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Sunday, February 29, 2004
(as sent by a friend)

A CARDIOLOGIST Died and was given a very elaborate funeral by his family. A huge HEART was made, covered with flowers, stood behind the casket during the service.

Following the eulogy, the heart opened up, and the casket rolled in......

The Big Heart, then closed, sealing the doctor in the beautiful heart forever.

At that point, one of the mourners, started laughing loud and burst into uncontrolled giggle. then the congregatiin looked at him wondering what was happening. Then this mourner said "I am very sorry , I am a GYNECOLOGIST".

that is when they heard somebody fell on the floor and fainted. the person who fainted was a PROCTOLOGIST
(treats diseases of the ANUS).

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Friday, February 27, 2004
by : Mel Gibson

when the movie Passion of Christ was about to be released, there were lots of comments and cirticism about it from many people. one of the critique is a member of the Jewish "Anti Defamation League" who was so worried that this movie might trigger anti Semitism. but there were lots of critic that were of Judaic persuasion also but they say things differently.

a Rabbi was saying that the more criticism this movie gets---the more money Mel Gibson will bring into the bank.
there was also a group of people interviewed by Ted Koppel from the Judaic religion who find the movie historically done and find no Anti Semiticism on it.

i went to see the movie with an open mind. it moved me to Love more my religion after seeing this movie. it made me also think on how Jesus was really chastized and how he was really brutally tortured by both the Romans and the Jews. but this did not make me hate anybody. the movie is the 12 hour story before the death of Christ and it was do vividly portrayed by not so famous actors and actresses who did great--- i should say in their role.

after seeing the movie--- i went to read again the Bible on the last 12 hours on the life of Christ. i was reading closely that the "Lamb of God" that Christ was talking about is also being done by the Jewish persuasion. the Jew during the tme of Christ, comes to the temple to offer sacrifice by giving to the temple young lamb that is killed by the priests and offered to be burned as the "sacrifice to Yaweh". this is the very word of Christ when he said also: "I am the Lamb of God--who will take away the Sins of the World" in all his teachings.

now that the movie is out--- people are all lining up to see the most controversial movie in America.

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Thursday, February 26, 2004
By : Mel Gibson

as far as i can remember when i was growing up--- i was always going to church with my grandma and my old maid aunt who always wants to go to church at St. Anthony de Padua in Singalong/ Manila. The church was run by the Franciscan Capuchins. when i became a teeager-- i was attracted to the Adoracion Nocturna Filipina and then became an Acolyte. religiously--everyday, i am at church on the strike of the early morning bell at 5:30 am.

i love the ceremonies and the rituals of the church. when i was growing up---it was all in Latin. i have to memorize all the prayers in Latin and the movements and rituals at the altar. i love the incense and i always see to it that when there is the consecration during Wed Novena--- i am the one holding the Incensarium. during the Confirmation--i always see to it the i am the one holding the Mitre of the Bishop---- until one day i said to myself:
I wanted to become a Priest.

so i studied for the priest hood. dig into the books and all the relious studies and prayers. from philosophy to theology. i did it. i was so happy about it--- but after so many years in the seminary--- i decided a new vocation.
getting married---raising a family and being called a father by my own children.

now i have new calling--- i am called a father by my two full grown sons.

religion became a little bit cold for me. no excuse--- will not lie. it came to a point that it is being a father first....taking care of the needs of my family and all obligations----then religion will come along the way.

my wife and myself, just came out of the movie house this evening. we have just seen the PASSION by Mel Gibson. it is so intense and powerful motion picture about the last 12 hrs life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

i will not reveal anything for those who have not seen it yet. i am not a movie critic, nor do i have any knowledge of Screenplay, Cinematogry, Dialogue coach or Master, Lights, Scripts and ,most of all Directorial prowess. but for me--this movie tops it all.

i went to see this movie not as a controversy --- but as an eye opener, to all the people of the world.

on the first opening of the screen and the first section of the movie---- one can immediately feel the intensity of the scene. the eerie feeling, the surreal settings and then the grahic accounts during Jesus lamentation at the garden of Gethsemane. it was like a painting by the greatest renaissance painters. so full of passion--so full of emotions. the movie is spoken in Aramaic for the Jew and Latin for the Romans with sub title.

