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Monday, September 13, 2004
DO YOU TAKE RISKS IN LOVE? (a questionnaire for women)
(abstracted from COSMOQUIZMAG)

1... You've only gone on a couple of dates with a guy when a thick white wedding invite lands in your mailbox. would you ask him along?
___ a. Why not? He'd be such a cute escort.
___ b. Maybe, if it's a fun event. but if it's a serious affair, you'll spare him.
___ c. No. he'd think you were despearado.

2... You're at a bar and spot a hot guy who's surrounded by his buddies. YOU:
___ a. Grab a few girlfriends and get within talking distance. One you're noticed by his crew, you'll say something.
___ b. Make eye contact and wait.
___ c. Boldly shimmy over and say hey.

3... Your man is gone for a few weeks on an out-of-town work gig, and though you'd planned to tough it out, your craving him. You call and...
___ a. Say you miss him.
___ b. Toss out an idea:"why don't you come visit for the weekend--it'll be fun".
___ c. Hang up. you'll just hop on a plane and surprise him--he'll love it!

4... Would you ever try out for the reality show Married by America, where people pick your husband for you?
___ a. Yes. you believe in fate, and you might wind up fairy-tale happy with their fave.
___ b. The closed you'd ever get to that show is watching it from your couch.
___ c. Nah, but you'd like to be the next Bachelorette since you choose theguy.

5... If you had no chance of getting caught, would you ever cheat on your boyfriend?
___ a. Negative. you'd feel so skanky.
___ b. It may sound bad, but yeah.
___ Nah, but you'd be tempted if the other guy was a better match for you.

6... Have you said "I love you"(or something close) before the guy you were dating did?
___ a. Once, because you knew he felt the same way and just needed a little push.
___ b. Never!
___ c. Yes, a few times.

7... Fill in the blank: Getting dissed by a guy you approach is:
___ a. Probably a nightmare, but you would'nt know...you've never tried it.
___ b. No prob, there are always more men.
___ c. A bummer, but you bounce back.

8... Do you ever suggest new sex moves to guys in bed?
___ a. Almost every single sack session.
___ b. With a new man, you feel out the situation first. if he seems game, you'll spill your steamy ideas.
___ c. Um, no. You just pray he reads COSMO.

9... On the love superhighway, which vehicle are you?
___ a. A triple-air-bag luxury vehicle: You'd rather paly it safe than wind up crushed.
___ b. An SUV: You mostly cruise along but have the balls to zoom after a special guy.
___ c. A sports car: You speed after any stud (seomtimes with your top down)

10... Ever gone home with a guy you met that same night?
___ a. Once, but what you normally do is get his number and wait for a real date.
___ b. A few times. when the chemistry is so there, you just go with it.
___ c. Hellooo! hasn't anyone seen American Psycho?


1. a-2... b-1... c-0
2. a-1... b-0... c-2
3. a-0... b-1... c-2
4. a-2... b-0... c-1
5. a-0... b-2... c-1
6. a-1... b-0... c-2
7. a-0... b-2... c-1
8. a-2... b-1... c-0
9. a-0... b-1... c-2
10.a-1... b-2... c-0

Too Ballsy babe

You're a daredveil in love-- "But your impulsiveness can potentially sabotage relationships, push guys away, and get you into situations you regret". advises Jennifer Hunter, PhD, a clinical psychologist in New York City. "You may want to say say 'ILove you to a guy because you're caught up in a moment". "But you're running with your feelings, you're not thingking about whether he's on the same page or if you're ready for that level of intimacy". says Hunter.

7 to 14 Points
Sensible seductress

You know when to be daring with dudes, or take a chance with the one you have, because you weigh the pros and cons first."Instead of taking blind risks, you take them with both eyes open", says Rosenweigh."You approach your desires in a more moderate way", says Hunter.If you're in doubt, you'll make a subtler move to feel it.

6 Points of Fewer
Restrained romantic

Your idea of a romance risk is watching a reality show where somenone else is taking all the chances. "You're probably scared of rejection, so you dont put yourself out there", say Rosenzweig. But always waiting for your man to suggests new sex moves or that sexy guy to say the first 'hi' stifles your impulses for pleasure...boooring. Plus, overanalyzing your every move paralyzes you from moving forward.
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