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Saturday, August 21, 2004
TID BITS OF NEWS abstracted from Filpinas Magazine

In a comeuppance to snotty Western expatraites and Chinese natives who hire them, a team of Filipina housemaids in Hong Kong beat nine other ladies rowing teams to win the Circus Capital Stanley Dragon Boat Ladies Division Championships. The Bulldog Mabuhay Dragon Boat Team (its sponsor is the Bulldog Bar and Grill) of 27 Pinays powered theri way to the finish line in s 1 minute and 27seconds, way ahead of the more experienced teams. The Stannly Dragon Boat Competition is one of the biggest events in Hong Kong and among the world's most awaited rowing races.

The Filipina team, in its first year of competition, had very little time to practice. Most, if not all, of the 130,000 Filipina maids in Hong Kong are only given sundays off. "I want people to know that we Filipinos are not only maids in Hong Kong. We have the potential to do other things as well,"
team member Cloe Belle Dofeno said.


They've tried this before but did'nt quite make it. This time the city of Sorsogon in the Bocil region planned to go all out in its quest to alnd a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the "longest pili nut cracking line" . Some 25,000 nucrackers -- the human variety -- were expected to line soem 25 kilometers of streets in Sorsogon city while simultaneously cracking pili nuts for a period of 30 minutes. The gathering of nuts tagged "Pili Tiriladan sa Dalan" (Street Pili Nutcracking) were to be led by newly elected senator Dick Gordon and Jamby Madrigal, as well as the Tourism Secretary Roberto Pagdanganan. No word yet if Guinness took notice.


Parents of pupils of the Integrated Monstessori School in Fort Bonifacio had the shock of their lives when the school bus operator, whom they trusted with their children's transport, was arrested by the military operatives recently.

Turns out he was Ibno Alih Ordonez, alias Ibno Abbas Abdil, the 7th most wanted Abu Sayyaf member with a one million peso prize on his head. Ordonez allegedly participated in the kidnapping of about 50 students and teachers in Basilan in 2000, one of whom was Fr. Roel Gallardo, who was beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf.
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