the scene of the brutality on how the punishment was rendered to Christ until the stations of the cross to the Golgotha scene----people inside the theater are so quiet. you can hear both men and women crying. i can see men wiping their tears and cud hear them blowing their noses. there is this woman who kept on screaming on all the graphic scenes. watching the punishment is like oneself undergojng ---- the pain and the sufferings of Christ is so graphic and intense. my wife and myself was crying during the entire movie.

there's lots of symbolism and the persona of Christ was Magnified as a man--Born to Save. the person of Pontius Pilate---was so pitiful--- you don't want to be in his shoes. the Love of the Mother Mary and her own pain and suffering. the love of Mary Magdalene and the Love of apostle John and most of all the short part of Claudia-- wife of Pilate and the short part Simon of Cyrene, with the Messianic promise to Dimas. these scenes and dialogues of these characters have made me cry even as i typed this blog entry. the Love of Mary to her son is so touching and moving.the atachment of the mother to the son---is so intense that all mothers inside the theater watching it--- i am sure felt also what is in the heart of Mother Mary. the scene of the march and the gruesome torture and the macabre actions on the part of the Roman soldiers are all so graphic that at times i have to close and cover my eyes.

the greatest scene for me is the PIETA. no body is breathing inside the theatre. one cud hear a pin drop. even the hum of the heater inside the theatre seems to stop and the only sounds are the sobbing and the rustles of the movie goers whose eyes and emotions are all focused on the scene. the the Resurrection---- is something that nobody cud describe. the drum beat and all. i was about to yell inside the theater that : My Saviour has Risen--- i am part of His suffering and I believe".

when the movie ended---people are clapping their hands and weeping. some are still glued to their seats, trying to stare at something in the screen that is not there--- only letters and names and words.



1.) if you are going to watch, see to it that you have an open heart with no prejudice about religion and sect of any kind.

2). bring lots of Faith and Understanding inside the threatre. and lots of tissue and large hankie.

3). don't bring kids under 17 if you cannot explain all the scenes afterwards. there shud be moral explanation after.

4). eat your popcorn and drink your pop drinks before the movie. you wont be able to touch it when the movie starts.

5). come out after the movie with open mind and heart. and most of all, with a Deep understanding of the Persona of Christ, and the reason he died on the Cross.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

i wanted to have a daughter but unluckily--i was not given one. but this does not mean to say i don't appreciate and am not grateful for what i have now. I Love my Two Boys.

my eldest son--started to have early command of responsibility in life. after i got married-- left my wife pregnant with my first born son and went home to the Phils. and took care of our business in the Phils. when i saw my first born son--he was already three years old. my son and my wife stayed in the Phils for eight months. i was happy cuz i have my wife and my son with me. my wife was very unhappy. cuz i am always at work and hardly see the two of them except late in the evening and i am already exhausted. after eight months in the Phils.--- my wife decided to return back to the states and continue their life away from me. i cannot do anything about it---i have to work for my family until such time my nieces and nephews are old enough to handle the business.

then my second son was born--four years apart from my eldest son. still i am working overseas. this time i was working for a japanese shipping firm as partners of our office in the Phils. my eldest son was fourteen years old and he started the gruelling process of being the father of the house in my absence. he passed with flying color. he took care of his brother upbringing and looked after his mother. he is my ROCK and my SHELTER.

my second son growing up in a different setting. i am now at home with the whole family and working in the states as ordered by my eldest son when he became serious with a girl. my eldest son told me to come home and worked in the states cuz he has a girl friend and cannot discuss it with his mom. so i came home but see to it that i work with a company that will entail me to travel --just like when i was working for this japanese shipping firm as a Labor Arbiter in the manpower dept.

my whole family was able to see the world, cuz of my work. they are entitled to join me once a year for two weeks we travel to places where the company has subsidiary offices.

now i am 55 years old--- about to celebrate my 25 wedding anniversary, i have begun to look at my two boys. they are no longer small boys. they are big men now--bigger for a Pinoy. each of them has differenct personalities and different outlook in life.

my eldest son looks at life as if it was a world that has to be shaped by him in his own liking--in his own time--- in his own doing. he is so matured for his age. soft spoken, gentle with his mother and loving son. he still have the worrisome attitude--looks beyond the things that has been given and laid out for him. see me as his friend and mentor-- love me as if i was his best friend. i owe so much to this eldest son of my. he took my place those many years i was away from them. i don't know how to repay my eldest son.

my youngest son--has the attitude of a rebel. he likes things that comes in his way to be done in a very slow and playful manner. it does not mean he is not serious--but he thinks things will come to its proper senses if not forceably done. he thinks that problem is a challenge that will have its own terms to be solved and be remedied. one does not have to hurry up things cuz life is too short to worry into so much things in life. his dispositions in life is on a daily basis. very furious at times--- like me. very stubborn and hard on himself . he is my second son and he is my mirror and the window of myself at this age.

i love my two boys. i hope God will give me longer life and years to cherish all these times with them and see them achieve all their goals in life.



