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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
GET HIM HOT /PLAY WITH HIM(This is for women only)
(from COSMOMAG by: Jennifer Benjamin)

SOURCES: Michael Perry, PhD, LA Sex theraphist and producer of video "The New Lovers Massage; Olivia St. Claire, author of the book 302 Advanced Techniques for Driving Men Wild in Bed

"True, men are fairly easy to please in bed. But if you direct all your attention to his private parts, you're cheating him out of the pelasure he deserves. Guys have a number of secret spots that will turn him on from head to toe when licked and stroked the right way."

Run your tongue from behind his ear down to his collarbone, then across it, before making your way around and up the other side of his neck. The feel of your tongue against the ultrathin skin there will trigger sensations below the belt.

With your man lying facedown, his legs slightly parted, straddle his upper thighs.Then use the heels of your hands to knead the fleash in the outer, lower portion of his bun. Beware: This rear-end massage may incite an uprising on his front side.

Bring his hand to your mouth and flick your tongue from left to right against his palm. Then suck each of the finger, softly scraping his fingertips with your teeth. He'll get a taste for just how clever your tongue is.

Rub the ball of your hand along the sole of his foot from heel to toes. Then twist your finger in and out of each crevice with a corkscrew motion. Stimulating this surprising moan zone will literally make his toes curl.

Lick the outer ridges of each nipple as you would an ice cream cone, circling in toward the sweet center. Gently nip it, then give a little blow of cool air to send a sexy chill down his spine.

Dip your tongue into his belly button, then forge a path south, and kiss along the waistband of his boxers from one hip to the other. He'll beg you to continue down his treasure trail....but he'll have to wait until you've mastered his midsection first.

Gently trace your fingernails from the middle of his inner thigh to the fold where his leg meets his pelvis. Then caress the sensitive line with your fingertip. Don't be surprised if surrounding areas start to quiver.

Slowly lick along his button lip, paying special attention to each corner of his mouth (two powerful passion points) Do the same to his top lip before giving him a long, deep kiss...the erotic icing on the cake.

Graze the crease behind his knee with your knuckles, moving in a back and forth motion. Make sure he is lying down--mind blowing bliss may cause his leg to give out.
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