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Thursday, January 29, 2004

we are leaving on monday 02feb for pinas. i was there last sept n nov for me the weather is still alright that time. i find it okey and not to hot for me cuz the weather here in chicago is not yet that cold that time. but now-- it is so damn cold in here that my wife fears that our body conditions will meet the extreme in pinas when we get there. i will have prickly heat problem again. i consulted with my doc and he gave me a pill to counter act the rashes and allergic reactions incase my body cud not withstand the heat.

my wife has prepared so many small things for her family. i come home very often and she can only visit her relatives in pinas once a year. it is nice of her---cuz she has plenty of cousins and nephews that we have to visit. of course--even if they will not or is asking for anything-- my wife brings some stuff for them.

i have packed some small items for our housekeepers and our drivers back home. they appreciate very much anything i bring them from the states. they are simple people and they appreciate very much the gesture that i always do for them. they have been with us for many years. the kusinera has been with the family for 16years and the mayor doma has been with us for 20years. the longest driver has been with us for 15 and 12years. they are good people and my family treats them like part of the family.

we are attending the wedding of my wife's cousin and we are one of the many sponsors. the sponsors alone will fill up so many seats inside the church. the wedding will be held at Sanctuario de San Antonio at Forbes Park and the reception will be held at the Manila Peninsula hotel. all of my wife's family in the states will come home and attend the wedding. all of them are bringing home lots of stuff including the giveaways for the wedding. i am bringing the things needed for the church and the silver cake cutter and spatula. my wife's aunt wants it like the american style wedding wherein there will be dancing after the dinner reception. we are related to the bride--so all members of my wife's family wanted to make it look nice and memorable. this is their promsie to the father of the bride when he was still alive and bedridden. he is fine doctor and three of his children are doctors too, including this one who will be married and her husband to be is also a doctor. my wife has taken lots of precautions not to get big and gain weight or else the clothes that she bought here in the states might not fit her come wedding day.

then we will visit my seminary in tagaytay where i studied and bring some monetary donation to the seminary for the upkeep of the seminarians . they needed funds to run the place and we are doing our best to keep it afloat. i will also visit my aunts convent in antipolo. she has been a member of the semi cloistered nuns for the past 27 years of her life. then i have to see my cousin who was ordained a priest three years ago in Rome. he is a priest for the Opus Dei.

i look forward in visiting Willie whom i have met in the web. he has been reading and following my blog and i call him once in awhile on the fon to bind the friendship more. very simple man and a very simple family man also. we will visit him after we visit my seminary in tagaytay. he is on the way. he lives at Imus, Cavite. so Willie--wait for us.

on the way home back here in the states--we will unwind first in Hongkong. i am sure this visit back home will not be relaxing. there's so much friends of my wife and her family that we have to see and visit. with my own family--- i think they are already sore seeing my face. i come home four times a year. so this time this visit will be concentrated to my wifes family. i hope we dont have to go up to Nueva Vizcaya. the road is rough but the weather up there is very temperate. what i don't like is the drive up there. between 6 to 8 hours. its like flying to hawaii from chicago. at any rate--- i cannot complain . this is my wife's family and i am at their disposal.

i wonder what Fernando Poe's presidential campaign posters looks like.
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