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Monday, February 23, 2004

i have two sons. one just turned 24 this jan and the other one turned 20 this feb. both are big boys compared to the usual built and height of pinoys. they were both born in the states and they were telling me that they are too Caucasian. so i have accepted the fact that they are pinoy with more Caucasian blood in them.

my eldest son understand tagalog but cannot speak it. he speaks very fluent spanish cuz that was his second language in high school and was able to practice more cuz he is managing a pizzeria in my neighborhood and goes to college at the same time. all of his staff are all mexican and speaks little english--so he was able to polish his spanish.

my younger son understand tagalog but also cannot speak it. he speaks french cuz this is what he studied in high school. my son is studying culinary arts and wanted to finish and do his apprenticeship in Paris at Le Conrdon Bleu.

this morning--- i just got home and was having an early breakfast at 4am and my eldest son came to the house from the back door while i was eating. he has his own apartment now but very often comes home to pay a visit and check on me and his mom. he came home this morning and will sleep here cuz he knows this wednesday i have to go to the hospital again for my check up and treatment.

when i was about to go upstairs to the computer room---after my son gave me a hug, he asked me:

"para a donde vas....Papa?"

so i told him i am going to the computer room to pound the computer and check my blogspot. i told him i sit in the computer for at least 30mins before going to bed.

then he told me:

"pero Papa--son los Filipinos en Blogspot---que Solamente su grupo y solamente su Tipo".
"son todos solos".

i told my son---its ok mijo. i like doing it even if nobody reads and visit my blog. this is my way of releasing all the tension at work listening to all the complaints and cursing on the fon on irate pax who were disserviced by the airline that i worked with. he was telling me that i might be wasting my time and all the things that i am imparting and entering in my blogspot. he was not very fond of me doing this kind of hobby. i told my hijo--that it does not bother me at all what i do and what i input in my blog.

my son hug me and told me his concern. he kissed me in the forehead and said he will be going to bed.

as i read my blog and check on it----it just came to me that there are some things my son is trying to convey to me.

i think in TAGALOG ----it is called:

SILA - SILA......

then i just smiled--- and said to myself....

"the Peninsularez attidutde of my kababayan cannot be change".
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Sunday, February 22, 2004

i have received last wed 18feb, a letter from my insurance that my dentist have sumitted a charge on my last visit to him last jan 23 '04 a total amount of US$ 7,500 wherein my dental insurance approved and paid this dentist a total amount of US$ 6,565.45 for a lousy 15mins of visit to check on my TEMPORO MADIVULAR JAWBONE (TMJ) problem(athritis of the jawbone). this dental surgeon just massage my right jaw for five minutes and charge my insurance this exhorbitant fee.

this morning--- i called my insurance and complained about it and informed customer service that there was no major procedure that was done for me by this dentist. and also complained this type and kind of charges is making my insurance premiums becomes high and exhorbitant.

then i called the office of the dentist and talked to her billing dept. i told the woman clerk that she has to return the money and only charge what is really to be intended for a visit that did not have any procedure nor any surgery. this woman was arguing with me. i told her--aside from the exhortbitant fee that she has received and has already cashed last 23jan--she still have to charge me US$ 175.00 on top of it. this argumentative bitch kept on telling me that i am not in the position to question what the insurance has approved. she was demanding to see that letter that i have received from my insurance company. i told her the letter was addressed to me and i will not give her a copy. i told her also if she will not return the money that she fraudulently charged my insurance--- i will file a major case against her and the dental office with the office of the Insurance Commisioner. then--- that was the only time she came to her senses and toned down her voice and argumentative stance during our conversation.

