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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
(from COSMOMAG issue on manners)

(Explaining the standard dinner setting)

If your NAPKIN is not stuffed into your water goblet or folded in the middle of your plate, then it's on the left of your setting.

The SALAD FORKis always the fork farthest to the left with the thicker tine. It's smaller than the dinner fork.

The DINNER FORKis the largest in the setting and is nearest your plate on the left.

The SOUPSPOON is the outermost untensil on the right.

The DINNER KNIFE, which can also be used for salads and fish is the closest utensil to the right of your plate.

As a general rule, always use your outermost utensil for your FIRST COURSE, then work your way in with each subsequent course.

The BREAD AND BUTTER PLATEis the smalle plate accompanied by a BUTTER KNIFE at the top left of your dinner plate.

DESSERT FLATWARE comes with the dessert course or is placed at the top of your dinner plate. If you're given a fork and a spoon, you can use either or both.

If you have STACKED PLATES the top smaller one is for salad and the larger one is for your entree.

If a CHEESE COURSE is served, a separate plate will be brought to you. Flatware will come with it.

The WATER GOBLET is the closest to your plate to the left of the alss setting.

The RED WINEGLASSis in the middle of the glass setting.

The WHITE WINEGLASSis the one that sits to the far right of the glass seting.


MICROEATING: Dissecting a dish to pick out minor ingredients you dislike.

FOOD INSPECTING: probing or sniffing a dish before eating it. you're at a dinner party, not a chem lab.

SCRAPING THE BARREL:licking your utensil to finish off that last dreamy dab of hollandaise, gravy or butter.

REACHING: lunging for the salt or a dish that's nowhere near where you're sitting.

ESP RSVP: believing you know your hostess so well, you don't have to inform her that you're able to attend.

PLATTER PIT STOPPING: serving yourself first from a dish you were asked to pass.

RIGHTEOUS RUDE: pointing out a dinner mate's manners faux pas in front of the whole table.

BUFFET HOARDING:taking a huge serving of a dish you love or digging for the bits you like best, leaving little for the diners behind you.

SCRAP SHARING:offering the picked at leftovers on your plate to another diner at the table.

PARTY PIGGYBACKING: asking the hostess if you can bring a date or letting a friend tag along without your invitation specifically reading "and guest".

CONDIMENT ABUSE: asking for any sauce or spice that wasn't already placed on the table by the hostess.

KATO-ING: staying long after the other guests have departed.
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