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Friday, December 26, 2003

i have just got home from work. the exhaustion from work is so much, especially that there is an upgraded alert system from yellow to orange. more securities are fielded at the airport and there will be some delays cuz of inspections of the bags and of pax going into the airport.

my department at the airline that i work for registers 100 incoming calls every three minutes. lots of people are calling and complaining and asking for the whereabouts of their bags and other problems. the 25th of december sucks. there's not much delivery drivers that showed up on all the airport and so lots of the bags deliveries are halted until usual operations commence on the 26th of december. my vacation is so short----i need another one.

there's not much snow---thank God for that, but when i went to get my car at the parking lot---it is covered with ice. i have to scrape the ice at the back and front window. it took me at least 15minutes to warm upmy car so that the frosting in the side mirrors will melt. i miss pinas---but when i am there i miss the cold weather.

work is not much fun----even if i will be paid time and a half for working chirstmas day.

i have encountered an italian old man on the fon---as soon as i answered the fon, this man is really yelling as if it is the end of the world for him. for a lousy bag--this man wanted to have a heart attack. i let him blew up his steam and when i returned bak to him when i have put him on hold---he was grasping for breathe. so i told him to calm down, there is nothing i can do for the evening---pittsburgh counter is already closed and i cannot call the airport from where i am.

a woman who landed at IAD(washington dulles airport) called and said her bag was opened up and there were some items that is missing from her bag. she said the airport federalized security opened up her bag and there are some jewelries that are missing and four cans of milk. so i asked her what kind of milk---she said these four tin cans of milk is the MILK OF A PIG. for awhile i thought she was joking---but she was not joking. she is really looking for four tin cans of milk from the pig. HOW DO YOU MILK A PIG. i wonder how it taste.i can only eat the pig---especially lechon kawali but not the milk. yakkkkk.

another strange call is from this lady who landed in SFO. she said she checked in a cooler. so i was asking her what is inside the cooler. i wanted to know if it is perishable, cuz we have a disclaimer about checking in perishable items is not covered by our insurance. guess what this woman told me whatis inside the cooler----SHE SAID HER FROZEN DEAD CAT IS INSIDE THE COOLER. and this woman is not joking too. i did not ask her why is she transporting and dead cat in a cooler. i dont want to know. weird hah!!!

this is another weird call that i got---this mexican guy called and said he was trying to carry inside the airplane his hand carry bag but it was taken away from him cuz it wont fit underneath the seat and at the overhead bin. so i was askinghim what is this carry on bag that he was forcing to hand carried inside the airplane. CATHIS MAN IS HAND CARRYING A TOILET.. why will you carry a toilet on the plane. i hope its clean. if it is not clean--try to picture yourself when this carryon bag with this toilet gets inside the plane and you discovered it is a used toilet.

weird calls does not need a weird answers.

i have to go to sleep---it is now 5am 26dec and i have to go to work this afternoon again. it is so damn cold in here.
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