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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
In the Aftermath of RP Pullout in Iraq

(abstracted from the Philippine Weekely /Chicago USA by :Michaela P. del Callar)

"The US squeeze is on, despite denials from American Officials and their claims of a continuing strong relationship with the Philippines. The United States is expected to intesify its crackdown on illegal Filipino workers following last week's deportation of 89 Filipinos, a ranking foreign Affairs official said."

"They were sent back home for various offenses from over staying, assault, car theft, fraud, extortion and drug related cases. They served time in jail before being sent back to the Philippines."

"We expected more Filipinos to be deported, the official said. There are about 300,000 Filipinos in the US absconders list. A source said US Immigration informed Philippine officials they will be deporting Filipino absconders every three to four months."

"The DFA source hinted broadly that the recent deportation of Filipinos could be the US government's way of retaliating againts the Philippine government on account of President Arroyo's decision to bow to the Iraqi terrorists demand to withdreaw the Philippine troops from Iraq, a move that has been criticized by international allies that all who claimed that the precedent set by Mrs. Arroyo was dangerous and placed the coalition forces in Iraq in greater peril."

"Earlier, Business World reported that a US commodity loan, in the amount of US$20 million that was expected by the Arroyo administration failed to push through, as US agriculture officials were said to have refrained from forging a memorandum of agreement that would have alloted the Philippines US$20 million under the US Public Law 490, owing to Washington's disappointment over the pullout of Filipino troops from Iraq."

"The Tribune also recently reported US officialdom was mulling over the idea of issuing a travel ban agaisnt the Philippines on grounds of a serious terrorists threat against American nationals and business establishments, allegedly based on intelligence reports, which would serve as strong message from the US government to the Arroyo adminstration of its "displeasure" over Mrs. Arroyoa's decision to pull out the troops in Iraq, bowing to the demands of the Iraqi terrorists."

"Diplomtic sources also intimated to the Tribune that Arroyo adminstration can kiss the promised helicopters for the Philippine Air Force goodbye, as they are not forthcoming, as a result fo the Philippines pull out."

"The same sources pointed out that the word they have been getting is that there would also be US visa restrictions implemented and that even personalities closely identified with the Arroyo administration, including police and military generals and their families may be denied visas."
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