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Thursday, September 02, 2004
(abstracted from COSMOMAG by Nicole Beland)

NOTA BENE: I have chosen the most juiciest one for you to read.

"We hang out around the house buck naked and brush up agaisnt each other 'by accident'. The next thing you know, we're going at it". Dominigue, 28

"Give each other full bodymassages where you touch everything except the genitals. Sometimes, when an orgasm isn't the goal, you end up having one unexpectedly." Anne Hooper, author of Sexopedia.

"We lie on the bed naked and run our hands very lightly over each other's bodies, getting slowly but surely turned on." Katherine, 27

"I made an audio tape of us having sex together. Listening to all the moaning, licking and kissing reminds us how fantastic it feels." Elizabeth, 26

"Sometimes my guy puts me on the kitchen table, sits down on a chair infront of me,a nd dvours me with his mouth like I'm his favourite dessert. The I do the same to him". Allison, 27

"We play the oral sex stop-and-go game; I get him to the brink, then he goes down on me. Then I finish him off and he makes me come. The anticipation drives us insane." Catherine,29

"I'll start licking from a spot behind his testicles, run my tongue up in the middle of them to his penis, and finish by putting all of him in my mouth. Then he does the same to me, licking from the back to the front , up and down and then in tight circles." Nicky 24

"When I go down on my guy in the shower, I'll loofah his butt, and he'll use a sponge while he's going down on me. Double bliss." Dana, 23

"We love to do 69 right out of the shower. It's fun to get dirty when we're both so clean." Jeremy, 26

"We're not inot backdoor penetration, but we both think it feels really good to apply a little light pressure to that area with a finger while we're receiving oral sex." Jonathon, 32

"our backyard is private enough to have sex in, so we do it in the hammock. The back and forth movement is unbelivebale." Noelle, 26

"Putting four or five pillows under her butt helps me hit her G-spot and gives me a great angle." Freddy, 31

"We bought the copy of the Kamsutra and are working our way through every position." Robbie, 28

"We crack open the window and let the breeze blow over our bodies during sex. Getting goose bumps makes us press into each other tighter." Jan, 29

"Get over the idea that vibrators are just for women. After he's used it on you, draw it across the ridge of his penis andhe'll likely enjoy it just as much as you do." Carol Queen

"We set up a chair infront of a mirror. She sits in my lap, and I watch the action over her shoulder. Then she'll turn around and lean back onto my penis so we can both batch." Kevin, 29

"We take turns watching each other masturbate.It's so satisfying to be able to trust each other that much." Leanne, 22

"With her thighs squeezed together, I'll slide my penis back and forth against her clitoris without entering her. It feels incredible for both of us."Andy, 27
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