i was in pinas last week for two weeks and have visited a dental surgeon. she did some major work on the left side of my jaw bone--concentrating on molar no 18 and only charge me Pesos 5,500 which is only US$100 based on the prevailing rate of exchange that day. these husband and wife dentist told me if i cud stay longer--they can take care of my TMJ problem. so this coming july i will return bak to pinas n have my oral surgery for my TMJ problem. i need my athritis of the jawbone taken cared of so that i will be able talk and eat and sleep properly. it aches when i am sleeping and no pain killer cud take care and remedy the problem.

we have good dentist and oral surgeon in pinas.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

if any chinese will read this blog...this was just emailed to me. sorry if you find it not worth reading if you hve any "sange de chino" in you.

a chinese born during the night................. Andy Lim
-------------born blind................................... Kenneth Sy
-------------born being swindled................... Lino Co
-------------born while cooking...................... Nilo Toh
-------------born as 10th child....................... Sam Po
-------------born while being courted............ Lily Gaw
-------------born fat....................................... Bob Uy
-------------born cannot walk......................... Kent Go
-------------born little..................................... Kathy Ting
-------------born with real estate................... Lot Te
-------------born different............................... Eva Yan
-------------born with porridge....................... Nilo Gao
-------------born looking for someone.............. Allen Sia
-------------born while counterfeting............... Faye King
-------------born during Sunday....................... Lyn Go
-------------born with malice............................. Mali Sia
-------------born angry with someone.............. Ally Tan
-------------born with pictures........................... Lara Huan
-------------born with sweets............................ Ken Dee
-------------born undefined................................ Sam Ting
-------------born while taking a bath.................. Lily Go
-------------born while buying............................. Bill Lee
-------------born secreatly................................... Tina Go
-------------born ugly........................................... Shiela Yan
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Friday, February 20, 2004
(sent by a friend)

with all your honour and dignity what would you do?this test only has one question, but it's very important.

Please dont answer it without giving it some serious thoughts...so that the test will work correctly.

You're in Pampanga......

in Mabalacat, to be exact...
There is a chaos going on around you, caused by heavy rains with all the flooding....

There are huge masses of water all around you.....

You are a small newspaper photographer....
..... and you are in the middle of this great disaster.

You're trying to shoot a very impressive photo....

There are houses and people floating around you, disappearing into the water.....

Nature is showing all its destructive power....
Suddenly you see a Man, steering a big van....

He is fighting for his life, trying not to be taken away by a massive wall of water and mad....

You move closer....

Suddenly you know who it is----- it's Fernando Poe , Jr.!

In that same instance you notice that the raging waters are about to take him away, f o r e v e r......

You have two Options.


You can save the life of Da King, or you can shoot a prize winning phot which could make you very popular......

A photo displaying what could be the last moments of a very popular actor who may even be the next President
of the Philippines......

HERE'S THE QUESTION: (please be very honest with your answer)

ARE YOU GOING TO USE BLACK AND WHITE OR COLOUR?========================================
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Thursday, February 19, 2004

when i landed at Ninoy Acqquino airport last 04feb--- i was on the impression that i will be using the new international airport that was built on the grounds of the former Nichols Airbase. it was already completed and still not being used. it was as big as the Hongkong International Airport in Lantau Province.

thru my wife's cousin who works at Malacanang office...she told me that the airport wont be opened for some time. the German company who financed and built it filed a case at the Supreme Court of the Phils. but unfortunately it looks like this company lost their case. too bad --- she said--- aside from the many LAGAY this German company handed over---there's lots of overhead expenses and inflation cause by so many delays on the construction of the PROJECT. i guess we will have to wait and see.

we went and visited the Fort Bonifacio development project and i was so amazed and astounded on the projects that was done inside the former fort. there is a huge grocery for members only which is part of an american grocery chain and a big St.Luke's Hospital is on the making. there is also lots of big and expensive condos and appartelle all in a distance from each other. there is also a big hardware store--- patterned after the big hardware chain in the U.S.

but the most gratifying thing that i really enjoyed are the many restaurants and pavilions inside the complex. we had dinner at a chinese restaurant called Zhong. it is in a cluster and in the middle of the cluster is an open space cum park cum stadium cum open auditorium. there was a live broadcast of the MTV Asia awards going on. and there's lots of people in attendance. i can't believe young women in very very short shorts but wearing high boots and some are even wearing spring boots in a very balmy and humid evening. its nice there was a constant breeze or else their feet will sweat a lot. people dresses stranger and strangest in pinas now adays.

the greatest frustration i have encountered is when i was changing my money from U.S. DOLLORS to Phil. Pesos. when i landed the exchange rate was US$1.00 is to Pesos 55.65 which i was so happy to exchange my dollars to pesos. i went to Banco de Oro--- the bank teller scruntinized all the 100 dollar paper bills that i have ....totalling to 2,000 in all. then this woman said she cannot exchange it cuz.....

