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Thursday, September 23, 2004
(abstracted from lifestyles@suntimes.com)


Come on, we've all worn them. Some of us like them. But let's not continue tolive the lie that the line of a thong isn't visible through a pair of workout pants or a body smimming skirt. It is! "Our thongs actually are bulkier than our briefs because of the elastic in the waistband", say Eberjey co-founder of Ali Salaverria.


We can blame Madonna for popularizing bras and corsets as outerwear,but even Material Mom rarely stooped to letting her thong straps show. Her protege Britney Spears is another story. The thong became so popular during the 1990's that Sisqo had a hit with "The Thong Song"" and Abercrombie & Fitch was marketing thongs...to 10 year old girls!


Because there are alternatives that work just as well. Because it's tacky, uncomfortable and , in most cases, unnecessary. And because with the exception of a few really fine supermodels and athletes, thongs don't do much to flatter anyone's figure. With the return of ladylike glamor to the fashion world this fall, women are keeping their panties where they should be-- hidden from public view.


Eberjey "Wild at Heart" French brief. www.eberjey.com

1).French briefs

Let's face it, no one wants to wear the type of underwear our moms used to pick out for us. But briefs aren't the same as granny panties. Jockey, Arianne and Eberjey all have lines as gorgeous low rise briefs that cover the body without adding unwanted visible lines. The key is finding a seamless pair made from thin material. Nylon and lycra make a nice combo.

Who popularized it:Liv Tyler favors these. So do Kirsten Dunst and Avril Lavigne.

Why It's In: French briefs are super comfortable, come in all kinds of fabrics and can look innocent enough that they're actually sexier than the too revealing thong. Besides, most women don't like their derrieres and a little extra coverage there never hurts.

Natori "Escape" stretch boy leg shorts. www.nordstrom.com
2). Boy Cut

Perfect for the gal who likes to wear her boyfriends tighty whities and boxer shorts, boy cut panties offer more coverage that can elimiante panty lines. However, you have to make sure the material isn't too thick. It'll leave a line right across your upper thigh, Not a pretty thought.

Who popularized it: Hate to credit Spears, but she's worn these a s part of her costume onstage, Sandra Bullock likes them, and so does Madonna.

Why it's in:They're not so delicate you have to worry about them all the time. But don't fall for the myth that boy cut panties are a flattering cut for women who dont' have perfect bodies. They can be among the most unforgiving items in your wardrobe, making your legs look shorter and fatter than they actually are.

Arianne "Jade" thongboy.
3). Boy thong

Sounds like a cruel joke, right? Actually, lingerie makers are saying the boy thong-- a hybrid between a brief and a thong back that does'nt reveal a "whale tail" -- are the next big things. Not as skimpy as thongs, but without as much coverage as briefs, they combine the best of both worlds.

Who popularized it:Eberjey and Victoria's Secret both pusehd the boy thong and supermodels such as Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell love them.

Why It's in:They're sexy without being as risque as a thong. The front looks innocent. The back looks a bit naughty.
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