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Monday, January 26, 2004

it was 5am in the morning , monday 25jan. i havenot slept yet. i just arrived from work at 330am and i was so exhausted. we plenty of cancelled flts cuz of the snow and the winter frost in the eastern states n now hitting the midwest. there were lots of angry pax again like as if we control the weather. there's lots of people who are sleeping at the airport. we cannot provide these people with hotel because it is weatther related problem. we wil only provide hotel accomodation if it was the fault of the airlines.

the snow started falling yesterday afternoon while i was about to leave.there's already 4 inches on the ground when i left the house. it was a very blurry sky. the parking lot near the runway was covered again with snow. the lot is already salted but the snow still keeps on falling. the toll way are salted but not all the way. the road is vry tricky i have to plow my driveway when i get up before lunch. i still have to sleep.

i have just brought my wife to the train station to catch the 525am train to the city. i was in pajama and wearing my snow boots and my winter jacket. i dont want to change anymore. it takes some time. my wife told me if i will have car problem i cannot go out of the car with my pajama. so i told my wife not to jinx it.

winter is driving me nuts. the more i crave for food that i liked very much in pinas. i want to eat "puto bumbong" and "bibingkang galapong with salted eggs"so early this morning i started cooking the "puto bumbong" so that my wife cud take some to her office and share it with some pinoys and pinays.i always have frozen "ube" and "powdered malagkit"i bought the coconut yesterday afternoon on the way to work. it got forzen inside the car. but i was able to thaw it and it is alright. i have to grate it at 4am. its like i was in the farm, early in the morning shaving the coconut.my nieighbor cud see me from the window of my kitchen and this old lady who is so nosy asked me what i was doing when i took my wife to work. i told her i was doing exercise to give momentum and strength after i have made love with my wife. she was giggling hard about it. "tsismosang matanda" ----- "makati pa"

the weather man said there will still be snow until teh weekend--- i am so nervous because we are leaving for pinas next monday 02feb. i dont want the snow to linger---lest i will not be able to fly back home again with my wife.

so mr snowman---spare us the snow next week.
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