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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
(abstracted from the same book from part one)

Why is there always Pork in cans of Pork and Beans?

Perhaps it will comfort you to know that yeas, indeed, the pork is places into the can for flavor. Pork and beans are actually cooked in can. One fairly large piece of pork is palced in the can before cooking. After being heated during the processing, it melts down to the size you see in the can, its flavor having permeated the beans.

Why do your Feet Swell up so Much in Airplanes.

The reason your feet swellup on a plane is the same reason they swell up on the ground ----INACTIVITY. On a plane, you are not only confined in movement but sitting witht he legs perpendicular to the floor. If you sit for prolonged periods w/o muscular activity, the blood and other fluids collect in teh foot with the assistance of gravity.

Why don't Dogs develop Laryngitis, Sore Throats, Voice changes or Great discomfort after barking continously?

Dogs do occasionally get laryngitis and voice changes from excessive barking. It is not as common in dogs as in people becaus the motor control of the cannine larynx (voice box) is not a refined as that of humans for sound production. Therefore, the voice range is narrower and subsequent stress from phonation is probably not as severe. Since barking is not much as part of daily living for most pet dogs as speaking is for people, laryngitis manifested as a voice change is also not as frequesntly observed in dogs, even though it may be present.

Why do Bananas, unlike other fruits, grow upward?

The banana is actually a giant herb in the same biological family as lilies, orchids and palms. It is the largest plant on earth without a woody stem -- a banana stalk is 93 percent water -- and is consequently extremely fragile. Although it can reach a full height of 15 to 30 feet in one year, even moderate winds can blow down a plant.The individual fruite "fingers" (the technical name for a single banana) are pointed upward.As the bunch or bud is puhsing its way through the mass tightly packed leaf sheaths known as the "pseudostem", the fruit fingers remain pointed upward until they merged at the top of the plant.

Do Toilet Seat covers really protect us against Anything?

The idea is not to protect you from disease, but from the thought of exposing your bare backside to the same surface area occupied by heaven knows who befroe you. There is no scientific evidence of disease transmission from toilet seats.

Why do Men's Bicycles have a crossbar?

The crossbar at the top of the frame makes the men's bike more sturdier than women's.After centuries of experimentation, manufacturers have found that the best strenght to weight ratio is maintained by building frames in the shape of diamonds or triangles.without the cross bar, or as it is now called, the "Top Tube", part of the ideal diamond structure is missing.

Why is the women's top tube (bicycle) lower than the male's?

Tradition is there for no other reason than to protect the dignity and reputation of women of riging a bicylcle while wearing a skirt or dress.Now that most women bicyclists wear pants or fancy bike tights, the original purpose for the crossbars is moot.

Why do Snakes dart out their Tounges?

The tongues of the snakes are perfectly harmless. Snakes don't sting or uese their forked tounges as weapons.The tongue is actually an invaluable sensory organ for the snake. It enables the reptile to troll for food(just as fisherman ticks hisline out in the water and hopes for the best)while feeling its ways over the ground.It does this by bringing in bits of organic matter that it can smell or taste, alerting it to a potential food source.Some evidence suggest that a snake's tongue is equally sensitive to sound vibrations, warning it of ptential prey or predators.

Why does the Skin on the Extremities wrinkle after a Bath?

Despite its appearance, you skin isn't shriveling after your bath.Actually it is expanding.The skin on the fingers, palms, toes and soles wrinkles only after it is saturated with water ( a prolonged stay underwater in the swimming pool will create the same effect) The "stratum corneum"--- the thick, dead, horny layer of the skin that protects us from the environment and that makes the skin on our hands and feet tougher and thicker than that on our stomachs or faces --- expands when it soaks to water. This expansiin causes the wrinkling effect.

Why doesn't Evaporated Milk have to be Refrigerated?

Evaporated milk, of course, is thickened soley by evaporation; it is often confused with condensed milk, which is makde by evaporating some of the cow's milk and assidng sugar. evaporated milk has a long shelf life because it is sterilized in the can, a steam heat process that destroys potentially harmful micro organisms. evaporated milk often developes a darkish off color about a year, but it is still safe to consume.

Why do Traffic signals use Red, Yellow and Green lights?Whys is the Red Light on Top, Green Light on the Bottom and Yellow Light in Between?

Traffice signals actually predate the existence of the automobile. One was installed outside the British Parliament in 1868. This signale had two semaphore arms, like a railroad siognal, that acted as a physical impediment to oncoming traffic. The English device was designed to control the flow of pedestrians and some feature was needed to make it functional at night. The current vertical design with red on top was adopted in order to aid color blind individuals who might be confused by different layouts.
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