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Saturday, August 14, 2004
during the time when i was working for a big Japanese shipping firm in Tokyo, i was assigned in Athens/Greece and i stayed in Voula in Voulagmeni in the suburbs of Atens and i have loved the country and the place.not much of the people, except for the Greek family friends of ours.

here are some info about the ongoing Olympics in Greece, that i have gathered from a friend and from some of my readings.



The first Olympics were held in ancinet Greece (Olympia) in 776 BC.


The Greeks believed that an Olympic victory was a gift from the Gods. The winners received crowns made from wild olive leaves. Statues were made in their honor. Winning is a great honor.


Only men could compete. In the beginning, a single foot race of about 200 yards was the only competition. Later, other sports, including jumping, boxing, wrestling and chariot races was added. Although women could not compete in the Olympic Games, there were special athletic contests for them every four years. The games honored Hera.(did you know that during those times men run naked in the game and when they start running ahead of the signal, they get an X amount of lashes)


A truce among the different Greek city- states was declared at each Olympics so that the athletes could travel safely to and from the Olympics.


This summer, the Olympic Games will be held August 13-29 in Athens, Greece. They are returning to their birthplace. The symbol for this summer's games includes a circular wreath of olive leaves. The mascots are cartoon brotherhood and equality.


The Olympics were not held for 1,500 years. A French baron, Pierre de Coubertin, same up with the idea of starting them again. The first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896.


For each Olympics, an Olympic torch is lighted at Olympia. The 2004 torch is designed to look like and olive leaf. For the first time in Olympic history, the torch bearers will carry the Olympic flame in five continents. Then, on Aug 13, it will be carried to the Olympic stadium and the Olympics XXVIII will officially begin.

SITES TO SEE: www.Athens2004.com. or www.olympics.org

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