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Friday, February 27, 2004
by : Mel Gibson

when the movie Passion of Christ was about to be released, there were lots of comments and cirticism about it from many people. one of the critique is a member of the Jewish "Anti Defamation League" who was so worried that this movie might trigger anti Semitism. but there were lots of critic that were of Judaic persuasion also but they say things differently.

a Rabbi was saying that the more criticism this movie gets---the more money Mel Gibson will bring into the bank.
there was also a group of people interviewed by Ted Koppel from the Judaic religion who find the movie historically done and find no Anti Semiticism on it.

i went to see the movie with an open mind. it moved me to Love more my religion after seeing this movie. it made me also think on how Jesus was really chastized and how he was really brutally tortured by both the Romans and the Jews. but this did not make me hate anybody. the movie is the 12 hour story before the death of Christ and it was do vividly portrayed by not so famous actors and actresses who did great--- i should say in their role.

after seeing the movie--- i went to read again the Bible on the last 12 hours on the life of Christ. i was reading closely that the "Lamb of God" that Christ was talking about is also being done by the Jewish persuasion. the Jew during the tme of Christ, comes to the temple to offer sacrifice by giving to the temple young lamb that is killed by the priests and offered to be burned as the "sacrifice to Yaweh". this is the very word of Christ when he said also: "I am the Lamb of God--who will take away the Sins of the World" in all his teachings.

now that the movie is out--- people are all lining up to see the most controversial movie in America.

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