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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
MAKE SEX HOTTER(advise for women)
Nota Bene:
... some of my guys office mates who also reads my blog is so upset with me in a nice way, why i am blogging info like this that is pro-women. after i have explained to them my purpose, they all agreed that i was doing the right way. but i will not tell you what i explained and told the gangs at work. sorry!!

(abstracted from COSMOMAG by: Nicole Beland)

1. Have you ever given your man a mind blowing show?

Taking it off for your guy isnt just for his viewing enjoyment-- seeing him drooling with excitement will get you rile up too. to start, use your hands to direct his attention to one body part at a time, and begin to peel of layers of clothing. Make sure you tease him the entire way: Seductively, let your bra strap slide off your shoulder , then slowly pull it back on, or flash some flesh, then cover cover it with your hand or a piece of clothing for a second before baring it completely. Take breaks in your dance to stradle and graind against him. Tantalize him by cupping your breasts in your hands or rubbing them across his face and chest. Then treat your man to the ultimate eye candy and pleasure yourself while sitting in a chair so that your not so private display is right in his life of vision. The one rule--he can look but cannot touch....at leat not until you're given the go ahead.

2. When was the last time you had sex for longer thatn 15 minutes?

Once you and your guy know how to push each other's buttons, it's easy to race toward the finish line. The best way to slow down the action and let the pleasure build is by switching positions. To move seamlessly from one pose to the next, start in the missionary position. Once you're in the groove, sit up, wrap your arms and legs around him, and do the bump-and-grind facing each other. When you're so hot you can hardly handle it, let him slip out for a second and maneuver onto your side so he can spoon you from behind. After several fabulous minutes of this totally new sensation, roll onto your hands and knees and get busy doggie style while stimulating yourself with one hand (or let him) until you two both burst.

3. Have you ever bought a toy to bed?

Not ready for erotice elctronics? Try transforming object you have around the house into provocative playthings.(just don't insert anything inside your body)Wear an inexpensive fishnets to bead and let him rip them off you with his teeth. After one or two prop-enhanced ecnounters, you'll better understand the meaning of letting your creative juice flow.

4. How long has it been since you did it outside the bedroom?

When you quarantine sex to the boudoir, it takes away one of the hottest aspects about getting it on: the idea that the amorous act could happen anytime, anywhere.If you want to keep the passion a little more private, jump him in the dining room or kitchen and try "the hot seat hookup": have him sit in a chair and straddle his lap, facing away from him. Hold on to the table edge to balance and wrap your gams around the chair legs as he trusts.

5. When was the last time you took control?

To make your take control intentions perfectly clear, look him in the eyes and say something like "No moving. I want to do all the work for a while." Then start kissing his neck, shoulders and chest. He'll no dount want to fondle you, but don't let him. Hold his arms and kiss and lick is bod from his earlobes to his upper thighs, slowly zeroing in on his crwon jewels. When his member is hard enough to hammer nails, treat him to you-on-top booty where you do all the pulsing while holding his nads above his head. The benefit to both of you: You're in charge, so you get the kind of stimulations you need to climax...and nothing turns a man on more that a turned on chick.

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