1). i don't have a local pictured ID. even if i gave my US passport and said to her that i dont live in Pinas. she said the ruling stands.....

2). she will not accept my US dollars cuz the texture of the paper is so smooth and so thick to her touch and hand....so i asked if she has the machine that cud check if it was fake or not...she said that is besides the point cuz they have a standard to meet....

3). the teller said there are more fake dollar bills coming from the states than else where.... so i showed her the bank notes that showed that i withdrew 2,000 from my account...so she said it will not hold anything.....

4.) so i asked this lady teller if i cud just get a cash advance from my credit card and she gave me instantly 10,000.00 pesos and told me that i can still withdrew from my credit card up to 50,000.00 pesos during mys tay in pinas....so i asked her...what if my credit card is fake and/or i challenge all these witdrawal when i returned back to the states...she said i cannot challenge it nor can i give her fake credit card cuz they are all electronically linked.

so i ended up changing my US dollars in hongkong and did some shopping there..... and brougth back some of my cash back to the states and deposited it back to my bank.

i did went to SM at south mall in Alabang to change my dollars...same shit happens..they have a standard to meet and my paper dollars that i am exchanging did not meet there standards...same thing with another bank with the coconut name on it..same thing with another bank that had a scandal with Erap. three banks in all did not accept the dollors that i brought in for exchange.

i ended up using my credit cards on all my purchases of souvenirs and payments for restaurants.

WILL I STILL RETURN TO PINAS? yes... i will. but i will not bring cash for exchange. i will just use my credit card and ATM CARD if i needed money.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

we have just landed from Hongkong this afternoon. the flt was diverted to Anchorage /Alaska because one of the pax had a heart attack. this pax was on her honeymoon. the couple were both 60 years of age from china and on their way to their honeymmon. hope she gets well. when we landed in Anchorage-- the capt advised everybody to be seated and stay inside the aircraft. we just unloaded the pax who got ill and the plane was temporarily serviced for the further flt to chicago.

it was a tiring stay in manila. we were so busy for the wedding that we have to attend at the Santuario de San Antonio at Forbes Park, Makati. the reception was held at the Manila Peninsula and amazingly there were lots fo people at the reception.

prior to the wedding -- we treated ourselves as tourist and so we went around the metropolitan manila area to see the new tourist sites that Mayor Lito Atienza built along the sea wall oft he sunset strip along Roxas Boulevard. the whole sea wall area was converted into a promenade area that has plenty of restaurants--with live bands performing. the area is now beautifully decorated and the colorful lights that adorned the entire area was beautifully done and executed. i cannot believe how beautiful the sea wall is--if only proper decorations was put up.the pavement was made of granite and the sea wall was covered with marble and granite sidings. the food is very good also being served by the different restaurants. we ended up eating at Aristocrat with my in laws for the good old days and old times.

then we also went inside the intramuros walls and visited the old San Agustin Church and the Manila Cathedral. the entire Intramuros area has changed a lot. there is even a Tiangge inside that is on a bubble court like space area.security guards are dressed up like Katipunero, complete with the Katipunero hats.

we witnessed at least 3 weddings inside the San Agustin church. every hour on the hour there is a wedding going on. its like an ongoing manufacturing of products in a factory settings and ambiance. we visited the museum and i bumped into one of the agustinian priest and ended up in a long conversation and tour of the inner courtyard of the Agustinian Clausura. they now have a garden and a pavilion wherein if the wedding couple decided to have the reception at the back yard and at Fr. Blanco's garden surrounded by the original high wall of the ASgustinian Clausura --- there is a caterer available. we saw the reception from the balcony of the Pioriry. very beutiful.

when the actual purpose of our coming to Pinas came into its apex-- we have plenty of commitments and people to take care of--- being the relative of the bride. my wife's cousin who was to get married is like her younger sister. the father died a year ago and both of us promised the old man that we will be the one to take care and supervise the wedding. the actual wedding was very simple and very nice at the Santuario de San Antonio at Forbes Park. we had our own priests from the Baclaran church , who is a CsSr priests. he was pinoy and Kapangpangan just like the groom. instead of the traditional rice showering at the portals of the church, there were butterflies that has been released and all the guests who attended the wedding cermony was given a wand that i have made with all the materials i have bought all the way from Chicago. i was told that this is very unique and this is the first time they saw such thing.

