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Monday, September 20, 2004
(asbtracted from CHICAGOSUNTIMES)

35percent of men say they'll pass if she's get exta pounds.

With more than 65 percent of Americans either overweight or obese, how weighty is the effect of obesity on sex and relationshp.

According to a poll of about 16,000 men and women released this week by SHAPE and MEN'S FITNESS magazaines, three out of four womens ay they would have a relationship with a heavyset man. However, 35 percent of the men surveyed would take a pass on having a relationship with or marrying a Rubenesque woman.

And it get worse.....

*** Nearly one in two women say they have avoided sexual situations because they were uncomfortable with their bodies.

*** Nearly one out of every four guys says they've avoided sex because of fears about what she will think of his body.

*** 44 percent of women say being overweight detrimentally affects their romantic relationships.

*** 24 percent of men say that being overweight hurts them romantically.

However, there are a few facts that level the playing field.
Niney five percent of men and 99 percent of women say report that weight plays an important role in how attractive they feel.

Six percent of the men surveyed say they have ended their relationship based solely on a woman's weight. Yet (for a touch of quid pro quo), 6 percent of the men poled say they've been dumped because their girth. (Lisa Frydman)
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