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Sunday, January 11, 2004
WHEN WILL THIS DEEP FREEZE END==========================

on my way to work this afternoon, i have to pass by my dentist for the regular check up and cleaning. it was so damn cold. there is snow falling like giant dundruff and my back yard and my driveway is still covered with the recent snow and the driveway is still solid ice cuz the salt that i have spread out is not enough to melt the snow and ice on the ground. the wind chill is terrible. i cannot even smile. my eyeglasses is already having some fog on it ---cuz of the cold.

i was done by my dentist early and i still have two hours to kill before work and so i went to the market place to buy some vegetables and eggs and do some window shopping at the fresh produce market place. i wanted to buy mangoes but it is so damn expensive and the rest of the fruits and veggies likewise. the only thing cheap is chicken . i bought a box of fresh eggs around 6 dozen in a box and some onions. i am not going to buy the eggplant cuz the prize is so expensive. winter times brings lots of expensive fruits and veggies. then i went to the grocery to buy some bottled water and canned items and some link sausages.

then i head for work. the sky is still cloudy and it is already dark and it is only 4pm. i was praying that the airport will not close and flights to resume again or else we are all going to be in trouble again with all the complaints and crazy pax calling and yelling. i got one crazy pax ---- after one hour on the fon and demanding to ask for my badge numner cuz i cannot tell him where her bag is. told me she will get me fired---i told her i cannot give her my badge number and yes---- she can write a letter to upper management and get me fired.i was about to tell her---she could eat shit for all i care--- i am not scared to be dismissed from work. i told her she cud fall in line cuz she was the 6th one today who is telling me she will get me fired and the rest of the agents in my dept. the stupid idiot thinks any one cud just be fired cuz she says so. the damn ass bitch did not know we have a union. oh well----- my 8 hrs was finished---- the service director on duty is asking me to stay for overtime. i told him ----over my dead body. i will not stay longer to listen to people whinning and complaining on the fon like little children.

i went to my car at the parking lot and the car window was solid ice. i have to start the engine first to warm up the car while scrapping the ice formation on the windows and rear of the car. when i arrived home to unload the groceries and eggs---the entire whole box of eggs is solid frozen---all the veggies are forzen---the entire case of mineral bottled water is solid ice. now i have to steam the veggies and hard boiled the eggs. when i wake up tomorrow noon time i have to process the hard boiled eggs and pickled the eggs and veggies so that it will not be wasted. forget about the bottled water. left it inside the trunk of my car. i have steamed the frozen veggis---the steam veggies has to be sealed in ziplock bags and be frozen inside the freezer for future use so it wont be wasted also. the small sack of onion that was frozen also has to be boiled and i have to make onion soup tomorrow when i wake up-----lotsa lotsa onion soup.

i am taking two days off--sunday and monday. i am already loosing my mind talking to stupid pax and the cold weather is already killing and taking its toll on me. and i am craving for mango---as if i am a woman conceiving. mango pudding....burong mangga....mango macarova cake...mango cheese cake.... mango puree....mango creme pie...mangong ina nya...i am getting crazy for mango. i need helpppppp.

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