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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

have just seen my ENDO and was advised that there is a problem with the thyroid glands again. he will have to raise the dosage of SYNTHROID that i am taking. i have to see a Urologist and a Podiatrist. i have some nail fungus that wont heal and the doctor wants to be sure since i have diabetes II. new diabetes medication was prescribed....three medications was stopped. then i have to get again this afternoon a full and comprehensive blood chimistry. i will know the result tomorrow and my ENDO will tell me what dosage the synthroid will be.

while waiting for my name to be called for the blood chemistry-- i was seated to this young man together with his mother. i left my seat for awhile and went to the washroom. when i returned bak to my seat, i asked this young man if in case he heard my name called---when he replied to me, it was very uncomprehensible. so i asked if he does not speak english at all. the mother answered for him and told me i was not yet called and her son has speech impediment. he was hit by an 18 wheeler while on a motorcyle. he lost the ability to movd his right side and the speech was impaired.the legs has hard plastic casing and he walks with a stick. a very young man of 22 years of age, comes from Yugoslavia. he wanted to talk but is really having a hard time. i remember my own son who is also turning 23 years old this year.

this young man is so loving when he talks--one could feel the kindness and compassion from him and his mother. after i have taken the blood chemistry, while waiting for my wife who was at the other bldg of the hospital---- i saw this young man with his mother, trying to share a very small umbrella in a very cold pouring rain. they were going to the bus stand to wait for the next bus to come. there was something that told me to call for this mother and son and offer them a ride home. without me knowing where they live and how far away from my way they live.

i gave them a ride home which was at least five miles away from the hospital. during the slow drive to their home--i found out they have just been in the states for nearly three years, it was only the mother and this young man in a small apartment along Troy and Lawrence, in a predominantly mixed eastern european and hispanic commmunity. the mother is a janitor at night in an ofice so that she cud take care of her son.

they are using the govt issued medicare form. the young man is now in rehab for the past year and still has not gain his ability to walk using the right leg and right hand and the ability to speak. when i dropped them off infront of their apt bldg, as i was about to go back to the car, the mother gave me a kiss on both cheeks and the son---eastern european way. then we [arted ways.

i felt good about it. when i was inside my ENDO, i was so devastated when i found out again about my illness---but here is this young man who has more problem than me but still have the smile on his face and was very nice in his outlook in life.

is GOD saying something to me thru this young man and his Mother!!!!!
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