with his mouth like I'm his favourite dessert. The I do the same to him". Allison, 27

"We play the oral sex stop-and-go game; I get him to the brink, then he goes down on me. Then I finish him off and he makes me come. The anticipation drives us insane." Catherine,29

"I'll start licking from a spot behind his testicles, run my tongue up in the middle of them to his penis, and finish by putting all of him in my mouth. Then he does the same to me, licking from the back to the front , up and down and then in tight circles." Nicky 24

"When I go down on my guy in the shower, I'll loofah his butt, and he'll use a sponge while he's going down on me. Double bliss." Dana, 23

"We love to do 69 right out of the shower. It's fun to get dirty when we're both so clean." Jeremy, 26

"We're not inot backdoor penetration, but we both think it feels really good to apply a little light pressure to that area with a finger while we're receiving oral sex." Jonathon, 32

"our backyard is private enough to have sex in, so we do it in the hammock. The back and forth movement is unbelivebale." Noelle, 26

"Putting four or five pillows under her butt helps me hit her G-spot and gives me a great angle." Freddy, 31

"We bought the copy of the Kamsutra and are working our way through every position." Robbie, 28

"We crack open the window and let the breeze blow over our bodies during sex. Getting goose bumps makes us press into each other tighter." Jan, 29

"Get over the idea that vibrators are just for women. After he's used it on you, draw it across the ridge of his penis andhe'll likely enjoy it just as much as you do." Carol Queen

"We set up a chair infront of a mirror. She sits in my lap, and I watch the action over her shoulder. Then she'll turn around and lean back onto my penis so we can both batch." Kevin, 29

"We take turns watching each other masturbate.It's so satisfying to be able to trust each other that much." Leanne, 22

"With her thighs squeezed together, I'll slide my penis back and forth against her clitoris without entering her. It feels incredible for both of us."Andy, 27
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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
GET HIM HOT /PLAY WITH HIM(This is for women only)
(from COSMOMAG by: Jennifer Benjamin)

SOURCES: Michael Perry, PhD, LA Sex theraphist and producer of video "The New Lovers Massage; Olivia St. Claire, author of the book 302 Advanced Techniques for Driving Men Wild in Bed

"True, men are fairly easy to please in bed. But if you direct all your attention to his private parts, you're cheating him out of the pelasure he deserves. Guys have a number of secret spots that will turn him on from head to toe when licked and stroked the right way."

Run your tongue from behind his ear down to his collarbone, then across it, before making your way around and up the other side of his neck. The feel of your tongue against the ultrathin skin there will trigger sensations below the belt.

With your man lying facedown, his legs slightly parted, straddle his upper thighs.Then use the heels of your hands to knead the fleash in the outer, lower portion of his bun. Beware: This rear-end massage may incite an uprising on his front side.

Bring his hand to your mouth and flick your tongue from left to right against his palm. Then suck each of the finger, softly scraping his fingertips with your teeth. He'll get a taste for just how clever your tongue is.

Rub the ball of your hand along the sole of his foot from heel to toes. Then twist your finger in and out of each crevice with a corkscrew motion. Stimulating this surprising moan zone will literally make his toes curl.

Lick the outer ridges of each nipple as you would an ice cream cone, circling in toward the sweet center. Gently nip it, then give a little blow of cool air to send a sexy chill down his spine.

Dip your tongue into his belly button, then forge a path south, and kiss along the waistband of his boxers from one hip to the other. He'll beg you to continue down his treasure trail....but he'll have to wait until you've mastered his midsection first.

Gently trace your fingernails from the middle of his inner thigh to the fold where his leg meets his pelvis. Then caress the sensitive line with your fingertip. Don't be surprised if surrounding areas start to quiver.

Slowly lick along his button lip, paying special attention to each corner of his mouth (two powerful passion points) Do the same to his top lip before giving him a long, deep kiss...the erotic icing on the cake.

Graze the crease behind his knee with your knuckles, moving in a back and forth motion. Make sure he is lying down--mind blowing bliss may cause his leg to give out.
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