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Monday, August 23, 2004
HOW TO MASTER DEBATING: Win any argument -- no matter how wrong your are!
(abstracted from MaxMag)

1... Think it over.

Next time you start a squabble, prepare to do something you might find diificult: THINK, "most people assume they know what they want but haven't thought through," says Michael A. Gilbert, author of How to Win an Argument.If you are fighting for a raise, ask yourself if it's all about the Benjamins or whether you're just looking for a little respect. That way you can determine whether you're just just settle for extra money, vacation time, or aloftier title, like assistant fry salter.

2... Listen up

Know how your girlfriend demands you pay attention to whatever she's going on about? Well, Chatty Cathy may have a point, "The best arguers are those who listen." Gilbert explains. We did'nt catch what he said next, but it was something about understanding the other person's motives to better tailor your rebuttal.If someone takes you by surprise with an argument, have him elaborate. This will get you extra info and valuable time to come up with a response better than "I know you are, but am I?"

3... Be Nice

Throwing a hissy fit isn't a good long term strategy. "Nine times out of 10, the people we argue with are people we're going to argue again",
Gilbet say, "So, if you win an argument but, say, make your grilfriend feel like an idiot in the process, you'll pay for it next time". It's especially important to keep your cool when arguing with authority figures, such as your boss or parole officer. "Be polite, be contrite," advises amateur poet Gilbert. "Agression only leads to agression."Disagree with that bit of wisdom? Feel free to go fuck yourself.

4... Give IN

If you find yourself in a deadlock, admit that the guy is right....about something totally different. "Disarm your opponent by finding a point of his you can agree with rather than harping on the ones you dont", says Margaret E. Anderson, and Interpersonal persuasion trainer in Houston. In light of your apparent surrender, your foe will let his guard down and be likely to return the favor; use that leverage to make one last appeal. If he still won't budge, calmly sugest you continue another time....then key his car.
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