the reception at the Rigoddon Ballroom of the Peninsula was very nice. after dinner-- there were dancing and the traditional money dance. there were DI(dancing instructors) hired by my in laws to help and teach those who does not have the tenacity and ability to dance. it was a simple and nice reception. everybody --so said the groom--- have gave their very nice comments on the wedding and the reception.

at last everything went out alright. my promise to the father of the bride has already been fulfilled. i know Uncle Yoyong was there in spirit--watching over his daughter who is getting married and the whole clan.

the bride looks very stunning and beautiful. i have wished that i had a daughter to bring infront of the altar to give away.

now back home in the states-- back to reality. i will be back at work again tomorrow thursday and listen to all of the complainers and whining on the fon from pax of my airlines.

i am going to bed now--- i am having jet lag problem.
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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

i am so stupid. there is a snow storm so there are lots of flts that was cancelled. my office called me and asked me if i cud come to work on an overtime rate. hos stupid of me---i said yes. i was not suppose to come to work. i am off but somewhere in this coconut ofmine---i came to agree to my supervisor and came to work. then after the grueling talk on the fon with irate pax cuz of cancellations and other problems-- i finally made it. but when i was about to go to the aprking lot-- i was a little bit driven back. the snow is at least 6 inches already and i have to scrape the snow in the car and start the car tow arm the engine.

when i arrived home-- my wife is already packing the four suitcases. of course there are some people who gave something for that stupid Pakidala namani just don't want to have any arguments with my wife cuz she was also caught in a position that she cannot say no. i have to tag the bag with code nos so that i know what is inside the bag in case the (TSA) Transportation Secyurity Agency ask me what's inside the suitcases. cuz i know that there will be some shadows when the suitcase will pass thru the xray. there are two big chunk of ham on each of the two suitcases. there's towels of all colors and shape. including Sotanghon

o h God--- what is wrong with my kababayanthey are very fond of asking favors in a very Garapal waybut when these people go home to pinas on their vacation--we never and i never ask them to bring something to my family back home.

so--- now i have four suitcases. meticulosuly packed and weighed by my wife--carefully and diligently. all items inside the suitcases are properly tagged. i hope we will not be delivering all these Padalato the individual residences or else i will go and run Amuk.

how come when i am the only one going home--nobody comes to me and ask me to bring something home.

is it so perilous to come and visit pinas. ?
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Monday, February 02, 2004

so i decided not to fly today 02feb cuz we are expecting a snow storm today. i told my wife it would be wise to ride thru the storm and just fly tomorrow 03 feb for pinas. its not a big deal to her infact she still went to work today. there will be sleet, freezing rain and snow said the weather forecaster.

now that the word is known that i am going home to pinas again with my wife--there's lots of kababayan who wants to send something back home to their relatives. one of my office mate told me she just wants to send medicine to her mother. the medicine is as big as a carry on bag. nearly 20 lbs. so i said no---this medicine bag will eat up half of my suitcase. so--she got upset. i dont give a shit.

the other one is asking me to bring a letter envelope for her daughter. yes it is just a letter envelope but there is money inside and a blank check. i will not carry a blank check and 3,00 dollars in cash. i wont be held liable for the loss of the money and the blank check. of course--she got upset also. again--like as if i cared.

a friend of ours wants us to bring home something for their family. guess what---- a 10lbs ham. isnt that nice and wonderful. here in my suitcase i will have to carry a big ham. what the heck are these people thinking. not only the ham there is also another small package--- stuffing for turkey. the turkey is being given to my wife for her bag. hell no----i wont be bringing any shit back home like that. so the friend said---" what's going to happen--- i already bought the turkey and the ham?". so i said maybe she shud return it bak and she can have her friendship back if she will take that offensive if i won't give in to the padala.

yes----the gesture of remembering the family back home is very nice custom of all pinoys. but i am not going to abide and subject myself to these abuses of Padala. and then if you cannot accept and abide with the favor you'll be given a cold shoulder. i hate that fucking attitude. that is the reason i don't want to live closer to any pinoy nor do i want to attend any of their social gatherings.
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