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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
MAKE SEX HOTTER (advise for women) Part Two
Abstracted from COSMOMAG by: Nicole Beland)

6. When was the last time you totally relinquised control?

Sometimes sex hould be like getting a massage: You kick back and get serviced from head to toe. "It's about allowing yourself to be worshipped, " says Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of the book The Hot Guide to Safe Sex. "And the best way to do that is to get out of your head and into the moment so that you're really reveling in every sensation he's giving you." It's not just lying there like a log; just relax and let him take over. Besides, having you spread out before him will make your man feel so lucky and lusty, he won't know who's pampering whom.

7. Have you shared a kinky secret or fantasy?

"Fantasies allow us to tap into our deepest desires to get what we really want in bed.", says Etkes That's why sharing a steamy day dream with your man will be music to his horny little ears. "Start with the mildest fantasy you hae," says Etkes "Acting out a fantasy helps you let go of into a randy reality".

8. Are you using your hands to enhance every move you make?

Whether you're caressing yourself or manhandling him, keeping your mitts in on the action can mean the difference between regular roll in the hay and a burn-down-the-barn lustfest. Gently pinch his nipples or run your fingers through his pubic hair. "Letting your digits wander between the legs and your, helps intensify the pleasure that's originating in your erogenous zones."says Fulbright.Why not reach back when you're in cowgirl position to fondle the boys or gently scracth them with your nails. When he's n top, send shock wave through his system by grabing his buttocks and pulling them apart or giving him an unexpected tush slap.

9. Have you been all over his down under?

There are so many pleasurable nerve endings in teh area behind a man's testicles. It's like feel good minefield.Daring bed divas can drag a wet tongue from the stretch of skin behind the penis. Flick his frenulum with your fingers while licking his tip and he'll likely forget his name. Or give him oral sex when he is standing and trace a love line with your finger from the tip of his tailbone, down hic crack, and to his package. Then toy with the male G-spot, or prostrate gland, the biggest pleasure bomb back there. You can stimulate it by rubbing or even pressing your knuckles into the perineum(this is between his balls and backdoor Bust that move when he's about to come and he'll shoot through the roof.

10. Do you know how to play Connect the Hot Spots?

Keeping a playful attitude in bed makes everything from confessing what you want to trying new tricks a million times easier."It's important not to take sex seriously", says Fulbright . "When the focus is having fun, you feel more freed up and relaxed".

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