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Sunday, September 12, 2004
(abstracted from NATGEOMAG by: Silvano Briceno Director of the UN's Secretariat for Disaster Reduction)

no. 7... Tangshan, China (1976) Recovery from the earthquake and its staggering death toll (255,000) was delayed by political power of Mao.

Lesson Learned: Competing priorities can divert attention from disasters.

no. 6... Mexico City, Mexico (1985) After this earthquake, which killed at least 9,500, the government created an agency for disaster preparedness that brought together scientist, engineers and government officials.

Lesson Learned: Nations need to plan for quakes ahead of time, instead of waiting until disaster strikes to respond.

no. 5... Northridge, California (1994) Of the property lost, valued at US$44 billion, a third was insured-- at a high percentage.

Lesson Learned: Quake insurance can reduce vulnerability and speed disaster recovery.

no. 4... Kobe, Japan (1995) The disaster calimed more than 5,500 lives and caused a stunning US$100 billion in economic losses.

Lesson Learned: Even wealthy nations suffer dramatically when a deadly quake hits.

no. 3... Gujarat, India(2001) After 20,000 died in one of the most devastating earthquakes in India's history, the nation overhauled its disaster management strategy, reorganizing responsibility so that some was given to officials at the local level.

Lesson Learned: When local authorities are better prepared, public safety improves.

no. 2... Molise, Italy (2002) Of the 29 victims, 26 were children at school.

Lesson Learned: Take special precautions to safeguard schools and other public buildings.

no. 2...Bam, Iran(2003) many of the 26,200 who perished were crushed by poorly constructed buildings doomed to collapse in a seismic hot spot like Iran.

Lesson Learned: Develop and enforce a building codes in areas where earthquakes are common.
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