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Sunday, December 14, 2003

yesterday when i got the call from this kababayan who lost his balik bayan boxes and suticase, i have promised him that i will look into the matter and i told him as soon as i get back to work today 13dec---i will pull up his file and call him and advise him if the stuff has been located.

at 1730hrs central time 13dec---i plugged into my computer--turn on my headset and the first thing i did was pull up the file of APO LAKAY. i was so happy----the boxes and the bags has been located. i will not say who lost it and what happened with it. that is not very professional in the airline industry.

i immediately called APO LAKAY in San Diego and told him about it. he cried on the fon---telling me that if i did not do some text and emailing to other airline --- all will be lost. i told him to stop crying cuz the boxes and the bags has been found and now in the phils. i called the Phils office of the other airline and they confirmed that they have all of it. i told the female agent who answered the fon--working for the baggage dept of this airline--to make sure that the boxes and suitcases when inspected by proper authorities was not entirely opened up and searched since these are unaccompanied boxes and bags. she said it is in their possession and they will contact the pax in Batac/Ilocos Norte. i told the agent i will be the one to contact the pax in Batac.

i called the nos given by APO LAKAY to me and the lady who answered the fon is not the owner of the boxes and bags---this lady is the neighbor of the pax.they dont have any fon in their house. its good the house is only next door. i talked to manang Elizabeth and confirmed that the boxes and bags are now in Manila. she started crying--- again the same words i told her-- to stop crying because the boxes and the bags are already home in Pinas.that is the important thing. on monday 15dec. they will take the bus to Manila from Batac and get the boxes and bags from the other airline.

the many thank you and the many nice words from these people is so overwhelming. they are simple folks, whose intention while in the states is to make money, save and buy stuff for the family back home and come home for christmas vacation. they were asking me if i want anything for myself that they can buy in the phils and bring back to me. i told them their happiness and the happiness of their family this christmas with all the PASALUBONG inside the box is more than a reward for me. I FELT GREAT ABOUT IT. these people will have nice christmas this year.

i told my wife about it and she told me........

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