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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

we have just landed from Hongkong this afternoon. the flt was diverted to Anchorage /Alaska because one of the pax had a heart attack. this pax was on her honeymoon. the couple were both 60 years of age from china and on their way to their honeymmon. hope she gets well. when we landed in Anchorage-- the capt advised everybody to be seated and stay inside the aircraft. we just unloaded the pax who got ill and the plane was temporarily serviced for the further flt to chicago.

it was a tiring stay in manila. we were so busy for the wedding that we have to attend at the Santuario de San Antonio at Forbes Park, Makati. the reception was held at the Manila Peninsula and amazingly there were lots fo people at the reception.

prior to the wedding -- we treated ourselves as tourist and so we went around the metropolitan manila area to see the new tourist sites that Mayor Lito Atienza built along the sea wall oft he sunset strip along Roxas Boulevard. the whole sea wall area was converted into a promenade area that has plenty of restaurants--with live bands performing. the area is now beautifully decorated and the colorful lights that adorned the entire area was beautifully done and executed. i cannot believe how beautiful the sea wall is--if only proper decorations was put up.the pavement was made of granite and the sea wall was covered with marble and granite sidings. the food is very good also being served by the different restaurants. we ended up eating at Aristocrat with my in laws for the good old days and old times.

then we also went inside the intramuros walls and visited the old San Agustin Church and the Manila Cathedral. the entire Intramuros area has changed a lot. there is even a Tiangge inside that is on a bubble court like space area.security guards are dressed up like Katipunero, complete with the Katipunero hats.

we witnessed at least 3 weddings inside the San Agustin church. every hour on the hour there is a wedding going on. its like an ongoing manufacturing of products in a factory settings and ambiance. we visited the museum and i bumped into one of the agustinian priest and ended up in a long conversation and tour of the inner courtyard of the Agustinian Clausura. they now have a garden and a pavilion wherein if the wedding couple decided to have the reception at the back yard and at Fr. Blanco's garden surrounded by the original high wall of the ASgustinian Clausura --- there is a caterer available. we saw the reception from the balcony of the Pioriry. very beutiful.

when the actual purpose of our coming to Pinas came into its apex-- we have plenty of commitments and people to take care of--- being the relative of the bride. my wife's cousin who was to get married is like her younger sister. the father died a year ago and both of us promised the old man that we will be the one to take care and supervise the wedding. the actual wedding was very simple and very nice at the Santuario de San Antonio at Forbes Park. we had our own priests from the Baclaran church , who is a CsSr priests. he was pinoy and Kapangpangan just like the groom. instead of the traditional rice showering at the portals of the church, there were butterflies that has been released and all the guests who attended the wedding cermony was given a wand that i have made with all the materials i have bought all the way from Chicago. i was told that this is very unique and this is the first time they saw such thing.

the reception at the Rigoddon Ballroom of the Peninsula was very nice. after dinner-- there were dancing and the traditional money dance. there were DI(dancing instructors) hired by my in laws to help and teach those who does not have the tenacity and ability to dance. it was a simple and nice reception. everybody --so said the groom--- have gave their very nice comments on the wedding and the reception.

at last everything went out alright. my promise to the father of the bride has already been fulfilled. i know Uncle Yoyong was there in spirit--watching over his daughter who is getting married and the whole clan.

the bride looks very stunning and beautiful. i have wished that i had a daughter to bring infront of the altar to give away.

now back home in the states-- back to reality. i will be back at work again tomorrow thursday and listen to all of the complainers and whining on the fon from pax of my airlines.

i am going to bed now--- i am having jet lag problem.
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