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Monday, January 05, 2004

the snow came down at exactly 845 in the morning sunday 03jan. when i woke up the backyard has already 5 inches of snow. i have to prepare the backyard and snow blow the driveway or else i wont be able to get out of the garage to get to work this afternoon.

i left the house at 1545 hrs to give sometime for me in case there will be delay in the tollway cuz of the snow. it was a great delay. when i entered the illinois tollway---the plow has just started plowing the snow and the trucks have just started salting the toll way. there's lots of cars that slide and went on the ditches on the side of the road. there are some drivers who are so fast even if there is snow falling and the road has not been plowed and salted yet. that is the reason there's lots of accident. i was only driving 40miles per hour. i don't want to have an accident on the road. i have prepared the car with flashlights, extra blankets, some snacks and i was carrying two of my cel fon.

when i arrived at work and park at the lot near the south run way--- i can see the trucks plowing the run way at o'hare international airport. i can see also lots of plane parked and not moving ----some of them are being de-iced but majority was not airborne. more than 300 flts was cancelled at o'hare and this means there will be lots of complaints again on the fon. there's only 15 of us answering the fon. 7 agents called in sick----like as if they are really sick. my boss is asking me to do some overtime. hell no----i will not stay longer and listen to all the shit on the fon. i already did overtime for two days and that is enough. up to the last minute the boss is asking me and the rest of the group to stay overtime. four stay--i won't . its not worth the time and the money.

there are so much bitches on the fon. one particular bitch is a man who is bitching like a woman. he kept on saying that he was flying for 30 hrs already and needs his bag. the bith landed in miami from south america and cleared customs there--- but the problem is he still have to have connections on another two flts before reaching his final destination which is Oakland/California. this Mahadera is yelling and said his bags has all his toilettries and he cannot be comfortable at home without it. kept on saying so many shit on the fon...yadah...yadah...yadah...i kept on saying ..uuhghh..ughghh. then finally nakahalata ang bakla tumigil and stop talking and asked me if i am listening. so i said i was all ears to his problem. he will see his bags four days from now. i guarantee it.i will not stand any bitch---especially a man on the fon, talking like the queen of sheeba.

new security systems are now imposed at all port of entry airports of the united states. i was reading my profiles and briefings at work.....if a tourists comes to the united states..he or she will be asked to stand infront of the immigration officer and a picture will be taken and fingerprinting will be done at the counter of the immigration officer. if in case the pictures and the fingerprints showed in the computer bank as a balcklisted person...sorry..that person will not and wont be allowed to enter the united states.no question ask--wil be deported immediately to where he or she came from.

drivers licenses are being checked from where it was acquired and is being checked if it was legit or not . once there is a probable discrepancy---the holder of the said drivers license will be receing letters to come to the nearest liensure or police department.

all of these things happen after christmas--on the aftermath of xmas snow...winter in january.
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